My Favourite Faux Florals

Today I’m discussing my favourite faux florals! I get asked about this so much so I thought I would do a post talking about where to buy the best faux florals at every price point.

I absolutely love fresh flowers but not only are they expensive but they’re also fairly high maintenance. Between arranging them, to keep them in fresh water to then clearing them out when they die – they can take up a fair bit of time. For this reason, I love faux flowers; not only is there practically no maintenance but it also means you can have beautiful blooms all year around – what’s not to love?

I do feel like faux flowers are getting better and better and whilst I’ve definitely seen a lot of bad faux flowers over the years, I’ve also made some amazing discoveries and have some firm favourites – both in terms of my go-to faux floral brands as well as specific floral arrangements, some of which I’ve bought multiples of (they’re that good!).


Peony Arrangement (c/o Diane James)*

Without doubt, my favourite faux floral company is Diane James. I first discovered them a few years ago when I bought my first bunch of white hydrangeas. We had just moved and I remember two separate furniture delivery men ask if we had just gotten married because they thought they were fresh flowers! So random but so funny! Needless to say, I was hooked and have steadily grown my collection over the years.

These peonies are the newest addition to my ever growing collection and I think they might be my favourite yet – the burst of colour is just so stunning! Peonies are my absolutely favourite flower so I love the fact that I can enjoy these all year round.

Single stem peony – I have several of these which I dot around the house; from my vanity to my bedside table!

White hydrangeas – I bought my first arrangement almost 5 years ago. I now own three of these because I love them so much!

The quality is just incredible and these are genuinely the best faux flowers I have ever come across. They definitely are not cheap but I do consider them to be a decor investment – I’ve had my white hydrangeas for almost 5 years now and they still look as beautiful as the day I bought them.

Fast forward to present day and I think I’ve bought a total of 9 arrangements so far! I have them sprinkled throughout almost every room in the house – as well as gifting my mum a couple of arrangements for her home (she loves them as much as I do!). Definitely one of my best purchases for our home – flowers have such a transformative effect for any room and I love that these can brighten up any corner with no fuss.

If you’re in the US, you can order from Diane James directly. In the UK, I order mine from LuxDeco.

* Please note, Diane James were kind enough to gift me the peony arrangement which is part of the new Gray Malin x Diane James collection. Every other arrangement from Diane James (all 9 of them!), I have bought and paid for myself.



Cherry Blossom stems

A more recent discovery for me have been these gorgeous cherry blossoms from AFloral. These are just so stunning and I’ve been so happy with them. I was a little nervous about ordering from an unfamiliar company as I feel like you just never really know what you’re going to get when it comes to faux florals bought online. They 100% exceeded my expectations though and they truly are just so beautiful in real life!

They are so full and gorgeous and absolutely just feel like spring in a vase. Happily, these are also more on the affordable side at $28 each. I purchased four to create this arrangement but it’s pretty full so you could definitely go with only three stems if you were on a budget and I think the effect would be just as lovely.

I loved these so much that I instantly placed another order for my mum – she has hers in her bedroom and they look stunning.

It was Easter this past weekend and I decided to repurpose them for my centrepiece and I loved the way it turned out. I hung little easter ornaments from the branches and the whole look was so festive. Definitely a great purchase and I’d happily order from AFloral again!



Neptune faux roses // Neptune faux peonies

This one is a UK-only company but for those of you based in the UK, then Neptune is a great one for faux florals. I’ve bought everything from my Eucalyptus stems to the faux peonies and roses you see above (the roses were actually a gift from my mum for my birthday last year – we really like to gift each other faux florals haha!).

The only potential downside with Neptune flowers is that you have to arrange them yourself – which as you can see from the photo above, I haven’t quite gotten around to yet!

I personally prefer pre-arranged faux flowers, but that’s because I’m both lazy and not particularly gifted at arranging flowers. This will definitely be a personal preference though so if you prefer to arrange your flowers yourself, then Neptune is fantastic. The stems are available at a variety of price points and you can obviously choose how many to go for. They definitely aren’t cheap but they’re also not the most expensive faux florals I’ve come across and they are fairly realistic with lots of lovely style and colour options.



T&C Floral Company Orchid

Finally, there are my faux orchids – I love orchids but I’ll be the first to admit that I am terrible at keeping them alive. These ones are wonderfully realistic and don’t come with the guilt of accidentally killing them two months in.

They come in a choice of plant pot colours and there are quite a few different size and style options in the range. I can’t say I’ve seen any others in real life but I love the one I have so much that I own two of them! They’re a nice size and whilst not quite grand enough to be a centrepiece, look great on a windowsill or coffee table. Definitely my favourite faux orchid that I’ve come across.

And that’s it for this faux floral post! I hope that you found this useful – and if you have any faux floral recommendations of your own, please let me know in the comments section! I always love discovering new ones 🙂

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