I get asked a few specific questions all the time so I thought I would go ahead and answer them all here! I try to answer as many questions as I can on a daily basis but with so many different channels and social media platforms to keep up with, I struggle to keep on top of it all at times. Hopefully this will serve as a useful reference point if you are looking for an answer to a particular question. It’s a blog post at the moment but I will move these over to a permanent FAQ page in the near future. As I get more frequent questions, I’ll add them to this page 🙂

What is my job?
I run a company called Venture Appital with my husband, Dan. We primarily build and invest in mobile and desktop applications however we also offer a variety of digital outsourcing solutions from marketing to design work.

What ethnicity am I?
I’m half Korean (on my mum’s side) and half Welsh (on my dad’s!).

What camera do I use to film?
I use the Canon EOS 6D MK II Digital SLR Camera to film and take blog photos. I also use the Canon G7X for vlogging.

What camera do I use to take my Instagram photos?
With the exception of blog photos, I use my iPhone for 95% of the photos you see on my Instagram. The other 5% are taken with my Canon 6D. I currently have the iPhone XS.

What do I use to edit?
I use FinalCut Pro for my videos. Lightroom for my blog photos and Snapseed for my Instagram photos.

Can I recommend any pre-loved sites for buying?
I have a full post on this topic here. I don’t have any particular favourites but I have bought from eBay, Vestiaire Collective and VideDressing before.

Where do I sell my bags?
Nowadays I sell my bags on my blog and I promote my sales on my Instagram.

When is my next blog sale?
There’s no rhyme or reason as to when I host a blog sale so the best thing to do is to keep an eye on my Instagram and blog as I announce there first!

Can I recommend any sites to sell luxury bags?
In a nutshell, no I’m afraid not! I don’t really like any of the current offerings for different reasons. I find eBay to be extremely biased against sellers, Vestiaire Collective extraordinarily expensive and other options are either clunky or don’t have the audience. For this reason, I prefer to sell on my blog however if I happen across a great selling platform, I will definitely share it!

How do you care for/ store your bags?
I store my bags on shelving in my closet/ office. I don’t keep them in dustbags (I like to look at them!) but I do stuff many of them if I feel like they need it. As for care, I really don’t do anything special! For Chanel lambskin, I may buff the leather using the cloth that Chanel provides every now and then but that is it. For other bags, if I see a dirty mark, I will likely just use a baby wipe.

What workout program do I do?
I currently subscribe to BeachBody OnDemand and I love it! I’ve done the Insanity program and am currently doing the IM30 program. They are super tough but you get results really quickly.

I hope you found this useful and please let me know if you have any other questions down below!

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  1. January 28, 2017 / 3:49 am

    Hi Amie,

    I recently found you on youtube and cannot find too many good things to say about your chanel. I am even more pleased to see you have a blog detailing things even more. I am wondering though, beacuse there was a video on youtube where you went to the U.S. recently, but it is no longer there? Were some of your videos deleted?

    Alexandra in Sunny South Florida (U.S.)

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