About Me

Hi! My name is Amie Rogers and I run the blog and YouTube channel, Chase Amie.

I’m a London dweller with a love of all things pretty. I started my blog and YouTube channel in the summer of 2015, with the intention of finding an outlet to share my love of luxury bags and other accessories. Since then, both my blog and channel have evolved to incorporate fashion, lifestyle as well as the odd bit of travel as well. I had pretty much no expectations when starting my channel – I just loved watching other people’s videos so thought I would give it a go myself! So as you can imagine, it’s pretty nuts to me that it’s grown into what it has.

That said, as much as I love blogging and vlogging, I also love my day job, which is currently running my own company called Venture Appital with my husband, Dan. We build and invest in mobile and desktop applications as well as offering a variety of digital outsourcing solutions. It may sound crazy different to fashion blogging but you’d be surprised at how much overlap there is! 🙂

I do some questions pop up time and time again so I thought I would do a FAQ page. I periodically update this every time I do a new Q&A post or I start getting the same question time and time again so it’s a good place to start if you do have a question! I cover everything from what camera I use to how I lost weight so it’s a pretty varied list 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!


  1. Anonymous
    July 28, 2016 / 4:35 am

    What do you do for a living?

    • July 29, 2016 / 4:22 am

      I would like to know as well…this is a lot of very expensive product for someone our age

    • Anonymous
      July 31, 2016 / 10:08 pm

      Check her Q&A vid, she gets this question all the time 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    December 27, 2016 / 5:01 am

    Hi Amie! Love your blog and videos on youtube. Are you comfortable telling us your height and weight? You tell us the sizes you wear, but sizes are different around the world and it is sometimes hard to tell what size we should be going for. Thanks!

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