The Best Luxury Brands To Invest In (Which Aren’t Chanel)

It’s not a secret that my favourite luxury brand is Chanel. I’ve loved Chanel’s aesthetic for far longer than I’ve been able to afford it and I can’t imagine ever not loving the brand. And I know that I’m definitely not alone in this! That said, Chanel is a huge splurge and it’s not getting any cheaper. So if you’re not in the position to spend Chanel-money on a bag or simply don’t want to lay out that kind of cash on a wardrobe piece, I thought I would layout the best brands to look at after Chanel.

By the ‘best brands’, I’m not looking at Chanel dupes but rather bags that will stand the test of time whilst looking super chic! I’m not talking specifically about resale value here because apart from Chanel, Hermès and a few select Louis Vuitton styles, very few bags actually have good resale value. That aside, there are still plenty of bags and brands that I think will still look current and stylish in five or ten years time and these are what I’m going to be including in this post.

As always though, I’m a firm believer that you should buy what you love regardless of blogger’s lists, trend reports etc. Life is too short to do otherwise 🙂

Saint Laurent Bags

1. Saint Laurent White Crossbody // 2. Saint Laurent Taupe Clutch // 3. Saint Laurent Tote // 4. Saint Laurent Kate Bag // 5. Saint Laurent Berry Clutch

My love for Saint Laurent runs deep. I am constantly impressed with both their designs and also their quality and the bags that I own from them are some of my absolute favourites. I also think that a lot of their styles could be considered classic, helped by the iconic YSL logo that they were wise not to change despite numerous other changes at the fashion house. I believe that anything with the YSL logo will stand the test of time well but some of my absolute favourite bags from them are their smaller clutches and WOCs.

Best Styles: Saint Laurent WOC, Saint Laurent Tote Bags


Fendi Bags

1. Black Fendi Peekaboo // 2. Pink Fendi Peekaboo // 3. Taupe Fendi Peekaboo

Fendi is always what I consider a bag lover’s brand. They are super chic (and super expensive) but also fly under the radar for many people. Their Peekaboo has absolutely stood the test of time though and year after year, Fendi commits to the bag again releasing new colours and iterations of this iconic style. Yes, it’s a splurge but the quality is fantastic and Fendi never ceases to make it interesting with their new colours, leathers and style updates. It will be interesting to see how well Fendi does with their new Baguette style but I can absolutely imagine it being another hit for them.

Best Styles: Fendi Peekaboo


Celine Bags

1. Celine Box Bag // 2. Celine Belt Bag // 3. Celine Nano Luggage

In terms of brands that design classic bags, Celine has got to be up there with the best. They constantly knock it out of the park with their gorgeous and understated designs and I do consider so many of their bags to be classics. From their Celine Nano Luggage to their beautiful Box bags, there are almost too many styles to choose from. The fact that Celine doesn’t go on sale also helps with longevity and demand but even that aside, the designs are classic enough to be wearable and chic for many years to come.

Best Styles: Celine Nano, Celine Totes, Celine Belt Bags, Celine Box Bags, Celine Trio


Dior Bags

1. Navy Diorama // 2. Lady Dior // 3. Blush Small Diorama

Dior is another brand that comes to mind as one that has produced and continues to produce some beautifully classic bags. They also don’t seem to go overboard with new bag designs and most of the stock on their website seems to be their tried and tested styles. Whilst I’ve never owned anything from Dior myself, I have only heard glowing things about their quality and the fact that the Lady Dior bag has been around for decades and yet is still consistently in demand is no small feat. Lady Dior aside, I also love the Diorama and can absolutely see this being a classic for the brand too.

Best Styles: Lady Dior, Diorama


Mulberry Bags

1. Mulberry Blush Lily // 2. Mulberry Bayswater // 3. Mulberry Oxblood Lily

Mulberry is a brand that is so steeped in heritage and even though they’ve had their ups and downs, is still a force to be reckoned with in the luxury handbag world. The Bayswater continues to be one of those bags which is so iconic and that I still see as being so incredibly popular. Whilst I’m not fully convinced with the longevity of all of their newer designs, their Lily bag has been around (and popular!) for long enough now that I absolutely consider it to be a classic.

Best Styles: Mulberry Bayswater, Mulberry Lily


Gucci Bags

1. Gucci Monogram Dionysus // 2. Gucci Soho Disco // 3. Gucci Black Leather Dionysus

And finally, we have Gucci. Gucci has made the most astonishing comeback in the fashion world and is now in more demand than ever. They are also releasing new bag styles like the speed of light! This doesn’t always mean good things for the longevity of those styles though which is the primary reason that I’ve left the Marmont off this list (despite my own love for the line!). It could well turn out to be a classic but if you wanted to play it safe, I would stick with the more tried and tested Gucci Soho Disco and Gucci Dionysus. They are both beautiful bags that I can see being around for many more years yet.

Best Styles: Gucci Soho Disco, Dionysus


Phew! And that is it for my list of the most classic bag brands and styles that I can think of. Obviously there are so many other worthy bags to list and consider but I had to cut myself off somewhere otherwise this would turn into even more of an essay than it currently is.

I hope that you found this post helpful and interesting and of course, if you think I left out any major and classic bags, let me know below!

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  1. 3.4.19
    Cyd87 said:

    Which LV bag should I buy if it is a first one? I don’t see myself buying a Neverful or Speedy. Tried Pochette Metis but the clasp is not for me. So confused.

    • 3.5.19
      Miss Phee said:

      Totally depends on your style I think. The LockMe, Cluny, Croisette, and Alma are all good options. Palm Springs backpacks are really trendy right now ( I just got the mini myself). I wouldn’t advice it as a first bag but if you’re a backpack kinda gal then it might be for you! Basically think of your favorite bag style and look within that range for something you love. You can always experiment later. X

    • 3.5.19
      Adelina said:

      What about Alma in Epi Leather? I find the style so incredibly beautiful and this bag definitely stood the test of time. As I cannot afford a Channel at the moment, this is the closest i can get to Coco and I’m fine with it

    • 3.7.19
      amie said:

      All the other suggestions are great! I love my Saint Placide and Croisette personally 🙂

  2. 3.4.19

    Hi Amie! I just wanted to let you know that I discovered your Instagram, blog and Youtube a week or so ago and love your content! I recently got my first branded bag (a second-hand black Chanel WOC) and second one… oops… (A second-hand black Chanel square mini)… I never thought I’d like branded bags since I’ve always been an H&M only girl… but I think you’ve ignited a fire in me, haha! 😛

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • 3.7.19
      amie said:

      Gorgeous picks! You can never go wrong with Chanel 🙂

  3. 3.4.19
    Vy said:

    I absolutely love my Celine Luggage Nano! I think my next luxury bag may be the Celine Belt Bag. I have to say though, I’m not a big fan of the new Celine designs. I’m curious what you think of them.

    • 3.7.19
      amie said:

      Also underwhelmed – it’ll be interesting to see what direction they’re going to take with the classic models!

  4. 3.4.19
    Adi said:

    Hey Amie, what is your opinion on YSL quality though ? I’ve read so many bad reviews about their clutch and mini bags and that is pulling me away.. thinking about buying a red WOC

    • 3.7.19
      amie said:

      I’ve also heard mixed things but my own personal experience has been great. I love the Saint Laurent bags that I own and think they’re great quality!

  5. 3.4.19
    neeve said:

    You forgot Burberry!!

    • 3.7.19
      amie said:

      I don’t really consider Burberry bags to be classic styles – maybe in the future though 🙂

  6. 3.4.19
    Jane said:

    I’m pretty sure the baguette style is an old style that they revitalized. It isn’t new. Sarah Jessica Parker wore it on sex and the city.

  7. 3.4.19
    Catherine said:

    Hi Amie!
    I’ve been following your chanel for almost two years now and I can 100% say that my style and bag collection resembles yours with the love for Pastels!
    In saying that, I unfortunately could not get my hands on the rose gold/pink chanel double flap that you have from last year, I was wondering if you’ve seen the new Chanel Summer 19 collection with the iridescent pink? And what your opinion is? If it’s light enough or too pink?!
    Thanks in advance!

    • 3.7.19
      amie said:

      The new collection is gorgeous! It’s not exactly the same colour from what I’ve seen but very close!

  8. 3.5.19
    Charlotte said:

    Love this blog post so much!! I would really love to get a celine nano luggage but im just thinking whether it will be discontinued soon and that how well will the old celine designs do in future given that they have a new range of bags now.

    • 3.5.19
      Leticia BG said:

      Great post Amie! I bought the small marmont in rose poudre and the Dionysus with the Gucci logo print. I have been reading that both bags will not be around much longer. Will you keep these bags for a few years? What makes you consider the Dionysus more classic vs the marmont?

      • 3.7.19
        amie said:

        Simply that the Dionysus has been around longer and hasn’t had the crazy hype that the Marmont has, which can work against it for longevity. I still love my nude Marmont and Dionysus though and have no intention of letting go of either 🙂

    • 3.7.19
      amie said:

      I would honestly go preloved for the nano – there are plenty around and you can get an absolute deal!

  9. 3.5.19
    Michelle Tan said:

    Amazing post, Amie! A quick and informative overview! Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  10. 3.5.19
    Adelina said:

    Loved the post Amie

  11. 3.5.19
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh I love all of them.. Chanel will always be my fave but I also adore Saint Laurent bags!

    x Lisa |

  12. 3.7.19
    Passerine said:

    I just watched your video about bags that don’t hold your value. Great info but I have to disagree with your point about discontinued LV styles not holding their value. The Trevi (esp the PM version) bag definitely has held its value and ranks high on lists of which bag people wish LV would re-release. I could easily sell my Trevi PM (still in excellent condition) for what I paid for it even though I’ve owned it several years — fortunately I happened to buy mine before its huge price increase.

  13. 3.7.19
    Christine said:

    Hi Amie,

    I was about to purchase the Gucci Marmont small in nude for the spring but after seeing your video and post I’m wondering if I should buy it pre loved? Here in Canada a brand new Marmont retails for $2,661 and I’m wondering if it’s worth it? Please advise. Thank you, Christine

    • 5.19.20
      Becky said:

      I would highly suggest saving some money and buying your Gucci bag in Hawaii (if you are going there). I discovered two years ago there is Hawaii pricing for select designers. (wish I would have known this earlier so I could bring back a handbag each time I visited Hawaii! LOL!) Gucci handbags and wallets are 20-25% off regular retail pricing in Hawaii. I usually buy my handbags in Hawaii because of the discount….plus the sales tax is only 4.5% versus our tax in British Columbia at 12% tax. Plus, it is a nice little memory of your holiday to take home with you. 🙂 I bought my LV bag in Waikiki at 10% off (LV is 10% off) and my Valentino hand bag and shoes at 20% off. I believe YSL is 20% off wallets and handbags. Sometimes the exchange is not so favorable, so I would price it out here, and then price it out there to decide (usually it is the USD pricing online, less 20%-25% off plus 4.5% tax – but usually ends up a couple hundred dollars less with conversion to Canadian). 🙂

  14. 3.8.19
    Praeya Sahota said:

    Hi Amie

    I wondered if you were selling any of your Chanel rose gold collection?


  15. 3.15.19
    Johnna said:

    I love your blog (and Youtube channel), just how thoughtful and detailed all your content it is. I swoon every time you post about your Celine Nano. I do know you mentioned that you don’t plan on letting it go any time soon, but it’ll be here on your blog when you do. Is there a specific section here where you sell your bags? Or would it be a general page similar to your other blog posts? I appreciate how much your care for your bags and want to be first in line ❤️

  16. 3.16.19
    Jye Huey said:

    Hello! Are you able to advise which wallet I should get? I am thinking of getting a new wallet and this is the ever first branded item which I will be getting (excluding my Longchamp bag). I have absolutely no knowledge on branded goods. I would want a classic (preferably in dark/ black Colour), low maintenance and a long zip wallet (to contain all my rubbish haha). Looking forward to your reply!

  17. 3.20.19
    ronna said:

    Hi Amie,

    What is your opinion on the Goyard St. Louis tote?


  18. 7.1.19
    Amelia said:

    Hi Amie, firstly I love your blog and youtube channel a lot, beautiful and it helps me to make decision on which items to buy 🙂
    I’m hoping you can help me.
    I just bought a YSL monogram large flap wallet online (there is no authenticity card / receipt provided).
    I’m trying to determine if this is a genuine wallet or not. Unfortunately there is no Saint Laurent shop on NZ.
    Found there is a code 372264 debossed on the front bill compartment, but it’s only 6 digits which is the style code.
    I thought normally it should be 12 digits like Gucci (style code and colour code)?
    Does your YSL WOC only have 6 digits code as well?
    Thanks, Amelia

  19. 8.10.19
    dee said:

    help fendi kan i or diorama?

  20. 2.7.20
    Jenny said:

    A little late in the posting. Love watching your youtube and recently discovered your blog. What’s your take on Bvlgari?

  21. 3.8.20
    Jennie said:

    Which channel bag should I buy? I don’t have any like luxury brand bag. I would like to buy one so I can wear it occasionally when I go somewhere but I’m not sure with one to buy. Budget about $4000-$5000. Thank you

  22. 3.22.20
    Brendan Stewart said:

    Thank you for all the information you give us on these bags. I just discovered your YouTube channel about a week ago. It was perfect timing because I’m just getting ready to start my first collection. Alas, I have fallen in love with the Fendi Bag Bugs FF Crossbody. I know it is not your bag of choice but I am following my heart and buying this bag because I love it so much. I am wondering if you can tell me if £920 is a fair price?

  23. 9.2.20
    Mackenzie said:

    Amie, I would love to know what you think about the longevity of the circle-shaped bags (for example the Gucci Marmont line has one, and the Saint Laurent ‘camera’ bag). I thought they seem like a ‘classic’ shape. Do you agree, or do you think it is more of a passing trend? Thanks!

  24. 2.25.22
    Renée Serfling said:

    What leather is used in other listed purses?

  25. 4.1.22

    I love originals