My Living Room Decor!

I’ve been getting so many questions about where I got my furniture and decor pieces from my one living room photo that I shared on Instagram that I thought I would do a round-up of everything here!

My goal for the living room was to keep it light and bright whilst still being cosy. The colour scheme couldn’t be too feminine (Dan used to live here when it was a bachelor pad so I didn’t want it to seem completely alien haha!) so we just went for white and light blue.


White Sofa: Loaf Slow Coach Sofa in ‘Oyster White Clever Linen’

Blue Sofa: Loaf Oscar Sofa in ‘Soothing Blue’

Footstool: Loaf Dimple Footstool in ‘Soothing Blue’

Coffee Table – mine is sold out but this is a similar one (Using gold spray paint on any cheaper furniture items is always an option and something I do frequently to get the look I want!)

White Rug

White Side Table

Table Lamp

Leopard Print Blanket

Gold Shelf (used as a ‘Whisky Shelf’)

Map Artwork – Painted by Dan

Standing Desk

‘Sputnik’ Ceiling Light

The main thing for me was the sofas – I had lusted after a Loaf sofa for so long so I was so happy that I was able to get one! We had originally ordered our main sofa from another store but we had so many issues with it that we ended up returning it and getting another Loaf one – so both the white one and the blue one (along with the foot stool) are from Loaf. They are pricey but what I love about them is that even though they are made to order, if you don’t like it when they deliver – you can get a full refund which really takes the pressure off such a large purchase.

**A note about the items we ordered from Loaf – we opted for the high legs on every item. I didn’t realise until I visited their showrooms but their sofas are really, really low so opting for the taller legs just brought them up to (what we consider to be) a normal height.**

I imported both my rug and side table from the US – which I know sounds crazy but I just couldn’t find anything I liked in the UK that was a reasonable price. Even with the shipping prices and customs, both items ended up being cheaper then my second choices in the UK. I bought my rug from Bed, Bath and Beyond who are currently out of stock but it’s also available here. My side table is a fairly plain white one but I struggled to find one that was a decent size in the UK – they all seem to be made a bit smaller here. This one was ideal and a great price.

Finally, the newest addition to our living room is Dan’s standing desk in the corner. Sitting at our dining room table really wasn’t working for him so he decided to give a standing desk a try and he loves it. I don’t think it’s for everyone (I hate the idea!) but he’s used it every day and hasn’t looked back.

Hopefully that covers everything you wanted you know, let me know if you have any other questions!

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  1. 4.28.20
    Nina said:

    Hi Amy,

    I loved this post! Are you able to let me know where you got your dining chairs from?

    • 4.28.20
      amie said:

      Hi Nina! I assume you’re referring to the ones you can’t see in this pic? If so, I also imported these from the US – I got them from Joss & Main:

  2. 4.28.20
    Jayne said:

    I thought this was your second home with Dan, so how was this his bachelor pad?

    • 4.28.20
      amie said:

      He lived here before we met, then we moved back after our first place 🙂

  3. 4.28.20
    Ashley said:

    Hi Amy,

    Love your living room and decor! Also love that you incorporated the painting you guys did, just add more character to it! Did you just design it on your own or is there anything you make reference from? How did you keep everything clean especially the rug and sofas that are in light color? Do you find it hard to maintain?

    • 4.28.20
      amie said:

      Hi Ashley! Literally just got inspiration from a ton of Pinterest boards and a lot of experimenting 🙂 The sofa is not as clean as it looks haha but I also got fabric insurance on the sofas (through Loaf) and I scotchgarded the entire rug. Took an entire can but was worth it! 🙂

  4. 4.28.20
    Ann said:

    What about the picture on the wall?

    • 4.29.20
      amie said:

      Painted by my husband 🙂

  5. 4.29.20
    shabhina said:

    Hi love love.. your channel and your sense of style..please do a house tour soon !!..lots of love Shabhina

    • 4.29.20
      amie said:

      Thank you so much Shabhina!

  6. 4.30.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh I am obsessed with your interior style!

    Lisa |

  7. 5.3.20
    Annie said:

    Hi there- I saw that you are parting ways with your Gucci soho bag and I am super interested. When will it be available for purchase on your blog? Thanks!

  8. 8.30.20
    Demi said:

    Ooo your living room looks so pretty. I love the the color combination you have!

  9. 11.4.21
    Rezwana Zaman said:

    I love your taste, beautiful living room. Can I ask how you imported the rug from the US? Thanks!