Friday Favourites

This week has been absolutely mental. It started off with my bag sale which was busier than I could ever have imagined (my last one was in January when I guess my following wasn’t quite as big. Needless to say, I wasn’t quite prepared for the increased interest haha!). It then continued on with a new project at work and my usual hectic content schedule. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see a weekend! Anyway, on to this week’s Friday Favourites!

Favourite Shoe: I bought my first pair of Aquazurras this week (reveal next week in a video along with some other luxury goodies!) and now, rather predictably, I want all the Aquazurras! The velvet! The pompoms! The sequins! I’m not sure there is anyone doing shoes better at the moment. Completely converted.

Via Matches Fashion

Favourite Festive Idea: How brilliant are these Halloween-appropriate Ghostly Strawberries? Baking and spending a lot of time on desserts is always the last thing on my mind these days but these look like they might actually be feasible!

Via Miss Candiquik

Favourite Indulgence: It’s been a stressful week and when life gets a little crazy, I think it’s nice to have little pleasures to get you through. For me, that’s been Ferrero Rocher chocolates (currently on sale at Tesco, so it would be rude not to) and this lovely hand cream. One gets me through the day (I’ve taken to the odd habit of now sniffing my hands – that’s how good this cream smells!) and the other comforts me at night πŸ™‚ #comforteateralltheway

Favourite new platform: My Facebook page! Am I allowed to have this as a favourite? I have a whopping 192 likes on my page now which may not seem like much but makes me chuffed to bits. I’m always so touched when people follow me over to different platforms and it absolutely reminds me how lucky I am. I’m planning a giveaway to celebrate 50k on my YouTube channel soon but I think I might do something special for my very loyal and lovely Facebook fans – stay tuned!

Favourite work-buddy: Pukka three mint tea. I used to be such a green tea girl but now I am a full on convert to mint tea! It’s so refreshing and is the perfect pick-me-up for the middle of the day. My current favourite is this one from Pukka – I buy mine from Tesco but I suspect it’s available from most supermarkets πŸ™‚

And that’s it for this Friday Favourites! I have one more conference call to do and then I’m done for the weekend – woohoo! What have you been loving this week?

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  1. 10.21.16
    IFS said:

    Woo hoo, I'm one of the 192 fb likes! I have spent all week obsessing over the Gucci Marmont and need to have a serious think about whether I'm really that into velvet.. Have a great weekend Amie!

    • 10.22.16

      Yay! Thank you for liking! The Gucci Marmont is such a cutie but I'm too scared of passing trends to take the plunge I think!

  2. 10.21.16
    Jenni said:

    The ghostly strawberries looks delicious! πŸ™‚

    • 10.22.16

      I know right! I'm getting hungry just thinking about them haha x

  3. 10.22.16

    Yay ..cant wait for the giveaway .Also can you please do more bag sale accessible to people in US?

    • 10.22.16

      The bag sale was accessible to the US – I ship everywhere and around half my buyers from this sale are based in the US! πŸ™‚

  4. 10.23.16

    Thanks for sharing! I agree the cherry blossom lotion smells so good

  5. 10.24.16
    Rachel said:

    Hi Amie, just wondering whether you still have your Mulberry Cara? I've been looking through to see if you had sold it but I may have missed any posts/videos on that. I haven't found that many reviews on it so I was hoping to hear if you had any further thoughts about it after revealing it earlier this year. Thanks!

    • 10.27.16

      Hi Rachel! I actually ended up returning it. I bought my Fendi Peekaboo around the similar time and I couldn't afford to keep both so ultimately decided to keep the peekaboo. Still love the Cara but no regrets about choosing my peekaboo πŸ™‚

  6. 10.24.16

    Oh i have that hand cream too! i love it πŸ™‚
    The pumps are so beautiful! Good choice!

  7. 10.28.16

    Hi Amie,
    Love your blog and Youtube much so that I included you in my fav Youtubers post. I am new to blogging (as you can see from my blog), but I just love writing and sharing my passion for things other than work. Will definately be "liking" you on facebook πŸ™‚