Valentino Private Sale

Mytheresa have just gone live with the most amazing Valentino Garavani private flash sale! There are literally pages and pages of gorgeous items, from bags to shoes to clothing, all between 20% to 40% off! I’ve rounded up my favourite items above and below but honestly, there are so many gorgeous styles to choose from including new season summer raffia styles like this adorable little crossbody or this fantastic clutch.

**Important** There’s no discount code required BUT you’ll need to access the sale through this landing page, otherwise you won’t be able to see the sale prices. I listed the products below however unfortunately, the individual links don’t show the discounted price so you have to access the sale through the dedicated landing page and then click through to the item you’re interested in from there in order to see the discounted price. Once you do that, you should be able to add to cart with the sale price reflecting in your cart (hopefully that makes sense!).

I would also recommend making use of the filters to make your search a little easier if you did have your eye on something in particular!

The US is linked as default but you can see the UK selection here 🙂


1. White Small Shoulder Bag // 2. VSling Leather-Trimmed Bag // 3. Loco Basket Weave Shoulder Bag // 4. Rockstud Leather Pouch // 5. Rockstud Gold Bangle // 6. Rockstud Pink Pumps // 7. VLOGO Leather Pumps // 8. One Stud Pumps // 9. Loco White Small Bag // 10. Roman Stud Leather Sandals // 11. VLOGO Leather Belt// 12. VLOGO Signature Crossbody Bag // 13. Rockstud Pink Pumps // 14. Loco Black Bag // 15. VLOGO Embellished Earrings // 16. Roman Stud White Sandals // 17. Loco Pink Shoulder Bag // 18. Black Minidress // 19. VSling Sequined Tote Bag// 20. Loco Silver Small Shoulder Bag // 21. Rockstud White Leather Sandals // 22. Gold Earrings // 23. VLOGO White Leather Flats // 24. Roman Stud Beige Bag // 25. VLOGO Leather Wallet // 26.VLOGO Pearl Earrings // 27. Rockstud Pink Bi-Fold Wallet // 28. Rockstud Leather Tote // 29. Valentino Pink Belt // 30. VLOGO Beige Pumps // 31. Rockstud Pink Tote

The discounts are really strong with a few items I spotted at a huge 40% off including the white Roman Stud bag and this adorable little poudre card holder (again you’ll have to access these items through this landing page to see the discount but they are both marked as 40% off!).


1. Rockstud Leather Wallet // 2. Rockstud Leather Sandals // 3. Rockstud Thong Sandals // 4. Roman Stud Leather Sandals // 5. One Stud Card Case // 6. Rockstud White Leather Slides // 7. VLOGO Leather Belt // 8. VLOGO Neutral Sandals // 9. Gold Mini Bangle // 10. Roman Stud Pink Slides // 11. Rockstud Pink Wallet on Chain // 12. Rockstud Leather Sandals // 13. VLOGO Brown Sandals // 14. Rockstud Brown Sandals // 15. White Signature Pouch // 16. Rockstud White Mini Leather Shoulder Bag // 17. Loco Shoulder Bag // 18. Roman Stud White Slides // 19. Loco Metallic Shoulder Bag // 20. Multicoloured East-West Tweed Bag // 21. Rockstud Embellished Leather Sandals // 22. Rockstud Shoulder Bag // 23. Brown Leather Slides

Not only are there a ton of gorgeous styles included BUT they also have all the bestselling colourways from their classic nude poudre colour to stunning tan and deep brown shades. So perfect for spring, summer and beyond!

This private sale is a flash one so is only running for 3 more days with stock moving quickly as you might expect, so I definitely wouldn’t wait if you did have your eye on something!

Happy shopping 🙂

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