What I Got For Christmas

This time of year inevitably means a whole lot of What I Got For Christmas videos/ posts. I admit to a guilty pleasure of watching these videos and have already worked my way through more than I can count. These definitely err more on the bragging side – even for a channel like mine which is largely devoted to shopping and materialism. That said, I can’t help but love these videos so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I was very spoiled this year and was surprised with some very lovely, thoughtful gifts – which are always the ones that stand out in years going forward. I personally love gift giving and take the exercise very seriously. Without joke, I start in January (to take advantage of the sales!) and continue throughout the year. I keep a spreadsheet with a different tab for each person with allocated budgets (which are almost always exceeded – a side effect of starting so early is that you always find things that someone will ‘love’ closer to Christmas; I never seem to be able to resist these) and running totals as well as colour codes for stocking fillers or main presents. Such is my dedication that many in my family outsource their present buying to me – which I am obviously more than happy to oblige with!

Next year, I hope to get my act together enough to do a series of gift guides in the run up to Christmas. For now though, I’ll leave you with what my family and boyfriend were kind enough to gift me. It doesn’t need to be said, but Christmas isn’t about gifts, it’s about the time spent together and the memories created. For me this year, it was all about my baby niece who turned 2 years old in December and has totally stolen all our hearts. Christmas really is heaps more fun with kids around!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season – I’m so looking forward to getting

stuck into the New Year!

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  1. 1.5.16

    Nice bag and shoes πŸ™‚
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : https://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  2. 1.11.16
    Anonymous said:

    Gorgeous gifts!! I just enter your give away in youtube and instagram! Here it goes my 3rd chance in winning! πŸ˜‰ . Congrats again for the 10k followers!!! xx Veronica

  3. 1.14.16
    Natasha K said:

    GCongrats doll!
    I follow u on bloglovin as sissy899
    Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  4. 1.16.16

    Great gifts. Love the colouring.

  5. 1.22.16
    S + B said:

    I love your videos!!

  6. 1.26.16

    awesome πŸ™‚

  7. 1.30.16
    Unknown said:

    I Love your purse! so gorgeous! Also – I entered your youtube giveaway as well πŸ™‚

  8. 1.30.16

    Your purse is so adorable. I love that colour! It'll work in any season. I also came from your youtube giveaway & am subscribed to you on bloglovin and youtube!