How to buy Chanel at Heathrow
(without passing through Terminal 3!)

The moment that I found out that you could purchase from Chanel without passing through Heathrow Terminal 3 was a very, very happy moment for me. I mean, discounted Chanel? That’s a rare thing to be treasured!

It turns out that Heathrow has introduced a personal shopper service that enables you to shop at any given terminal without actually having to fly out from that terminal. You will of course, have to fly out from a terminal, but this is certainly a game changer for those unlucky souls (like me) who always seem to be stuck flying out of terminal 2 where there are pretty much no decent shops…

I do cover more about the actual experience of using a Heathrow personal shopping service in the video but for those of you who would rather read than watch, I’ve listed all the details below.

Arranging shopping in other Heathrow terminals

For this, you’ll need to utilise the personal shopper service. You’ll need to email them through the Heathrow Boutique Shopping website and click on the ‘Escorted terminal transfer service‘ section. They will then ask you to confirm the details of your flight and which store you would like the visit -I chose Chanel but there is also Louis Vuitton in terminal 5 and a few Hermes stores I believe.

There is a £200 minimum spend for this service (which let’s face it – isn’t hard to achieve in Chanel!) and you are only allowed to reserve one item, 24 hours ahead of your flight time. To reserve an item, the personal shopping team will ask you for the item number/ code. I didn’t have this but the description of the item (in my case, a Chanel GST) was sufficient.

Once they note down the details of your item, they’ll contact you 24 hours before your flight to let you know whether they’ve been able to reserve it. If successful, they’ll then give you the contact details of your personal shopper and let you know that you need to arrive 3 hours before your flight to allow enough time.

It’s important to note that this is 3 hours after you pass through security. Depending on the time of day you are travelling, this could add on an extra hour so make sure you leave enough time. I had 3.5 hours to spare after passing through security, which for me, was the perfect amount of time (I’m not a fan of rushing).

The Personal Shopping process

Once I was through security, I phoned the number of my personal shopper and left her a message saying that I was ready when she was. She immediately sent me a text agreeing a meeting point for 5 minutes time. After meeting, we promptly set off for terminal 3. We took a bus and the whole journey took about 15-20 minutes including some waiting time.

I did have to pass through security two more times so I do recommend travelling light without any liquids. I would also say that flats are a must. Even with the bus, there was a fair bit of walking and heels would have been a struggle for me for sure!

Buying from Heathrow Chanel Terminal 3

Once we arrived at the Chanel boutique, my personal shopper spoke to the SA on duty who promptly pulled out my reserved bag from the back. I knew I wanted to browse a bit so I asked to see a few more items and ended up opting for a WOC and a pair of Chanel stud earrings as well as a GST. I was the only customer in the whole boutique so pretty much had the run of the shop – it was definitely fun!

I was a bit concerned about how awkward it would be having a personal shopper watch over me whilst browsing but honestly, it was just like shopping with a friend. Perhaps I lucked out with my personal shopper, but she was chatty and super helpful – if I wanted an opinion, she gladly gave it and at other times, she just stood back or took a look around as well.

After I finished up at Chanel,  I was asked if I wanted to shop at any other stores in Terminal 3 but as I didn’t, we headed straight back. I didn’t end up tipping as I had heard that they refuse tips and I didn’t want to make things uncomfortable but when we parted ways, she gave me her business card and told me to contact her whenever I was passing through Heathrow again.

The overall experience and Heathrow Chanel prices

I could not recommend the service enough – it was seamless, worry free and enabled me to purchase several Chanel items at considerably cheaper than the usual retail price. For price reference, the WOC I bought was £1050 at Heathrow vs. £1250 in a regular store whilst the GST was £1620.83 vs £1945. So a sizeable saving overall! After the recent European price increases, I even think that the Chanel boutique at Heathrow might be the cheapest place to buy Chanel in the world.

Lastly, here are a few things that I think are helpful to know about shopping at the Heathrow Chanel Boutique in general:

  1. They don’t sell classics – by this, I mean the 2.55 flaps or anything else considered a ‘classic’ such as a reissue. 
  2. You generally save around 16-17% from regular Chanel prices.
  3. They do sell seasonal items – which still covers a lot. In my experience, they have a great stock of WOCs, jewelry (particularly CC stud earrings) and the classic Chanel ballet flats. They also stock Chanel Boy bags and any other seasonal pieces that might be current.
  4. You should try and inspect the item before making a purchase – I found two flaws with two bags – and I’m not even particularly fussy.
  5. If you do make a purchase at Heathrow and find a fault with it, you can take it to a regular Chanel boutique in the UK and exchange it. I did this with a lambskin WOC and exchanged it for a caviar version (and also had the option of changing colour too).
  6. Use a Heathrow rewards card – with the amount that Chanel costs, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the points will stack up! This is directly converted into money you can spend at Heathrow – winner!
  7. The store opens at 6am and doesn’t close until late so it’s ideal for those anti-social hours that so many flight itineraries seem to favour!

Apologies for the absolute mammoth blog post!! I tend to try to keep my posts short and sweet but I thought that this might be a useful reference guide for those looking to do the same.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading!

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  1. 5.19.15

    Stumbled upon your blog on the forum, love how informative this post is! Definitely going to use it when I head home on my next trip to London!

    You also take really lovely pictures!

    • 5.19.15

      Thank you so much bakeacookie, you've totally made my day! I recognise your name from TPF, thank you for checking my blog out! Love the TPF community 🙂

  2. 6.3.15

    Really informative! I am travelling in September from Terminal 5. Do they also have GSTs with silver hardware? Would there be enough time to go there if flight at 9.00am?

    • 6.4.15

      Hi! Yes they do – they keep them in the back though so you do have to ask unless you use a personal shopper in which case they can reserve it for you. My flight was at 9.30am so you should be fine (the Chanel store opens at 6am I believe) however you will have to get up VERY early as you need to leave at least 3 hours after security which means getting there around 5.30am I would guess…!! They're also opening a new Chanel store in T5 at the end of the year so if you make that trip again after they open, you can shop in the same terminal! 😀

    • 6.7.15

      Thank you for your reply! I didn't know about a new store opening!! That's brilliant news! About getting there 3 hours early, do you know if you can check in that early? Thanks again for all the info!

    • 6.7.15

      Yes, checking in early isn't a problem – I checked in hours before I had to! 🙂

    • 6.7.15

      Thanks for all the advice! I'm really excited about my trip abroad and my visit to the Chanel store to get a GST!

    • 6.7.15

      Good luck!! I hope you manage to grab one – I'm still loving mine 🙂

  3. 6.7.15
    Mei Ping said:

    Hi! Really appreciate how informative your post is. I will be traveling from Terminal 4, you mentioned that there is a minimum purchase of £200 but if when reached the store and decides to change your mind about the product reserved, what are the charges going to be like?

    • 6.7.15

      Honestly, I have no idea! I don't see how they can really enforce it – I imagine it's more a case of damaging your relationship with the personal shopping team. You can also ask them when you contact to arrange though – I'm sure they have a policy in place 🙂

  4. 8.2.15

    Hi! Thank you for your post, very informative! Do you think its easy to go from other terminal to T3 by yourself? I'm going to London this november and I don't think I will feel comfortable to use the personal shopper service. And did you see any mini rectangular flap bag in Heathrow? Thanks… ^^

    • 8.3.15

      Hi! I don't actually think that's possible… I think you need to be escorted otherwise I don't think you'll be able to get past security and all the various check points. I didn't see a mini but the stock changes all the time and is seasonal dependent so it just depends on what's in season at the time. The mini is considered a seasonal piece (rather than a timeless classic) so they will stock them in general though 🙂 HTH!

  5. 9.10.15

    Hi! May I know which airline were u on? I'm departing by British airways from terminal 5. I understand that I can do online check in but what about my baggages that needs to be checked in? Am I able to print out the baggage tag somewhere in the airport? I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to meet the customer service team to escort me to Chanel.

    • 9.10.15

      Hi, I actually don't remember. I think it might have been British Airways too but I don't think it particularly matters. You'll still need to queue to drop your bags off regardless of whether you online check in. You can just arrive earlier though – they should let you drop your bags off with plenty of time to spare! 🙂

  6. 9.11.15

    Thanks for ur reply! I'm just worried that I have to wait till the counter desk opens before I can print my baggage tags.

    • 9.11.15

      Oh you shouldn't worry about that – from Heathrow, there will be counters open for British Airways pretty much 24/7. It's a busy airport!

  7. 9.25.15
    Unknown said:

    Thanks for all this really useful info – I'm flying out of terminal 5 but bi thin the UK. Do you think I'd still be able to shop in terminal 3. I've shopped in the terminal 5 stores while flying in the UK with no issue…

    • 9.28.15

      Hi! It shouldn't be an issue transferring terminals to go shopping but I'm not 100% sure about being able to buy Chanel when flying within the UK.The best thing I can suggest is to phone up the boutique and ask; they should be able to tell you 🙂

    • 9.29.15

      Thanks for the info and advice – I love your Chanel collection!

  8. 10.4.15

    Hey there, thanks for sharing your experience. I am planning to fly out from Heathrow T5 early next year. Just wondering that the news of new Chanel Boutique opening, has it been confirmed or they just plan to do it? If there is a new Boutique opening in T5, that would be a great news ever 🙂

    • 10.6.15

      Hi! It's definitely confirmed I believe! Should be opening at the end of this year 🙂

  9. 10.24.15

    Hi there enjoyed your write up. In my case I'm arriving in London at T2 and thought of crossing to T3 just for chanel and run back to T2 to pick up my luggage. I mean with my time at chanel, my luggage will be going merry go round at the baggage belt waiting for me to pick up lol and my hubby is not keen on that. You think that's possible for me to do quick crossover to T3? I'd prefer to see the bags up close before purchase. Thanks!

    • 10.24.15

      Hi! I don't actually think you can visit when arriving – I believe it's departures only. However I'm not 100% sure so the best thing to do would be to phone the personal shopper service – they'll be able to give you a definitive answer 🙂

  10. 10.29.15
    Anonymous said:

    Hello! thank you for the informative post.. I am going to be flying to London from the US and upon my departure will be flying out of terminal 2. I saw in your post that you contacted the personal shopper via telephone (text and calls) but since my phone won't be in service, as i'm from the states, how would you recommend getting a hold of the personal shopper?

    Also, if I am checking in my luggage, can i simply check in my luggage and then head to terminal 3 so I don't have to lug around my luggage?

    Additionally, are Chanel bags cheaper to purchase in London in general as opposed to the States (taking into consideration the currency exchange rate)? For example, a Chanel classic medium/large flap bag costs $4900. how much does it cost in the UK?

    Lastly, if i don't use the personal shopper system, how can i go about going to T3 on my own?

    I apologize for the numerous questions but i'm not quite familiar with the process of purchasing in the airports.

    • 10.29.15

      Hi! In answer to your questions:

      1. You have to arrange the personal shopper beforehand and that is via email. You will need some method of getting in touch when you arrive at the terminal though. If this is out of the question, I suggest you pick a firm meeting place and time and explain to your personal shopper that you won't be contactable on the day.

      2.You can definitely check in your luggage before – and this is highly recommended. Try to travel as light as possible in terms of carry on luggage – going through security so many times is a faff.

      3.I believe the UK is now the cheapest place in the world to buy Chanel. You can't buy classic flaps in Heathrow (seasonal only) but regular boutique price for a medium flap is £3045 compared to £3203 (converted from $4900). Keep in mind, all of our prices include 20% tax which you can claim back if you are only visiting. Prices for seasonal pieces at Heathrow are even cheaper, with a discount of about 16-17% off regular retail so you will find there are substantial savings to be had from the US.

      4.I don't think you can visit other terminals by yourself. You need to pass through security and go through back ways to get to the other terminals and you need someone who works there to do this.

      I hope this helps and answers your questions! 🙂

  11. 10.30.15
    Anonymous said:

    thank you so much for your prompt response! also love your youtube videos!! 🙂

  12. 11.6.15
    Anonymous said:

    hello – did they have a good selection of trainers at the terminal 3 boutique at all ? 🙂

    • 11.6.15

      Hi, I can't say I remember trainers specifically but they did have a good selection of flats when I was there. That said, their stock changes all the time so if you're looking for something in particular, the best thing to do is phone and ask – they should be able to advise! 🙂

  13. 11.6.15
    Anonymous said:

    Hi, will like to ask am I able to get the Chanel tax free price if I am just flying within the UK? Cause they do check your boarding pass when you are paying.

    • 11.9.15

      Hi, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think you can. I think you need to be flying out of the UK even if it's just inside of the EU.

    • 3.31.17
      Anonymous said:

      Hi Amie, did you travel within the EU when you bought the Chanel bags tax free at Heathrow? I live in the EU and I'm travelling to London soon. I was wondering If I can buy Dior bags at terminal 5 tax free as a EU citizen travelling within the EU. Please do answer my question.

  14. 11.11.15
    Anonymous said:

    Hi, if the VAT in UK is 20% and they do not include VAT at the airport or charge admin fees for refund, how come we are still only saving 16-17% off of retail? I kept on thinking it will just be 20% off of retail prices in the boutique. btw love your blog!

    • 11.18.15

      Hi! I believe (but don't quote me on this!) that the VAT is something different. So if you're not from the EU, you get an additional 20% off. However, if this applies to you, I suggest the best thing to do is to phone the Chanel boutique in Heathrow to check – they'll be able to tell you for sure 🙂

    • 8.1.18
      GeekChic said:

      This is because the retail price including VAT (let’s call that “RPV”) is 120% times the price excluding VAT- so if you take out the VAT, the price you pay is 1/1.2 = 83% of RPV, i.e. 16.7% discount. The store isn’t cheating you, it’s just the math.

  15. 1.19.16

    Hello Amie!
    Do you happen to know what was the price for classic ballerina flats at Chanel boutique in Heathrow?

    I'm from Brazil and I just love your youtube channel! Made me think about getting the alma bb! 🙂

  16. 1.29.16
    Unknown said:

    Hi Amie, Is Chanel T3 prices cheaper than Paris?

  17. 2.4.16

    Let's say I am stopping at heathrow from Asia and then flying back to the US. Would I have to carry the chanel bag with me on the plane or is there a way I can pack it in my luggage at heathrow?

  18. 2.29.16
    Anonymous said:

    is there a Chanel boutique store in the CDG airport in Paris? has anyone purchased one before? more savings than Heathrow?

  19. 8.2.16

    Hi Amie, I have just found your youtube and blog. love it! its really informative, the way you talk is so refreshing and you seems like a humble girl who loves an expensive stuff- remind me of me a bit haha, and maybe you heard this a lot but you and Dan are really a cute couple! please update when you go to Japan with your mom next year xx

  20. 8.6.16
    Natalie said:

    Hi Amie, great blog post and really enjoyed reading it! I'm from London and travelling to Rome with BA terminal 5. I'm hoping to pick up a WOC from there, do you know if it will be the same price as the Chanel shop in London as I as an EU citizen and won't be eligible for discount as I'm travelling within the EU? Thanks!

  21. 8.7.16
    Catherine said:

    Hi Natalie. I shopped in Hermes at Heathrow last year. I had to show my boarding pass, the discount was about 16.5% and I think the sales assistant said you could only get the discount if you are flying outside of the EU. But Rome is full of top quality handbags. I visited the Prada store there a couple of years ago and got a great discount on a tote.

    • 9.10.16
      Natalie said:

      Thanks Catherine, that's really useful to know! Can't wait to go to Rome in a few weeks.

  22. 8.16.16

    Hi there, how much did you get the CC stud earrings for in Heathrow?

  23. 10.26.16
    Anonymous said:

    wondering if the GST is still available?

  24. 11.24.16

    Great tips, thank you for sharing! Sophie x

  25. 1.2.17
    Anonymous said:

    Hello Amie, I know this post is a little bit too old. But I would be really appreciate if you answer my qusetion. The heathorw boutique does not include chanel mini 7"? and boy friend watch?

  26. 3.16.17

    Very helpful. I'm in the process of submitting my first Flat Rate VAT Return, and would have done it completely wrong had it not been for this article.
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  27. 4.24.17

    I appreciate the effort for posting the helpful blog with useful tips. Thanks!

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  28. 5.14.17
    mic said:

    Is that chanel is in departure area of terminal 3? If I arrive Heathrow, is that I can’t shop at chanel?


  29. 7.3.18
    Sam said:

    Do you have to have an item in mind before you go shopping? What if I just want to go to browse in terminal 3. I know I would get something from Chanel but just don’t have anything particular in mind yet.

  30. 7.3.18
    Roopal said:

    Just wanted to say how incredibly helpful all your blog posts and YouTube videos are to newbies like me. And the thing I absolutely love most is how down to earth you are in all your posts (which is a difficult vibe to convey when talking about luxury handbags and other goods :-)) without apologizing for your love of these items. I’m hoping the heathrow shopper service works out for me this week upon my return from a London vacation….

  31. 10.28.19
    Ellie said:

    thanks Amy – I just made my first Chanel purchase in T3 and your tips were very useful! Particularly regarding the Heathrow points, I would never have thought of it! Thanks so much x