Handbag Wishlist

1. Louis Vuitton Twist GM // 2. Louis Vuitton Sperone // 3. Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag //
4. Saint Laurent Kate Tassel Bag // 5. Givenchy Antigona Black //
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack // 7. Louis Vuitton Flandrin

I had a request to do more of these so I thought I’d give a little update on my bag wishlist! As a true bag addict, I constantly have bags coming on and off my wishlist. I do have a couple of bags which have been shipped to my Aunt’s house in the US that I cannot wait to collect. I’ll be sure to do a reveal as soon as I get them! That of course hasn’t stopped me from lusting after other bags – this is my current list of bags that I’ve been online stalking πŸ™‚

Now, of course I realise I don’t need any more bags – far from it and truth be told I’m not in a particular rush to add any more to my collection. So this is more of a gradual, ‘mulling it over’ list as I weigh up the pros and cons of each one.

Mini Bags
I recently bought this Saint Laurent clutch and I absolutely love it. I bought it specifically for summer events as I do have quite a few coming up over the next few months but I’ve already gotten a bit of use out of it! I mentioned on my channel that I’d had some trouble finding a Saint Laurent bag that worked for me but I’m thrilled with it so far.

The only other bag that I am specifically eyeing up is the Saint Laurent Kate Tassel Bag – I do love a tassel and even though this is a past return purchase for me, I keep going back to it. I have no need for it at the moment so I’m going to hold out until Autumn/ Winter to make a decision, but this one is firmly on my wishlist!

Day Bags

There are a few day bags which I’m currently considering. The Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag is another that I keep going back to but stories of the leather scratching easily have so far scared me off.

There are also a few Louis Vuitton items on my wishlist which hasn’t happened in the longest time! I recently happened upon the Louis Vutton Flandrin which I love. It’s fairly different to anything else I own but I love the monogram and think the shape of this would be perfect for work, The other LV day bag is the newly released Twist GM. At Β£2590, it is really on the pricey side but I love the look of it. The photos are deceiving but it’s very large and with Chanel Jumbos increasingly out of price-reach, I wonder if this makes for a lovely (albeit hardly cheap!) alternative.

Finally, I included the Givenchy Antigona in black. I don’t know whether I would want to add a second Antigona (although I do really love my nude coloured one) but my Tory Burch T Block tote has made me realise how incredibly useful a larger black bag is. I find the functionality of the T Block a little limiting so I am definitely keeping my eyes open for possible contenders (Antigona or otherwise!).


I’ve been on the hunt for a good backpack for the longest time. I had previously bought a Herschel one which I ended up returning and as I’m not a natural, backpack-kind-of-girl, I’ve been struggling to find a style that suits me. So far the contenders are the Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack which I think would be perfect for casual days out when on holiday, theme parks etc. and the Louis Vuitton Sperone which has won me over with the adorable pink interior – but which might be a little too ‘nice’ for a more rough and tumble day out!

Phew! And that’s it for this wishlist! Let me know what is currently on your radar – the nosy bag-obsessive in me would love to know! πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. 4.4.17
    Anonymous said:

    I have the Marc jacobs backpack with gold zippers/hardware and get SO many compliments on it. I like it a lot but I'm like, it's just a backpack, so I was surprised w the amount of compliments I got.

    • 4.7.17

      Haha well that's great to hear! I'm always surprised by what items I get complimented on – it's never what I think!

  2. 4.4.17
    confessionsofashopper said:

    Have you ever considered the Rebecca Minkoff Julien backback? it's a great backpack but a departure from the casual "backback" look. =)

    • 4.7.17

      I'm really not familiar with Rebecca Minkoff at all – I need to check out her stuff!

  3. 4.4.17

    Love it! This is a great list! I recently got pretty much all of the bags on my wishlist (sometimes when it rains it pours on the pre-loved market!), so now I am just looking to replace a few I don't love as much as I could. What other black large bags are you considering? Are you specifically thinking work totes?

    • 4.7.17

      Thanks Jessica! Honestly, I have no idea which is why the Givenchy is here – kind of as a default! I'm wondering if the LV would work double as there is some black in there. Otherwise, I think I'm just going to have to keep my eyes peeled for something!

  4. 4.4.17
    Teodora D said:

    Love your wishlist! I'm currently on the hunt for a small occasion bag for the summer and I think I will go for the YSL wallet on chain. If you have any thought on it, I'd be very interested to know! The Antigona in black will be next on my wishlist! πŸ™‚

    Teodora xx

    • 4.7.17

      Thanks Teodora! I've only used my Saint Laurent clutch twice so far but I've really enjoyed it! It's absolutely beautiful and holds the essentials πŸ™‚

  5. 4.5.17

    Oh god I really shouldn't be looking at your wishlist.. so dreamy!

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    • 4.7.17

      Haha the internet in general is dangerous for me!

  6. 4.5.17

    The MBMJ backpack sure sounds like a great bag. Have you considered lululemon backpacks? I find them pretty nice but also because of the brand, I'm OK with getting it a little dirty. It would probably do well for your "rough and tumble" days out better than the LV one.

    • 4.7.17

      I have and have actually been trying to find one I like from them for the longest time! I love their older models but they're so expensive on the preloved market and the newer ones are either too small or a bit 'space-y' looking! I wish they would go back to their fun prints that they used to do!

  7. 4.5.17

    Hi! Check out Tumi's backpacks. I own the Marc Jacob's backpack with gold hardware and it is very cut but it is not water resistant while the Tumi is water resistant. The Tumi is a tad smaller which for me is a plus. Also the zippers on the Marc Jacob backpack are very rough si it is very easy to scrap your hand when your are reaching into the compartments. I was very disappointed with the Marc Jacobs but the Tumi is chic and much better made for about the same price.

    • 4.5.17
      Vanessa said:

      Agreed. I have a Tumi one, which I love.

    • 4.7.17

      Well this is unfortunate – I already ordered the MJ one haha! Thank you for the heads up though – will do the zipper test and if not, will certainly check out the Tumi!

      • 9.21.17
        Melissa said:

        Amie- How did you like the MBMJ backpack? I’m debating on getting one. But of course, they changed the color of the hardware. It’s silver now on the black nylon, instead of the gold, and that’s kind of teetering on the edge of a deal breaker for me. Now that I read that the zippers may be a little rough, I actually noticed it yesterday at the store.

  8. 4.6.17
    YJ said:

    I just got a new Celine micro belt in light blueish grey – absolutely stunning. Also MZ Wallace backpack is soooo comfortable.

  9. 4.6.17
    Anonymous said:

    Have you ever considered looking at the Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack? I'm not really a backpack kind of girl but I've been a huge fan ever since I bought it. I love the minimalistic yet classic look of the bag and find it quite practical. I was initially worried about possible wear and tear considering the fact that the bag is nylon however after having it a year there is barely any wear on the bag and found a major selling point being the bags water-resistant nature which is perfect for the random downpours that occur in London. I know your a fan of the tote style so I thought it could potentially be a hit for you.

    • 4.7.17

      I actually did look at it but was a bit put off by the seeming lack of compartments! I recently got an overnight bag from them though and I love it so maybe it is time to revisit!

  10. 4.9.17
    Trace said:

    Hi Amie would you ever consider Bottega bags? Just curious what are your thoughts on them. Thanks!

  11. 4.14.17

    Hi Amie! You should check out some of Henri Bendel Backpacks. I'm not really a backpack girl, but their West 57th backpacks are so cute!

  12. 4.14.17

    Hi Amie! You should check out some of Henri Bendel Backpacks. I'm not really a backpack girl, but their West 57th backpacks are so cute!

  13. 4.27.17
    Molly Wilkinson said:

    Hey Amie, I love your blog and youtube videos! I have the LV Flandrin and It is truly a wonderful bag. It makes an outfit look so put together but is simultaneously cool and effortless. I cannot recommend it enough. And you get a lot of ‘bag for your money’- it has 2 main compartments with a zippy compartment in the middle for wallet, phone agenda etc. Anyway, congrats on your engagement- so wonderful and exciting! relish every moment!

    Molly xox

  14. 4.30.17
    Sam said:

    Hi Amie, love love love your videos – uber informative.

    I hope you can help me with a gift choice for my daughter. She’d really love a Chanel Boy but I really can’t justify the cost and we agree she should wait until she can afford to buy one with her own salary πŸ™‚ She already has a fairly large LV Alma and large LV wallet but doesn’t really use them everyday because they’re so big. So now she can’t decide between Gucci soho disco and marmont as a good everyday and occasional going out bag. I’d also like to buy her a small Chanel purse as a starter for her future Chanel collection. I couldn’t decide between the classic coin purse or zip purse.

    So, which bag (I know you have both:) and which purse – Please help!

  15. 5.1.17
    Miriam said:

    Love your blog and style!! I am selling my medium Givenchy Antigona black bag in goat leather, brand new if you are interested! I love it, its gorgeous but too big for my 5’1 frame. 2016 model bought from l’inde le palais.

  16. 6.2.17
    Jessica said:

    Hi Amie! I love your blog and watching your YouTube videos!! I was wondering if you have purchased the LV Montaigne GM in Monogram Empriente leather bag? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Is it worth the purchase?
    Thank you!!

  17. 8.20.17
    Amanda said:

    Hi my name is Amanda and I live in Los Angeles. I am traveling to Paris in sept and really want to buy my first luxury bag. Chanel price increases plus the harmonizing of their European and US prices have put them out of range for me. Can you suggest the brands I will see the most savings buying in France vs buying in the US? I really want to get the best value. I’m thinking about the Gucci marmont and a YSL wallet on chain. But again, if Louis Vuitton or Chloe will give me the best savings buying in France, I want to make sure I take advantage of that!

    Thank you so much in advance, I love your channel I recommend it to my friends all the time