Spring Luxury Sales!

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It is once again time for the spring sales and for whatever reason, all the major ones seem to have gone live at the same time! Some of the best sales for bags and general luxury goods have gone live in the US/ Canada –  and SSense and MyTheresa both began their sales today! Ssense have a huge stock of bags on sale and as per usual, even though the discounts aren’t super mega deep, what they lack in percentage, they make up for in stock. There is a TON on sale including some rarely included bags such as Gucci Marmonts and Saint Laurent.

MyTheresa has also started their private sale which you can access via this link. The items don’t show as discounted but add them to cart and you’ll see the price deducted by a whopping 30%! There is also plenty to choose from including Prada bags, Chloe bags and Mulberry.


1. Prada Basket Bag // 2. Gucci Marmont Sapphire Velvet // 3. Prada Bucket Bag // 4. Gucci Marmont Red Velvet // 5.  Saint Laurent Red WOC // 6. Mulberry Lily // 7. Gucci Marmont WOC // 8. Prada Pink Crossbody //  9. Saint Laurent Beige Pouch // 10. Saint Laurent White Shoulder Bag // 11. Valentino Stud Tote

 These sales are definitely worth checking out if you’ve had your eye on something from this season. So many beautiful styles are included!


Nordstrom Designer Sale
Matches Fashion
Net-a-Porter (For account holders)
Stuart Weitzman
Club Monaco – 25% off purchase
Neiman Marcus
FarFetch (Private sale)

Let me know if you snag anything below!

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  1. 5.21.19

    The my teresa sale isn’t working. I added a few things to my basket and the deduction hasn’t come off. Ive logged in as well as using your link x

    • 5.21.19
      amie said:

      It’s only available in the US at the moment unfortunately. If the sale goes live to the public in the UK, I’ll update 🙂

      • 5.21.19
        Melba said:

        I am in the US and it is not working either. Thanks for the info though, there’s some good deals in the other site.

        • 5.21.19
          amie said:

          Hi Melba, that’s so strange! Every time I enter a US shipping address (and am not logged in to my account), it works just fine. You just have to make sure the selection is from the link included in the post as not every item has the discount 🙂

          • 5.23.19
            Sahana said:

            It worked for me. I was able to order myself a ysl loulou in small. Thanks for the timely post. Amie – You are amazing, I’m such a fan!

      • 5.21.19
        Anna said:

        Thank you ❤️

  2. 5.21.19
    Addison Forbes said:

    The MyTheresa sale is email address specific

    won’t work for everyone :((((

    • 5.21.19
      amie said:

      Hi Addison, it’s available to all in the US, Canada and Asia. Just not in the UK or Europe yet unfortunately!

    • 5.21.19
      Lynnetta said:

      I just ordered the Mulberry Amberly in pink!

      • 5.21.19
        amie said:

        Oh how beautiful! I love the Amberly!

        • 5.21.19
          Lynnetta Bonsu said:

          I just read your post on the longevity of the brand. Now I’m kicking myself for not getting the Lily. Is the Amberley considered one of their newer styles?

        • 5.21.19
          Lynnetta Bonsu said:

          Now I’m kicking myself for not getting the Lily. Is the Amberley considered one of their newer styles?

  3. 5.21.19
    Karen Louie said:

    valentino.com !!!!

  4. 5.21.19
    Celine Tang Willis said:

    It’s very kind of you to share the links but I feel you need to (a) be mindful as to whether the links are taking the reader to the right sale and (b) distinguish as to which sales are ongoing in which territories.
    The Matchesfashion sale is currently only a private sale whereas the link you provided takes you to items discounted right after Christmas 2018 so are not spring sale items as you’ve led us to believe.
    The Stuart Weitzman and ClubMonaco discounts are also strictly US only, all because of upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

    • 5.21.19
      amie said:

      Hi Celine, I do state in the blog post that the sales are for the US and Canada. The Matches Fashion sale is also US – and the items are from spring but obviously this only works if you’re shipping to the US. For whatever reason, US sales go live first whereas much of the UK sales are still private sale. If they go public, I’ll update the post 🙂

  5. 5.21.19
    Rachel said:

    Nordstrom designer sale is live as well!!

    • 5.21.19
      amie said:

      Oo great catch – I’ve updated the post, thank you!

  6. 5.21.19
    Rica said:

    Hi Amie! I’m in the US and I don’t see the deduction when I had it to my cart 🙁 Do you know at what point it starts showing the deduction?

  7. 5.22.19
    Sofie said:

    I don’t know whether to purchase now or wait to see if it will be cheaper if it goes on sale in the UK!

  8. 5.22.19
    Sofia said:

    I ordered the Fendi Kan i bag in black with gold hardware from Farfetch on Monday, 50% off!!! It is my first online luxury shopping experience. Found out from Shoptagr. Farfetch had so many Fendi bags on sale from 10-50% but the day after most of those bags were gona from the sale and one bag that was initially on 30% off was lowered to 25% off. Is that common? 🙂 Only had one designer handbag before – a Chanel mini rectangular that I bought in the Florence store last year as a graduation gift from my fiance. Can’t wait to receive my new Fendi bag 🙂

  9. 5.22.19
    Jenny said:

    Hi there! Thanks so much for always sharing such fabulous designer sales. I hopped onto MyTheresa just now and although I’m US based and on their mailing list it doesn’t appear to be applying the 30% discount. It’s applying about a 9% discount. Not sure if others are running into the same issue as well. So appreciate you sharing and just wanted to flag this in case others who are shopping are encountering the same problem.

  10. 5.22.19
    Steph said:

    Hi Amie,

    Is Ssense a reputable site to buy from? Have you shopped from them? Thank you!

  11. 5.24.19
    Kristina M.P. said:

    The Rockstud tote is sold out! 🙁 I should have purchased it right when you posted it! 🙁

  12. 5.24.19
    Nidz said:

    Please please please let us know about the UK sales. Its much needed atm because most of the bloggers, pages, and everyone else just shouts out about sales in US and Canada. Its so sad all the good stuff is ALWAYS on sale there. I feel soo left out being in the UK and no connections in US..:(

  13. 7.19.19
    Shanycole said:

    Is the GG Marmont matelassé shoulder bag still on trend? Looking for my first Gucci bag.