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I just spotted the rarest of things… a Saint Laurent bag and accessories sale! This one is at Flannels which if you’re not familiar with it, is a UK based luxury store. I’ve purchased from Flannels myself before and you can get some great deals (and everything is 100% authentic and brand new!) BUT I would say that the packaging leaves a lot to be desired (no Mytheresa or Net-a-Porter style super luxe packaging unfortunately). That said, I would always rather save some money than get a fancy box but it is something to note before purchasing 🙂


1. Beige Nikki Bag // 2. Fabric Jamie // 3. Black Quilted Crossbody // 4. Nude Puffer // 5. Black Clutch // 6. Black Cardholder // 7. White Cardholder // 8. Black Coinpurse // 9. Ivory Clutch // 10. Navy 5 a 7 Nylon Crossbody // 11. Raffia Tote // 12. Yellow Crossbody // 13. Raffia Nikki // 14. Black 5 a 7 Nylon Crossbody // 15. White and Tan 5 a 7 // 16. Yellow 5 a 7 Bag // 17. Olive Green Kate // 18. Pink 5 a 7 Bag // 19. Rive Gauche Tote // 20. Black Mesh Tote // 21. Patent Leather 5 a 7 Bag // 22. Raffia 5 a 7 Bag // 23. Quilted Shoulder Bag // 24. Rive Gauche Tote // 25. Saint Laurent Sandals // 26. Black Puffer // 27. Suede Nikki

There are a ton of Saint Laurent bag styles included in their sale – from their incredibly popular puffer bag line to gorgeous raffia summer styles! The discounts are also extremely generous – I spotted some of their styles, like this gorgeous raffia tote for a huge 50% off! Stock seems to be VERY limited though as you might expect, so I definitely would not wait if you had your eye on something.

For any international followers – Flannels do ship worldwide but I don’t think that customs and duties are included in their final checkout price. This will vary from country to country but this is something to keep in mind – that said, the discounts are so deep that it might still be much cheaper to ship the pieces internationally. Also – a little tip that I’ve been finding so handy: you can use Chat GPT to calculate customs duties for you! We use Chat GPT for pretty much everything in our house haha but I’ve only just started using it to calculate customs duties and it’s been incredibly helpful 🙂

Happy shopping!

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