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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If there is one thing I wish we had in the UK, it’s Nordstrom. Thankfully, they ship to the UK albeit I’m always super cheap and opt for the least expensive shipping method meaning it does take a while to arrive. Nevertheless, I’m still an avid fan as their items are always super cute, at great prices and their returns are so simple, even from overseas. So, I have been eagerly stalking my picks for the anniversary sale! Sadly, I can’t have a Nordstrom card as I don’t live in the US so I have been (not so) patiently waiting for the sale to be public access and finally, the day is here!! I just placed my order and am so excited to receive it! Here’s a list of what I just ordered:

1. Lush Blouse
2. AG Jeans
3. BP Long Sleeve Tunic
4. Floral Criss-Cross Blouse
5. BP Plaid Scarf
6. Black Round Hat
7. Tory Burch Hobo Bag
8. Rag & Bone Booties

**EDIT** It looks like the BP scarf I ordered just sold out in my colour, but they still have the blue available.

I have a bit of everything here as there weren’t any particular gaps in my winter wardrobe so I’m looking for more of a general refresh. I’m usually a J Brand jeans devotee but I’ve heard so many good things about these AG Jeans, I decided to give them a try. Then I bought a scarf and a gorgeous blue tunic top from BP – a brand which is so affordable and always delivers for me. I also added a black round hat as an experiment (this could go very wrong of course!) and two lovely tops; one from Lush and a gorgeous criss-cross floral top.

My two big purchases here were a Tory Burch hobo bag and a pair of Rag & Bone booties. Hobo bags were my favourite style for years so I am so pleased they are making a come back! I was dithering about whether to get the tan or burgundy colour and ended up going for the burgundy. I recently bought my Perry tote in a very similar colour so I am concerned there is going to be overlap but I couldn’t see myself wearing the tan, particularly as I have a camel coloured coat that I wear a ton in Winter and I don’t think the combo would work. Hopefully the styles are different enough to justify keeping both.

The boots are a bit of a gamble because sizing is always such an issue for me when buying American shoes but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they work! I have a few other pairs of booties but haven’t found a ‘perfect’ pair yet so I’m hoping these might be the one!

1. Bobeau Ruffle Tunic Top
2. Bobeau Cold Shoulder Top

I also added two tops from Bobeau that weren’t in the sale but were too cute to pass up! Love the details on both of these.

Other Items

I also wanted to share some of the items which I either already own and love or which I had to cull from my cart (because my original total amount was yikes!). I own the Zella Live In leggings and they are truly fantastic. I think they’re meant to be sports leggings but I wear them as regular leggings and they are ideal for winter – very warm and completely opaque. Halogen re-released my favourite cashmere crew neck with a zip detail on the back which I love. I own three of these sweaters and I absolutely love them for the fit, feel and price.

1. Steve Madden Boots
2. Halogen Cashmere Sweater
3. Tory Burch Cross-Body Bag
4. Zella Live In Leggings
5. Lush Criss-Cross Blouse

As for the items I didn’t order, the small cross-body Tory Burch is lovely but I know the hobo will get more use and I just about managed to talk myself out of the Steve Madden boots. I’m sure I won’t get many opportunities to wear them but they are seriously pretty, not to mention a great alternative to the Stuart Weitzman version. As for the Lush blouse, I was so close to ordering this but concerns about the length won out (I’m 5 foot 7″). For more petite ladies, I think this would be lovely though.

Phew! And that’s me all shopped out (probably for the rest of 2016 ha!). I splurged even more and ponied up for the express shipping so if I receive the items in enough time, then I’ll do a video on what everything turned out like πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. 7.22.16
    Keely said:

    In my own personal opinion, this sale wasn't as good as in years past, but it's still my favorite time of year. I got a couple of cute things though. Fall dressing is my favorite and I spend most of the summer stocking up on fall clothes and wishing for cooler weather. The anniversary sale is like my Christmas. Nordstroms gets me. πŸ˜‰

  2. 7.22.16
    Jennifer said:

    Hi Amie,

    I've become an avid follower since I found your Chanel review videos and career videos. Thanks for putting together your recommendations. Certainly makes me want to check out the sale :).

  3. 7.26.16
    Shelly said:

    Hi Amie,
    This might sound incredibly dumb…but I live in the US (Hawaii) and I had no idea people in the UK are interested in Nordstrom! I love Nordstrom and I hope that you guys get one at some point! Love your YouTube videos by the way! I just started a blog recently..honestly, YouTube kinda scares me. But you're doing a great job!!

  4. 7.26.16
    Meg Ryan said:

    very nice items, i like leggins will want to buy such too, and that bag is cute- I would buy it in burgundy too I think. And what gives you nordstrom card if you were american citizen?