Luxury Makeup Haul: Chanel, Charlotte Tilbury and NARS!

I haven’t splurged on makeup for what feels like ages. I’m often guilty of playing it safe when it comes to makeup; if I find a combo or product I like, it’s often an impossible mission to tear me away. Getting your money’s worth out of products is no bad thing of course but this does mean that I have a tendency to get stuck in makeup ruts.

In an effort to get me out of said rut, I did a little makeup shopping… which then turned into rather a lot of makeup shopping. I picked up several items from Chanel that I’ve heard people rave about. I’ve said before that I’ve found Chanel makeup to be pretty hit or miss in the past but I’m pretty excited at the prospect of changing all of that with these latest goodies 🙂

I’ve also been itching to explore Charlotte Tilbury’s line since it came out but being on the higher side of the price spectrum, I put it off. I finally decided to take the plunge though and picked up her famous contour kit, her lipstick in Bitch Perfect, lip liner in Pillow Talk and eyeshadow quad in UpTown Girl. Initial swatches have been pleasing and I’m super excited to finally be trying out this much hyped about line.

A list of all the items below:

I can’t wait to get stuck into this little lot and no doubt I’ll be sharing any new found loves in a future favourites video 🙂

Thank you for reading/ watching!

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