Chantecaille Rose de Mai Cream Review

‘£175 for a face cream seems reasonable’… said no one ever.
I used to be one of those girls who could replenish their entire skincare
regimes for under £50 in Boots. And when I say, ‘used to be’, I mean like, two months

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried ‘expensive’ skincare –
everything from Eve Lom to Philosophy to Lancome. None of it has impressed me
(one cream from Philosophy smelled so bad, it was promptly thrown in the bin after just a single
use) and so I have long ceased judging skincare by its price tag.  After many expensive –and largely useless –
pots, I have come to the conclusion that price is no indicator of

Of course, this all changed when I introduced my face to
SKII skincare. For the first time, I could actually see skincare working. Suddenly my skin is clearer,
more manageable and just better. But
this post isn’t about SKII, it’s about Chantecaille Rose de Mai. What SKII has done, is open my eyes to the
possibility of obscenely expensive skincare – that might just be worth it.

I waited for a very long time to buy this – available from
Space NK, I thought I might as well wait to get one of their special beauty
boxes which periodically come up as a free gift with purchases over £150.
Usually, I have to fill my cart with items to qualify but no such effort is
necessary with this cream, such is its expense!

At this price point, I was expecting magical things and I’ve got to say, it’s coming very close to living up to these lofty expectations. First up, the packaging – in a word: stunning. Beautiful frosted glass with a nice weighty feel (this isn’t one for your travel bag) with a metallic rose gold pink strip running around the middle. The lid screws off and upon first opening, reveals a sealed foil lid for freshness.

There seems to be product aplenty, although it’s difficult to judge without having made it to the bottom yet. The cream itself is translucent and white and the thing that struck me most upon application was just how lightweight it is. This really surprised me – for some reason, I’ve always associated expensive creams with thick creaminess but this one couldn’t be more different from that.

Because of how lightweight it is, it’s truly a pleasure to apply – covering easily and absorbing quickly. Whilst usually, moisturizing my neck is one of my least favourite beauty chores, it’s become a breeze with this cream – yup, that’s how nice this is to apply. It’s also because of its texture that a little goes a long way – which does bring me slight comfort after the inevitable sticker shock. 

Despite the fact that it is incredibly lightweight, it is also very moisturising – not an easy feat for a cream that absorbs as quickly as this and I love the fact that it’s not at all greasy. I use this at night although it could easily be a day cream as well and when I wake up, my skin definitely looks perkier. In combination with my SKII regime, my skin is looking better and better each day.

If I had one concern, it’s that it may not be heavy duty enough for when my skin gets super dry in winter. That said, only time will tell on that front and it may well out perform my expectations. If you can pop into a Space NK or other stockists to try it out, I would highly recommend you do so – be prepared to fall in love though!

Apologies for the ramble but I feel that products at this price need a lengthy assessment. Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. 6.10.15
    Saar S said:

    Hey Amy,
    Interesting post, I've never heard of this brand and I'm always looking for some good (effective!) products! May I ask what skintype you have?
    I totally understand your wait untill a beautybox or discount show up! If your spending this kind of money on beautyproducts you might as well get an extra benefit 😉 I do the same thing!

    x Saar

    • 6.10.15

      Thank you! My skin is combination – so normal to dry on most of my face but with a t-zone that has a tendency to get a bit oily throughout the day. Extra value/ discounts are 100% necessary – every little counts 😉

  2. 6.11.15
    Saar S said:

    We have the same skintype it appears. Good to know for some future reviews! 🙂
    And yes we definetly need extra value or discounts :-p