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If you follow me on Instagram or are an avid reader of this blog, then you’re probably aware that my boyfriend and I recently completed on our first flat together! We are so excited to have a place to ourselves that we can call home and whilst the moving has been fairly stressful, I am glad that the majority is now done. We ended up taking the place furnished as the previous owner didn’t want the hassle of moving out all of the furniture. While what is currently there isn’t to my taste, it has meant that we haven’t had to rush to buy every piece of furniture at once. This has been a life saver in terms of budgeting but is also great because it means we can take our time picking out pieces that we really love without having to settle for any old thing just because we desperately need a table to eat on or chairs to sit on!

The slight negative side is that when it comes to furniture pieces that we have bought, it means we have two of everything… and when you’re housing four sofas instead of two and ten dining chairs instead of four, suddenly what seemed to be a fairly large space, looks very, very small!

There is definitely a long way to go in terms of getting everything sorted and we are buying in terms of priority which means a lot of the smaller knick knacks (i.e. the fun items to buy!) are being left for now. That hasn’t stopped me from pinteresting up a storm though and compiling many a wishlist for all the items I would like to add to the flat as soon as I can.

So, whilst I don’t usually share home decor items, I thought I would list all the items I’m currently lusting after!

1. Smeg Kettle and Toaster

I’m a sucker for a pastel coloured kitchen appliance so these pieces had me at ‘hello’! In an ideal world, I’d have them in pink but honestly, I’m pretty sure Dan would break up with me if I made him boil water in a pink coloured kettle so I think a nice pastel green or blue is a fairer compromise!

2. Lacquered
 Tray – West Elm

I have no idea where this would go – I just know that I love it! The orange is very Hermès and the blue is very lovely and sophisticated too. Definitely a wait and see purchase but I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a spot for it!

3. Floor length mirror – The French Bedroom Company

I’ve always loved the look of floor mirrors and I’m hoping that we finally have the space for one. I’m going to have to wait until we have all of our furniture pieces settled to see but I’m already eyeing up ones that I like! The ultimate is this beautiful studded version – I love anything with studs and I think this one strikes the perfect balance between modern and traditional.

4. Avalon Blanket – Hermès

This is stupidly priced, I know and more than a little gimmicky. Plus, if you watch my channel, you’ll know I’m not really much of a Hermès girl. That said, there’s just something about this blanket that I love. I spotted on TheWantList’s channel, that Hermès offers a beautiful cream version in their children’s size which is not only a *slightly* more reasonable price (but really, only slightly… £590 versus £900) but is also a prettier colour.

5. Coffee Table books

I can’t help but want all the coffee table books. Dior, Tom Ford, Giambattista Valli, there seem to be just limitless options. Unfortunately, coffee books (or at least the ones I like) seem to all carry exorbitant price tags so if I get any, it will be bit by bit!

Photo credit: https://www.astylealbum.com

6. Spherical Objects – West Elm

These are probably something I’m going to have to sneak into the flat… Dan isn’t really a fan of ‘faffyness’ as he calls it and I suspect that these more than err on the side of faffy. Still, I love them and think they would look fabulous on a console table or book shelf!

7. Glamour Cube – Glamour Living

I’ve used the smaller sized Muji boxes for years but feel like the time is right for an upgrade. I love the size of these with the deeper trays and I think it would look fabulous on top of my new dressing table!

9. Table lamps – John Lewis

I have been itching to get lamps like these for the longest time. I have a feeling these will be a tad too girlie for Dan’s liking but I will still try to convince him otherwise. Wish me luck! 🙂

10. KitchenAid mixer

In a previous life, I used to be an avid baker. Now of course, I barely have enough time to cook let alone bake but should I ever find myself with oodles of free time, I would love to get a KitchenAid mixer. We bought my mum one years ago for her birthday and I can’t help but admire its gorgeous retro look and bright, fun colour.

And that’s it! A very modest (not!) wishlist but a girl can dream, eh? Do you have any recommendations for home decor/ furniture shops? I feel like this is pretty new territory for me so any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

As always, thank you so much for reading! 

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  1. 2.16.16
    Tracy said:

    It's a truth universally accepted that a woman in possession of a good bag collection upon entering a new phase in her life must be in want of home decor 😉

    • 2.17.16

      haha this made me laugh so much! Love a good Jane Austen reference 🙂

  2. 2.17.16

    Thank you Angela! Planning on filming a Q&A this weekend so will try and incorporate some of your questions into it!

  3. 3.8.16
    Sophia said:

    All the things listed about- I want to have them all! That pastel KitchenAid O.O is heavenly beautiful , and those lamps- girly but SO beautiful! I love seeing your journey on moving into the new apt and getting home decor. THat way I collect many beautiful ideas for my new home next year =)

    • 3.9.16

      aw thank you! It's definitely exciting – congrats on your move next year!