Wedding ‘Little Touches’

If you’ve been following me over on Pinterest, you’ll know that I have a few different wedding related boards including one called ‘Wedding Little Touches‘. I mentioned in my last wedding post that I’m a huge believer in making your wedding as personal and unique as possible. This can be done in a dozen different ways of course but one of my favourites is to look as the ‘little touches’ that others have included in their weddings. This doesn’t necessarily have to do with being centred on the couple and often, it’s about making the day memorable for others.

We haven’t decided what ‘little touches’ we’re going to be incorporating into our wedding yet but I have a running list of all my favourite ideas ready for when we do have a bit more time to decide. In the meantime, I thought I would include here a few of my favourites – saved from Pinterest or other corners of the internet!

You can probably see that there is a running theme of food here as I think it’s such a fun way to get creative! We first had watermelon lollies when we visited Bali last year and it was such an amazingly simple but wonderful idea! Other favourites are the cookies and milk snack which we might steal as our light night snack idea πŸ™‚

Other ideas include cute seed packets as favours, personalised bread roll holders and accounting for weather by including umbrellas or on the other side – turning your programs into fans if the forecast is warm. And my absolute favourites? A ‘Choose a seat, not a side’ sign (a sentiment we very much agree with!) and welcome baskets which I’m seriously considering doing – particularly if your guests are travelling (which all of ours will be), I think it’s the loveliest way to welcome people to your weekend or day.

Are you planning on incorporating any ‘little touches’ into your day? Or if you’re already married, did you do anything out of the ordinary? Please share if so – I am always keen for more inspiration! πŸ™‚

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  1. 9.6.17
    Alex said:

    Great selection ! I like the idea of giving little seeds that guesses can plant and then have a flower !

  2. 9.7.17
    Sarah said:

    The most amusing “little touch” was at one of my brother’s weddings: They married in a garden, so we handed out programs, fans and . . . bug repellent wipes, the latter of which was most appreciated by all!

  3. 9.8.17

    Cute ideas! We had the choose a seat not a side sign, a welcome basket with local wine, brochures, water, directions, and the schedule of activities, our favors were little chocolate boxes with candies inside (made by my mother-in law) and since it was in a winery destination we also had the guests sign wine corks instead of a traditional guestbook (we also used empty wine bottles as vases and decor). I think those little touches can be really nice to make your wedding unique.

  4. 9.9.17
    K said:

    Love these! We’re thinking of the same things for ours – seed packets since our venue is a ranch, white paper parasols for the ceremony, non-toxic bug sprays for guests (mosquitoes shouldn’t be a big issue at that time, but you never know). And of course, a basket of blankets / shawls in case it gets chilly at night (ours is an all-outdoors venue). Can’t wait to see what you choose for yours!