How To Pick Your Wedding Colour Palette

I’m a bit hesitant to do any ‘How To’ posts on here about weddings as obviously I’m very much learning as I go along too! That said, I have been devouring books and blogs on a whole bunch of wedding-related topics and thought I would share some of the tips I’ve learnt along the way when it comes to picking your wedding colours.

Wedding advice books are incredibly helpful in many ways – and incredibly unhelpful in others. I’ll likely do a review of all the different books I’ve been reading at some point but two of my go to reads in this initial stage have been Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot Outdoor Weddings, which both have pretty contradicting advice when it comes to wedding palettes. The Martha Team say that the key to having a ‘Martha Wedding’ (thank God Dan doesn’t read my blog – he would make me explain in detail what a Martha Wedding is and I’m not even sure I have a proper – or sane – explanation!) is to pick your colour palette early and absolutely stick to it in order for everything to look as cohesive as possible. The Knot however advise that it’s an absolute error to pick wedding colours too quickly as you need to have everything else set in place first and build around that.

I’ve kind of taken both on board but do have a colour reference guide that I’m working with which has helped hugely. So, here are some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way!

  • Do look at real weddings to see what applies. However, try not to go too crazy – I’ve definitely had Pinterest overload some nights and it is NOT fun!
  • Look at what colours you and your fiancé currently like (both Martha and the Knot agree on this one!). I’m a firm believer that weddings should be personal to the couple and not just cookie-cutter with a different monogram added on.
  • Look at different shades. Dan likes bright blue which isn’t so easy to work into a soft colour scheme. I found a bridesmaids dress that I (and my bridesmaids!) loved in an amazing dusky blue colour which works perfectly and which he’s on board with too!
  • Find inspiration in unexpected places. The task of trying to magically come up with a colour scheme was incredibly daunting (the only other time I’d had to do it was for our living room and we ended up going for cream and blue because we couldn’t decide on anything else!) so I started small – in this case, a bridesmaid’s dress – and went from there.
  • Use photoshop or a colour picker. The beauty of a colour picker is that it will literally include every shade you can possibly think of. I developed our colour scheme by taking screenshots of images that I liked, colour sampling and working from there. I’ve tended to lighten the colours to adjust for shadows and tone but it’s worked well and has been so helpful for narrowing down shades.

And that’s it for my tips! For any of you planning a wedding – or if you’ve already had your wedding – please share what colours you went for, I would love to hear!

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  1. 6.22.17

    These colors are gorgeous together!! I love that you found your color inspiration from the bridesmaids’ dresses and have been loving your Wedding Wednesday posts πŸ™‚

  2. 6.22.17
    Alex said:

    The colors are lovely ! Good luck with the planing !

  3. 6.22.17

    That blue is beautiful and will go well with so many things- especially blush, which we all know you love! My absolute favorite color is fuchsia and my dress was an ivory color. Our wedding was formal so the tuxes were black and we used fuchsia for the bridesmaids dresses and my flowers (the girls had ivory flowers) and as a pop of color (sparingly, of course, as it can go a long way!)- so our colors were black, ivory and fuchsia and it was fairly easy to decorate around those!

  4. 6.25.17
    Bo said:

    I’ve found your Youtube channel a month ago and I subscribed after the first video I watched! The advises you give are very well-thought and useful, but also, I find your voice soothing πŸ˜€
    I am now following your wedding story and posts with anticipation and I wanted to ask what is the font used for the “Dan and Amie Wedding Colours” title? Thank you in advance!

    P.S. The pastel colours are very romantic and well-suited.

  5. 6.30.17
    Lily said:

    Loving your posts and video(s) on wedding planning! I recently became engaged too and its been so helpful to read up on your ideas! πŸ™‚

  6. 11.15.17
    Tracy said:

    I would define a Martha wedding as very cohesively themed, meticulously planned and tasteful in an inoffensive to grandparents parents and little children way with some perfectly executed crafty design elements. Very aesthetically pleasing.