Wedding Dress Shopping Chronicles – Part 2!

Welcome to another edition of Wedding Dress Shopping Chronicles! I’ve calmed down on the dress shopping front recently as I think I have my final two that I’m deciding between however there was a 6 week period that I was a woman possessed – there were a lot of appointments andΒ a lot of photos! I’m thinking there will be another two parts to this series on here – another one like this as well as all the dresses (and there are about four now!) that I very nearly bought. I’m probably going to save that one for after I actually do buy my dress thoughΒ just in case I have a change of heart about any of them!

For this dress shopping chronicles post, I’m including more high end designers – Mira Zwillinger (whose designs I love!), Vera Wang and Oscar De La Renta.

First up are two absolutely gorgeous gowns from Mira Zwillinger. I had never heard of Mira Zwillinger before accidentally stumbling upon their trunk show in LA but their gowns are insanely beautiful. Very ethereal, romantic and modern. Above is the Gigi gown which is just the prettiest thing I’ve ever tried on. I love the back so much – what a train!

I then tried on the Viola dress which was Dan’s mum’s favourite. It has a hint of pink to the skirt which I unexpectedly liked (as much as I like pink in daily life, I wasn’t thinking pink for my wedding dress!) and paired with the Beatrice veil; it was a garden party in a dress. SO stunning! The only thing that was a deal breaker for me was the circle skirt as I had my heart set on a train.

Next up is this beauty from Vera Wang. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of this dress but I thought the skirt on it was next level gorgeous. Add the veil and I was swooning. Sadly this was way out of budget (over Β£15,000 if I remember correctly!) and whilst beautiful, I didn’t think it was remortgage-my-flat beautiful!

This is the Katherine gown and was one of the original dresses that I had on my list to try on. As was the case with many dresses I had on my list to try, I was surprised by the volume and how comfortable I felt with huge over-the-top skirts (not very comfortable at all it turns out!). This was lovely but not for me in the end.

And now for my favourite of the bunch, the Oscar De La Renta Harper – I absolutely loved this dress and it was between this and one other Oscar De La Renta gown, which I very almost bought (which I might share in a future post!). If this gown was a bit lighter, it probably would have been a winner for me but the fabric was just a bit much for a garden wedding.

I loved the train and the back though – so spectacular (as were all of the Oscar De La Renta gowns though – I think probably my favourite appointment to date for the sheer amazingness of every single dress).

Seriously though, all of the above designers had out-of-this-world amazing dresses. Something I learnt very quickly is that finding beautiful dresses when wedding dress shopping really isn’t a problem – there are so many to choose from! That said, after my initial stage of thinking that every one I tried on was ‘the one’, I learnt to really narrow down what I wanted and – yes, to be picky. I read somewhere that if you even don’t like one thing about the dress, you shouldn’t go for it because there are that many to choose from. And, let’s face it – it’s a hell of a lot of money to spend on one dress so you need to be really really sure!

Hopefully you like these posts as there will be likely two more coming as I mentioned, along with at least one video – although I’m thinking about splitting this into a proper vlog and then a separate video on dress shopping tips that I’ve picked up along the way πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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  1. 7.19.17

    I was just thinking…hmm it’s Wedding Wednesday, I wonder if Amie posted- and sure enough, you did! I love these dresses on you and I agree that the last one if my favorite. It must be comfortable though, so I am glad you can rule some out based on that. Did you decide on a garden wedding? If so, that is very exciting!

  2. 7.19.17
    Jodie said:

    You look so beautiful in all of the dresses. I recently bought my wedding dress, its such a strange feeling saying yes to a dress when there really is so much choice! Absolutely love all of your wedding related content and seeing everything come together πŸ™‚

  3. 7.19.17
    Rosalin said:

    I have to say, this blog post is just bring me to a land of fairy tale. I’ve never had these experiences before then I read and saw all your pictures, I feel like I sat there pretended to be your bridesmaid.
    Anyway, you all look so stunning in every single dress but my favorite are Viola’s dress ( Dan’s mom choice)- the touch of pink just make it so much differences. and of course the Vera Wang’s dress. you look like a beautiful stunning bride that everyone will remember.
    As always Amie your style is superbly classic, chic, and elegant. Thanks for always sharing!


  4. 7.19.17

    The Vera Wang one is seriously so stunning!!

  5. 7.19.17
    Janell said:

    Getting married next October, I think the Mira Zwillinger with the circle skirt and blush undertone just made my “must try” list! Gorgeous!

  6. 7.20.17
    Deasy said:

    Sigh, this takes me back to when I went dress shopping. I only tried a couple of places though, haha. It was too tiring of a process for me. But I certainly did like playing dress up! I absolutely love the train from your first dress!!

  7. 7.20.17
    sydnee said:

    You’re right, love love love the Vera Wang, the train is STUNNING!

  8. 7.20.17
    Tina M said:

    Hi Amie: I really enjoy your blogging about your wedding planning. It’s both informative and funny. The gowns you tried on are beautiful but I’ve always envisioned you in an ethereal off the shoulder gown with some sort of lace. You look lovely in all your cold-shoulder tops. Your hair would be waved and styled to one side with a vintage rhinestone hair brooch. Just my two sense from someone who’s been following wedding dress collections for the last 15 years. I’m sure you would look lovely in anything you pick. Can’t wait for the reveal.

  9. 7.20.17
    Ou said:

    Love your style and the way your write your blogs! Check out my website for my custom design wedding dresses.


  10. 7.21.17
    Tracy said:

    I agree, the OLDR was the best. Great shape, showed off your waist and the fabric looked good in pictures

  11. 7.21.17
    Pandu said:

    You look great in every dress, it will be hard for you to choose, but the Vera Wang is my fav on you.

  12. 7.21.17
    Janice Jenkins said:

    Amie, you look
    Absolutely stunning in all of them, you will look amazing in whatever you choose really! Have lots of fun trying them all on, my only regret is having found my wedding dress at the 3rd dress and I was done. The Vera wang and the zwillinger are my favourites of the bunch on you xxxx

  13. 7.21.17
    Mona Sampson said:

    The de la Renta is my favorite. The way the top line of the dress mimics your elegant shoulder line is perfect. Makes the focal point your shoulders and face, rather than the the bodice of the gown. Normally I think of your style as cheerful and cute, and I like sweetheart necklines and cute flowers, but the de la Renta and Vera Wang make you look stunningly beautiful. After seeing the French venues you need to wear something beautiful. If you hold up pictures of the dresses against your video background it will be more obvious what belongs in those French surroundings. Maybe watch the Audrey Hepburn movie Funny face to see how beautiful gowns fit in the French landscape. Edith Head was the costume designer, Givenchy did some of the gowns. I think Dan’s favorite dress could fit right into that movie. Hope this helps.

  14. 7.21.17
    Ziyin Zhang said:

    I’ve ever heard of Mira Zwillinger, but you are totally right, the gowns you showed are absolutely beautify. The first one looks like stars in the night sky. The Vera Wang gown made you a flower goddess, so pretty. The detailed lace on the dress are breathtaking. You made me wanna get marry now:) Looking forward to the rest of your #bridetobe series~

  15. 7.25.17
    Andrea said:

    I’m so excited to see what your final choice is, all the ones you’ve shared so far are just stunning! Thank you for taking us along with you. πŸ™‚

    xx Andrea

  16. 7.25.17
    Dodo said:

    You’re so pretty. Please visit my etsy shop for bridesmaid jewelry πŸ™‚

  17. 8.6.17
    Nienke said:

    You look absolutely stunning in all of the dresses! My fave on you is the first Mira Zwillinger. It reminded me of a Rime Arodaky dress. I took my inspiration from her dresses (my mom made my dress, will be wearing it in a bit over two weeks!), I’m obsessed with her designs.

  18. 9.3.17
    Ena jurisic said:

    You look stunning! I am planning a wedding of my own (next August) and have also started my search for THE DRESS. I am Croatian, but moved to Germany, and I was shocked that there is no option of dress renting – and they are quite expensive here. So I am going back to Croatia to search for a dress (one part of the wedding and celebration will be there anyway), it is way affordable and you can also rent it and they give you all the accessories with it, too. You can also buy of course. There are cheap flights from England to Croatia’s capitol, Zagreb, maybe you could take a day-two trip to Zagreb and search for the dress there? The selection is big, and there are a lot of famous designers dresses, but with a lower price tag. Just a suggestion πŸ˜‰ I am going back in 2 weeks and cannot wait! P.s. You can google the designer matija vuica, she is croatian, but makes stunning dresses. Hope you will find the one :*

  19. 3.14.18
    Lisa said:

    Hi, does anyone know what style that unarmed Vera is?

  20. 8.14.19

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, loved the dresses