The Battle of the BBs

The Louis Vuitton Alma BB is a bag I’ve been considering for years. It started with the ‘Small is Beautiful’ video that Louis Vuitton released (if you haven’t seen it yet, you must check it out!) which ignited my love for all things petite and pink from LV. I then saw it in real life during a trip to Vegas. A girl in Caesar’s Palace was wearing one and I was in LVOE. It was chic, girlie and totally fun. Since then I’ve dabbled with getting one, almost pulling the trigger several times on a Vernis Rose Indien version.

Something always held me back though – I’ve seen many a YouTuber purchase and own this bag but for whatever reason, it never seems to feature much – I never see it on those respective YouTuber’s instagrams or blogs. Which of course, got me thinking about the practicality of such a purchase for myself. A mini, bright pink, patent leather bag is pretty attention grabbing after all and truth be told, I would have minimal occasions to wear such a bag.

Lately though, I’ve been considering other options for this particular model – being firstly drawn in by that gorgeous Rose Ballerine shade and then considering other colours within the Epi family. I’ve never tried anything in the Epi leather before but I love the subtlety of the design – especially on a style as iconic as the Alma. The Rose Nacre is now the shade that is currently grabbing my attention – a beautiful pearly pink that looks like the perfect compromise between vernis and epi. I have yet to see the shade in real life but I hope to do so over the weekend – I have high hopes!

On the other end of the spectrum is the Damier Ebene version – totally different in my opinion, even if it is the same model. I never even considered this option until I saw it on Rihanna (who of course, looked amazing with it!) and then subsequently on a couple of YouTubers with some gorgeous LV bag charms. The DE version I suspect is the more practical of the two – I couldn’t really imagine wearing the Rose Nacre in winter whereas I could absolutely see myself using the DE in summer.

The price points aren’t that dissimilar at £900 for the epi and £675 for the DE – once you take into account the cost of a bag charm to dress the DE up a bit, there’s only £40 in it. I’m leaning towards finally taking the plunge with this bag but I’m totally lost as to which I should go for. Yes, I would probably get more wear out of the DE but the Rose Nacre is gorgeous and being a limited colour, I’m concerned that I’ll fall in love with the style and kick myself for missing out on this shade.

What do you think of the Alma BB? Are you a fan of the style?

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  1. 10.19.15

    I have the Alma PM in Epi prune electric and I just love it. For me the PM is the perfect size. Nowadays you can buy a separate shoulder strap if you would like that. In my opinion you can wear pink any season 😉 So go for the rose nacré if you really like this style, it's way more girly. Did you buy one already? 🙂 Xo S.

  2. 10.22.15

    I love the Alma in Rose Ballerine, and think it will be my next purchase.

    • 10.24.15

      I love the rose ballerine colour! Sadly they didn't have it in stock when I went to try them on!