Starting 2017 With Your Best Self

I’m a self-described Christmas nut, but I still always look forward to January because of all the excitement a new start can bring. Even though I’m very happy with so many aspects of my life, I recognise there is always room for improvement and that January can bring a revitalised energy to challenges both new and old. Whilst I have some specific goals for the year, I generally just want to be healthier and happier (as I suspect most people do!). Of course, I’m writing this from bed as I have lost my voice and my sense of smell from a deeply unpleasant cold so my running start into January isn’t quite as momentous as I was hoping! Nevertheless, I laid out this plan before I got ill and I’ll be implementing it as soon as I’m feeling a bit better so I thought I would share here exactly what I’m going to be doing to try and start my year off right!

1. Alo Yoga Pants // 2. Adidas Training Shoes // 3. Floral Sports Bra // 4. Nike Rose Gold Training Top // 

5. Adidas by Stella McCartney Leggings // 6. Tara Stiles Cookbook //

7. BKR Water Bottle // 8. Sweaty Betty Rose Gold BackPack // 9. Happiness Journal


I know this is the time of year that most people throw themselves into gym classes or running or whatever exercise is currently ‘in’ at the moment but I’m taking a slightly more relaxed approach this year and am planning on doing Cat Meffan’s 30 day yoga challenge which is she has adorably named #YOGANUARY. Obviously I’m already a bit behind but I hope to catch up as soon as I’m ready and able. 

Beyond that, I’ve downloaded two of Tara Stiles’ programs (the morning routine and evening routine) programs as well which I’m excited to give a try. She also has hundreds of free videos that you can try out as well if you’re just dipping your toes in the water!


Even though we home cook 95% of the time, both Dan and I agreed to make more of an effort to cook better quality food. We’re both so busy and this can often be what slips first but we want to make an effort to buy and cook cleaner. I bought the Tara Stiles cookbook (you may note, I’m a fan!) and am so excited to try out some of the recipes. 

If you’re new to Tara Stiles, I’d highly recommend her not just for yoga but for clean living and ‘get happy’ advice as well! I’ve been a subscriber of her newsletter for years and it’s always so full of solid advice for living a more calm and happy life. She’s also kicking off the new year by doing a ’30 Days of Awesome’ program where she sends out an email every day for 30 days and it’s full of inspiring messages, healthy recipes, yoga practices and generally great tips. I’ve already received 3 and have been loving them! It’s totally free and you can subscribe here if you’re interested in receiving them too!


Of course, there’s a lot of crossover here but I’m also taking a few specific steps to increasing my happiness levels (after all, who doesn’t want to be more happy?!). I found a 100-day journal which is designed to help you maximise your happiness and generally be a better, happier you. A Happiness Guide is exactly the sort of thing that Dan loves to mock me for but I love things like this and am eagerly awaiting mine in the mail! It’s undated and you can start at any time so I’ll let you guys know how I get on!

Finally, I’m planning on incorporating meditation more consistently in my daily routine. I used to think it was way too hippie dippie for me until I tried it and realised what a difference it made on my mood and stress levels. Despite this, I’m always inconsistent so I’m really going to try and spare a few minutes each day to practice mindfulness. My favourite app is Headspace but this free guided morning meditation on YouTube is a great place to start too.

Let me know what positive steps you’re taking this January to start your year off right – I’m always keen for some more inspiration! πŸ™‚

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  1. 1.4.17

    Love this! I think you chose great ideas to help you get motivated in so many aspects of your life! Plus, now that you've blogged about it, you probably feel a bit more pressure to follow through- I know I do! I've got a Christmas/New year cold, too- it definitely puts a damper on things, but you'll be back into the swing of things in no time! As always, thanks for your excellent content!

  2. 1.4.17
    Rosalyn said:

    It's really a commitment to get motivate in both Fitness and Health. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  3. 1.4.17

    Have you heard of the brand Meli Melo? I am thinking about getting the thela medium bag. It has a similar feel to the Celine belt bag but at half the price. Any thoughts would be great! I feel like I need some sort of affirmation from someone before I make a big purchase. Not sure if that is weird.

  4. 1.5.17

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  5. 1.5.17

    BKR waterbottles are the best!

  6. 1.5.17
    Jennifer said:

    Amazing list! I'm definitely going to put more effort on my fitness routine this year too. πŸ™‚

  7. 1.6.17
    Tracy said:

    Headspace is great! One of the gems I received from GOOP πŸ˜›

  8. 1.6.17

    Hello I was watching your amazing YouTube channel and I saw you were looking for the Prada saffiano double bag in cameo/pink. I don't know if you've already purchased it, but I found it on the poshmark app. The sellers closet is @jasli. I'm in the us and don't know if you can get that app in the U.K. But I thought it was worth a go! Have a great day πŸ™‚

  9. 1.7.17
    Nhung said:

    I wonder how long going to the gym for me will last this year! Hopefully more than what I did in 2016! hehe.