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It seems that I always have a wishlist on the go and no matter how many items I check off, the number of items never seems to go down… funny how that happens huh?! I have however, gotten a lot better at sticking to my wishlist, i.e. if it’s not on my wishlist, I’m not buying it. Very helpful when Chanel seasonal colours come around…

To make it onto my wishlist, generally, I have to have wanted the bag for a while and be really sure I want it. Bags don’t usually come off my wishlist unless I have bought the item – hopefully an indication that I’m fairly consistent with what I want after initially considering – and adding – an item. So for now, here is my current wishlist:

Chanel Jumbo in Taupe

If you’ve watched my Chanel Collection video, then you’ll know how much I love the jumbo size. THE perfect flap size in my opinion, it’s ideal for day, dinner and everything in between! I’ve been wanting a lighter coloured jumbo for a while – I’ve previously passed on a Beige Clair version after I acquired the M/L in this colour and after seeing the beautiful shades of taupe Chanel have released in previous seasons, I think this would make a great option in this particular size.

Chanel Boy in Black or Pink

Ahhh the Boy. I’ve had a bunch of questions regarding this bag and why I don’t own one and the truth of the matter is that for the longest time, I simply didn’t like them very much. I like Chanel because I think the design is timeless and never goes out of style which I’m not sure can be said of the Boy. That being said, I have definitely been won around and now love the look for the edge that it brings to an otherwise pretty traditional Chanel aesthetic. I absolutely love the look of both the pink and the black versions of this bag and can’t for the life of me decide which I’d want more. I think I have to limit myself to only getting one Boy so I guess it depends on which rolls around first!

Chanel Mini in a Bright Colour

I am well and truly a mini convert and whilst I know that I could be perfectly content with ‘only’ owning the black mini (because it does literally go with everything!), I would love a mini in a brighter colour. It really is the perfect mini bag and the sheer amount I used it this summer is most certainly a testament to that!

Louis Vuitton MM Neverfull in DE

I’m such a Neverfull fan and have worn my Monogram GM to death. I love everything about it and have contemplated getting another for quite some time. I don’t generally like to double up on bags too much but this might have to be my one exception. This has been on my wishlist for a while and my current feeling is that I just need a good excuse to actually pull the trigger (Paris, anyone?)!

Louis Vuitton Speedy B Empriente in Aurore

This is another bag that I’ve been stalking for a while. I go back and forth on this bag constantly and is probably the one bag that does go on and off my wishlist a lot. This is probably a bit sacrilege to say, but I’ve never been a fan of the speedy; I find the shape a bit awkward and I’m not generally a fan of exclusively handheld bags. The Bandouliere version comes with a strap of course but I still can’t seem to get on board with the monogram version. The empriente version is beautiful however and I love the look and feel of the leather. My only concern is that I simply wouldn’t use it very much and for a bag that costs upwards of £1600, I feel like I should be using it all of the time. Still, I’m not ruling it out as I do simply adore the look of it.

Balenciaga Town Bag in Black

I’ve had a rollercoaster relationship with Balenciaga and has done a full 180 from absolutely hating the brand to loving it more by the month. I already own the pink City bag and after seeing Lauren Conrad still getting use out of her black Town bag several years on, I can’t help but lust after one. It’s a great neutral bag and is a little more ladylike than similar models. The only thing holding me back is the price – over £1000 for a bag that isn’t particularly current is a lot and unfortunately, good finds on the pre-loved market are few and far between!

Hermès Birkin 

Oh Hermès, how you tease me. This is one I’m not 100% sure about. I feel like this is a bag that I *should* love but I don’t know whether my heart is in it. Yes, I do like the design and probably, if I’m being honest, the status of owning a Birkin. But there are a few things that I’m not sure whether I can get past. For one, I’ve seen Birkins that have been well loved and they do not wear their age well – for the cost, I’d expect a bag to look incredible even after 10 years and I just don’t think this is the case here. Secondly, the service – I’m not a fan of the Hermès game playing. I just don’t think that’s what luxury service is about – regardless of how much you can spend on (let’s face it – not that amazing) accessories, you should still be valued as a customer and are just as worthy of a Birkin or Kelly as the next person. Lastly, the price – although this is closely tied to my first issue. We’re talking at least £6000, depending on which country you’re buying from and probably a lot more. For this cost, I want the best possible service and a bag that lasts forever and I’m not sure that’s what you’re getting here.

Phew! Bit of a mammoth post and in hindsight I perhaps should have done this as a video but sometimes you just need a good old written ramble 🙂

I would love to hear what you have on your wishlist and as always, thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. 8.13.15

    Lovely wishlist, mine is a bit similar! I would love another Chanel Jumbo in a lighter color & a Chanel mini in a bright color – red maybe?! Next is the "Gucci Jackie Soft top handle" in the medium size and maybe one day (but with those price increases I'd rather say never…) A Birkin or a Kelly! Ill better start saving up again! 🙂 XO S.

    • 8.13.15

      Just looked up the Gucci Jackie Top Handle… it's gorgeous! Love it in the pink – so pretty 🙂 Haha pretty much all my savings goals are for bags – when will it end?!!

  2. 8.16.15
    Lara said:

    Amie, nice wish list. I have owned and sold speedys in the past and now stay clear of the shape – I love the look but I hate how everything flies about due to the shape – and the empreinte speedy loses its shape too quickly.

    as for Hermes: It really depends how you treat the bag and what leather you get – their quality is on another level and I have yet to own a B, but several of their other bag styles. And the Spa services is what sells these to me – I CAN get my bag back to its condition, which can't be said of LV. I had a Clemence Double Sens and no matter what I did to that bag it just stayed as it was. Why not try a 'less' expensive H bag to see how you feel about the brand? Personally I would never play boutique games and wait for the right pre-loved to come around.

    • 8.17.15

      Hi Lara! That's really good to know – I just haven't seen enough worn speedy B emprientes to tell how they fare after a lot of use. I guess that's one that I'm going to have to stay clear of for now!

      I did think about dipping my toe in the water with a different Hermes style but nothing really calls out to me to be honest! I was very close to getting a Garden Party earlier this year but my concern was that it was just a bit too simple for the money I was paying. I have yet to try one on in real life though so I might have to do this! I'm going to Paris in November so it might be one for then… 🙂

    • 8.22.15
      Lara said:

      Just wanted to suggest the GP – it has a similar style to the B. I just got an all black leather one, had canvas ones but that is not for me. Again, you could go preloved – there are some great ones out there. if you like your bags structured, look for fjord or vache country leather :).

    • 8.22.15

      That's a great tip! I don't know nearly enough about Hermes leather so I will note this down – I'm definitely someone who prefers their bags structured so this is great! xx

  3. 8.22.15
    kimiko26 said:

    Hi Amie,
    I really enjoy watching your videos and your accent is adorable. I love your Chanel handbag collection and it was fun to read about your wish list. Have you considered the Balenciaga mini padlock all afternoon bag or the Saint Laurent Sac de jour? What are your thoughts?

    • 8.23.15

      Thank you so much! I'm not that familiar with the mini padlock – I feel like I'm still dipping my toes into Balenciaga waters so I think I would want to stay with the classics for the time being. The style reminds me a little of the Celine luggage nano which I do like though! I think the Saint Laurent is gorgeous but I do try and stay away from their styles, even though I love them. I'm just way too fickle so I'd be concerned that I'd get bored of it quickly and then sell it at a loss!

  4. 12.9.15

    Hi Amie,
    I am new to your channel! I want to know your thought about the chanel mini square and the mini rectangular. Which one you like more? Btw, I love your videos!

  5. 12.9.15

    Hi Amie,
    I am new to your channel! I want to know your thought about the chanel mini square and the mini rectangular. Which one you like more? Btw, I love your videos!

    • 12.11.15

      Hi! Thank you! Well I haven't even used the rectangle mini yet so difficult for me to judge but I'm a big fan of the square mini 🙂