Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Review

This purchase was a big deal for me. I don’t tend to spend serious money on bags unless they are Chanel. Why? I like things that hold their value – not necessarily because I sell my bags all the time (I don’t, at all) but because I like the idea that I could sell my bags at any time. I put an awful lot of my money into my bag collection and it’s comforting to know that I can recoup some of it should I need or want to.

That’s not to say other brands don’t hold their value – I know with Hermรจs bags, you can actually make money pretty instantly but Chanel is always such a safe bet, not to mention the fact that I love the aesthetic. Louis Vuitton holds value as well of course but that’s more true of the classic monogram bags than anything else and the Soft Lockit, being such a new bag and in somewhat uncharted territory for Louis Vuitton, felt like a risk.

So, was it a risk that paid off? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Two majors factors weigh in (negatively) on me saying this: 1. The resale value of this bag isn’t anywhere near what I’d like it to be and 2. I just don’t use it very often.

This isn’t to say I don’t love the bag – I really do. It’s beautifully made, classic, elegant and wonderfully understated.

It has also made me question whether Hermรจs is right for me. Now, I know a Soft Lockit and a Birkin/ Kelly are very different bags but for me, they kind of fulfill the same purpose, i.e. act as a smart, refined bag that can be used for posh work events. Would I like to use the Soft Lockit for more than this? Sure, but I don’t because I have so many other bags which are more suitable.

This has turned into a bit of a ramble but I thought I would share my real concerns and thoughts about the bag. For more of my rambles, my video review is here ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much for reading/ watching!

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  1. 8.1.15
    Anonymous said:

    Hi Amie

    really love your channel and your blog posts (found you through you tPF link) ! I have had (and sold – shape doesnt work for me) the SC and had a recent ebay drama with an SL, and they are both beautiful bags. What annoys me about LV that they don't have a spa service like Hermes does, so I feel like such an expensive bag will just be worn out one day and no way to really get back to how it was. Apart from the truly amazing quality, this is one of the many aspects that appeal to me to about Hermes. I have/ have had bags other than B and K (those in the future hopefully) and have to say the quality is par to none. plus I would happily wear either as every day bags. I ended up buying now a preloved Chanel Executive Tote as a meeting/official work events bag with laptop and a Saint Laurent SDJ in a smaller size without laptop, until I can afford B and/or K (preloved – cannot stand the fuss that is going on in the shops)

    Would love to see more of your videos!
    Best Lara

    • 8.3.15

      Hi Lara, thanks so much for your comment! That's interesting about the LV spa service – I didn't actually realise this. I know you can get the vachetta changed on some bags so I assumed this was done by a spa-like service but this is very good to know!

      I flipflop about Hermes all the time! I dislike the idea of paying a premium for buying pre-loved but at the same time, I hate the game playing! That's not what luxury is about to me. The notion of begging them to allow me to spend ยฃ8k+ on a bag is just crazy! Ah well, the crazy world of luxury bags eh?!

      Thank you so much for reading/ watching my channel – love hearing from other bag lovers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 10.22.15

    I found your blog whilst doing some research on Louis Vuitton bags. I love the look of the Soft Locket, and yours is a fantastic colour.

  3. 6.3.17
    Pirkko said:

    just a thank you for your very sensible and informative reviews. have you considered hermes victoria or bolide, which are less expensive than kellys or birkins (relative to hermes prices of course) bolide is a bit like vuitton alma. what you stated about the begging process is so very true. I could not even get on the so called waiting list and finally went for a preloved one, first time I sent it back as it did not match description and the 2nd time it worked well with a firm called collective square in France. and when it all went well, I did buy a chanel jumbo black caviar in single flap, partly inspired by your recommendation. I needed single flap for more space. I need t carry lot of papers, so I have also considered the LV soft lockit. but I think I need to space my purchases from now on, having acquired hermes and chanel in one year. but I did buy cash after saving for my milestone birthday and 2nd graduation. the very best of congratulations to you and I hope you continue with your very fine style of you tube videos. I just loved it when you had your boyfriend with you to guess bag prices. It would be interesting to see and hear how you approach wedding related purchases