Louis Vuitton ‘Evasion’ Christmas Animation Reveal

I’ve been waiting for the Evasion Christmas Animation line from Louis Vuitton to be released for months. I’m a big fan of the illustration prints on the classic monogram and after missing out on the original Groom collection a few years ago, I was beyond excited to see this line in the works! It was officially released on 11th September and from what I can tell, was a pretty limited release.

London stores don’t generally take pre-orders as far as I’m aware so I popped the date in my diary and made sure I had a clear schedule so that I could run to the boutiques to check out the collection. I ended up going to three stores in total to get both the pieces I wanted. For anyone wanting to check the line out, Harrods seemed to have the best stock on 11th and it seems like all stores will be getting another delivery on 25th September.

From the pictures I had seen, I knew I wanted the mini pochette (my first one!) and I knew I liked the DA print best. The pink and turquoise colour-way combined with the fact that I didn’t own any damier azur made it an obvious choice for me. I wanted to get a second piece as well but I wasn’t sure what to go for. I wish they had come out with a wider range of styles for this line – a coin purse or key holder would have been lovely.

After the mini pochette, I knew my options were limited to either an agenda or a wallet. I already have my monogram GM agenda from my recent Louis Vuitton haul so I knew I didn’t want or need another. I’m also not really one for collecting wallets though. I only recently added a second wallet to my collection after feeling the need for a smaller choice for when my insolite wallet is too big. After assessing all the options (Sarah, Insolite and ZCP), I decided to go for the zippy coin purse. I loved the pink against the monogram and at Β£250, it was the most economical option.

This does of course mean, that I’m doubling up – I already own the ZCP in the empriente leather in Dahlia but as this is the LE collection, I thought I’d give myself the leeway πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for reading/watching!

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  1. 10.2.15
    kimiko26 said:

    Hi Amie,
    Love the LE evasion line. Hope to get a little piece soon. A little off topic, but wondering if you have a collection of Chanel wallets and small leather goods for your Chanel purses. I adore your collection of Chanel purses. What wallets do you use in them? It seems as though small leather goods are all the rage these days on IG and Ytube.
    Thanks Amie!

    • 10.3.15

      Hi Ria! I actually use the LV SLGs you see on here and on my channel πŸ™‚ I'm not really fussed about everything matching and I'm not too fond of Chanel SLGs funnily enough! I used to own a lambskin wallet but the wear and tear was so bad, I ended up selling it and getting into LV SLGs πŸ™‚

  2. 5.24.16

    hi Amie,

    just wondering if you know the location of date code this wallet? if you do, could you please share?