Holiday Wishlist! + More Nordstrom Sale Finds

  1. Cut-Out Swimsuit // 2. Turqouise earrings (on sale!) // 3. Navy maxi dress // 4. Floral Maxi Dress // 5. Cat-eye sunglasses // 6. Electric Blue Maxi // 7. White Off The Shoulder Dress // 8. Cut out bikini // 9, Tory Burch sandals // 10. Tory Burch Camera Bag 

While everyone else is publishing Autumn wishlist posts, here I am lusting after all things Summer! Dan and I finally got around to booking our holiday which I am more than a little excited about. It’s always a bit tricky for us with our work schedules which is why we’ve only gone on one proper holiday together in nearly four years. We’re going to Bali and staying in two different resorts; a jungle retreat and a beach one. I have absolutely no idea how to pack for a jungle retreat so instead, I’m focusing on the beach part (which does make up most of the holiday to be fair). 

I need to go through my holiday clothes which are buried in my wardrobe to see what’s missing or needs updating but that hasn’t stopped me from stalking the holiday sections of all my favourite online stores! I may have already placed orders for more than one of the items on this list and I suspect the rest are to follow shortly. Why is it that holiday clothes are just so much better than real-life clothes? I need to somehow engineer my life to be a permanent vacation.

A few more finds from the Nordstrom Sale!

Black maxi dress // Turquoise tassle necklace

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I loved this maxi dress and in particular, the way they styled it! I’m always a fan of turquoise jewelry and think it looks particularly stunning against black clothing. I found this necklace on sale as well and thought they were a match made in heaven πŸ™‚

Half and half sunglasses // Tortoiseshell and rose gold sunglasses

I actually wrote this wishlist before my Nordstrom post yesterday but I wanted to highlight these two sunglasses, one of which I featured above. You guys know I love my fancy accessories but sunglasses are one area that I’m much more likely to scrimp on. I’m happy to get the odd designer pair (I’m still really loving my Tom Ford Anoushka sunglasses) but I really love cheap sunglasses because of how worry-free they are! I grabbed this pair and this pair during my order yesterday and I’m so excited for them. They were both absolute bargains and have great reviews so I have high hopes!

Criss cross t-shirt dress

One final thing I bought from Nordstrom which I initially thought would be a holiday piece but which I’m now excited to wear with booties and a long cardigan (I’ve just ordered this super fuzzy one!) is this gorgeous dress. It’s not on sale but is a great price anyway and looks like such a fun, carefree piece! I am so excited for my order to get here πŸ™‚

I’m hoping to get at least one haul up before I leave for my holiday but we’ll see how timings work out. I’ve been so all over the place with my posting recently and I am sorry about that. This weekend I’m watching my brother get married (!!) and so I have no idea if I’ll be able to get a video up. If not, normal posting should resume next week and I’ll have a few weekends at home before my holiday so I’ll looking forward to catching up on filming and hopefully getting some outfit photos done too!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. 9.2.16

    That Lush dress is really great. I love it. Also, if you decide to keep that Free People Sweater, those fuzzy free people sweaters shed like crazy sometimes. You may want to wash it alone before you wear it. Once you get the fuzz off they're fine. It may take a wash or two though. Nice picks! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. 9.2.16
    JN said:

    The criss cross t-shirt dress is so pretty. Great post! πŸ™‚

  3. 9.3.16

    I have an older model of those Tory Burch sandals and I just love them! Thong sandals are easily my favourite, and they're just so much more put together than flip flops. I just got a similar pair from Sam Edelman, and they're actually more comfortable than my Tory Burch pair. May even be tempted to buy a pair from Chanel as well at some point, although I'm sure they're overpriced compared to their other shoes.