Well. It’s been a VERY long time. For the first time (I think ever?) I missed my monthly round-up in Instagram posts so I am posting it now… only a week late, so better late than never right? It’s been all-go as usual but it’s felt particularly disjointed recently, mainly because we’ve had building work going on in the flat. We were almost at the point where the flat was looking nice and presentable and then of course, we had to move everything around and cover all our furniture in dust-sheets. The work was supposed to last two days but somehow a week later, we’re still not there. That said, it’s looking great and I’m super excited that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Specifically, we’ve made the two very tiny rooms into one larger one which is designed to be a walk-in wardrobe as well as a work space/ place to film and general hang out area for me. Dan has been very generous in allowing me this space for myself, whilst acknowledging that he’d like the flat to be as neutral as possible and the ‘Amie Room’ (as he calls it) will help channel all my girlieness into one (hopefully) confined space! I’m crazy excited for this as it has been months and months in the planning. I already have my desk and chair sorted and have been busy organising my makeup set up – pretty much in my element!

I have a week off starting tomorrow and I am so excited to have a week to get everything together. I’m hoping to vlog a little, sort out the flat once and for all and hopefully catch up on my filming which has felt a little rushed and haphazard recently. Speaking of filming, I haven’t posted my last THREE videos on here! So for ease of reference, I’ve listed them all here πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for reading and continuing to visit. I’m not always the best at posting on here but I love the ease of being able to write up a blog post whenever I feel like it – even when I’m in my PJs with my hair scrapped back in a bun, looking less than glam πŸ™‚

I hope you’re all having a great April so far!

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  1. 4.8.16

    That's so exciting that you're getting your own girly room! Half of my home office is unused and in my mind would make the perfect walk in closet and space to display my bags. Sadly it's a no go from my boyfriend!

    Alicja | http://www.lifeofaluxaholic.com

    • 4.8.16

      I'm so excited about it! I think the threat of pink everything in the living room was motivation enough for my boyfriend to agree haha!

  2. 4.16.16

    I can't reply on yout Be for some reason, but have you looked at Peony flowers? They have their own website, sell on QVC and can also sometimes be found at Himesense and Tkmaxx. I have found them to be, on the whole, extremely real looking with beautiful botanically correct colours. They pay a lot of attention to detail with them, I currently have around 5 vases around my house and just gave a beautiful peony orchid arrangement from Homesense to a freind who has been receiving radiotherapy – her husband thought it was real!

    • 4.26.16

      They sound great! Will have to check them out – thank you for the recommendation!

  3. 4.22.16

    A walking wardrobe as a filming studio? Amazing! By the wat, your instagram photos are lovely!

    • 4.26.16

      Aw thank you! I'm so excited about it πŸ™‚

  4. 4.28.16

    Ah, Christian has his Red Room of Pain, and you have Amie's Room. I'm sure it will give you an equal amount of pleasure… ������✨