Entire Bag Collection ft. Chanel, LV, Celine, Gucci, Goyard, Tory Burch and more!

I am posting this a little late on my blog but my bag sale kept me extremely busy, answering questions and posting out items so you’ll have to forgive me – I hadn’t even realised I hadn’t posted it until I published my 2015 Hits and Misses and saw a big ol’ space! Anyway, this must be my most requested video ever. I kept putting this off because I wanted to wait until I culled my collection to present you a more streamlined edit – because, quite frankly, the number of bags I have is embarrassing. However I am also aware that it’s now been about six months since I said I would and this bag cull still hadn’t happened – partly because I kept dithering about what bags to keep and what to sell. So with the beginning of the new year, I thought I would start a new tradition of doing a bag collection video at the beginning of January. Kind of a yearly stock take and reflection of where my collection is at if that makes sense.

If you follow my blog or have already watched the video, then you’ll know I decide to post a bag sale of some of the items I am no longer using. I explain my reasons in the video and will likely expand on this in my upcoming Q&A but suffice to say, I needed a clear out. The intention of course, was to shrink down my collection – in reality, I have already bought ‘replacements’ for the ones I’ve sold (bagaholics anonymous anyone?).

I have of course sold some bags throughout the year and keen viewers may notice some missing ones from the list below including the Chanel WOC, LV Pochette Metis and the Fendi Petite 2Jours. If I find that a bag doesn’t work for me or if I just don’t like it very much, then the decision is pretty easy. If however, I really like the bag (which I do with all of the below), it makes things a LOT more difficult. That said, I’m happy with my decision to part with the ones I did – and needless to say, am super excited to share my purchases with you all!

So without further ado, here is a list of all of my bags!

  • Chanel Black Caviar Jumbo with Gold Hardware
  • Chanel Red Lambskin Jumbo with Ruthenium Hardware
  • Chanel Beige Caviar M/L Flap with Gold Hardware
  • Chanel Mademoiselle Ligne Flap with Silver Bijoux Chain
  • Chanel Pink M/L Seasonal Flap with Gold Hardware
  • Chanel Black Lambskin Boy Bag with Ruthenium Hardware
  • Chanel Pink/Red Lambskin ‘New Mini’ with Gold Hardware
  • Chanel Black Caviar Square Mini with Gold Hardware
  • Louis Vuitton GM Neverfull in Mono
  • Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damier Ebene
  • Longchamp Pink Le Pliage
  • Longchamp Oiseaux Le Pliage
  • Longchamp Eiffel Tower Le Pliage
  • Gucci Soho Disco 
  • Tory Burch Perry Tote
  • Michael Kors Pink Clutch
  • Goyard St Louis Tote
  • Accessorize White Satin Box Clutch
  • Topshop Black Leather Envelope Clutch
  • Vintage Navy Clutch

I hope you enjoyed the video – as always thank you so much for watching/ reading!

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  1. 1.22.16

    Hi Amie..Enjoyed your video the same day you posted and loved it .Your channel is my gateway to the luxury bags world.Thanks for hooking up to this fetish πŸ™‚ Planning to buy my first alma bb in monogram very soon and have started saving for that .Hope Chanel is also on my cards in the future.You are so sweet and the videos are so contentful and neat.take care xoxo

    • 1.22.16

      One question ..why did you prefer alma bb in damier than monogram ? I love the damier too ..but since this is my first purchase wanted a monogram.Just curious of your choice if its because of the color fade out or something.

    • 1.27.16

      I wanted to avoid the vachetta on the monogram – the damier ebene is nice and carefree πŸ™‚

  2. 1.24.16

    Amy what happened to your red Chanel Woc? Did you sell it?

  3. 2.7.16
    Anonymous said:

    I am head over heels for that Gucci disco, its been on my list for a while and I think 2016 is the year I finally buy one. I'm waiting for their late summer sale though, the one last year saw a price drop of about $300. Totally worth waiting for except for the fact that I actually have to wait for it πŸ˜›
    Please don't stop posting about this bag, it is sublime and so universally loved, I don't think there is any way we would ever grow tired of hearing about it.
    Take care =]