Balenciaga Sale on Brand Alley

I don’t usually post deals on my blog but I spotted this and just thought it was too good not to mention. Brand Alley launched a sale on Balenciaga bags (link!) earlier today and they have some good ‘uns! Models include the City, Velo and Town bags as well as various SLGs. The discounts are decent too – up to 30% retail. Had they offered the black town bag with gold hardware instead of silver, I would have snapped it up in an instant. Sadly they didn’t though and I learnt a long time ago not to compromise when it comes to bags!

I’ve bought from Brand Alley before and whilst the shipping takes forever, their prices are great and the merchandise, authentic. You will have to sign up to gain access to the site but it’s not too painful and the site is worth keeping an eye on for the odd bargain. I recently bought some Louboutins from there – which had they fit, would have been an amazing buy!

Hope this is of use to someone!

P.S. This isn’t sponsored – I just thought it was a great deal!

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