Autumn / Winter Wishlist!

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It’s officially very, very close to Autumn! Even though I’m busy preparing for my upcoming holiday, I am getting so excited seeing all the gorgeous new pieces come in for the A/W collections! I recently did a haul video on my channel where I picked up lots of lovely affordable Autumn inspired goodies. This wishlist is a little more extravagant than that (hence the ‘wish’ part haha!) but here’s what I’m lusting after for the upcoming season:

1. Tory Burch Tote // 2. Aquazurra Christy Flats // 3. Stuart Weitzman Boots // 
4. Burberry Scarf // 5.  Gucci Coat // 6. Rebecca Minkoff Cross Body

We’re planning on visiting my family in California in November so I’m planning on checking out this beautiful Tory Burch tote and Rebecca Minkoff cross body while I’m there if they’re still available. I love how elegant the TB looks and while I’ve never tried anything from Rebecca Minkoff, I love how fun the tassles are in this bag! It looks like it might be a cute alternative to the Gucci Soho so I’m excited to see if I can track one down and see if it’s as comfortable/ practical.

In terms of shoes, I am definitely hoping to add the Aquazurra Christy flats to my collection. I love them in all colours but I think in neutrals, they are particularly gorgeous! The Stuart Weitzman boots are so stunning – I have this pair in the flat version and I’m thinking about adding the heeled version. Does anyone own these that could chip in about comfort factor?

After years of lusting after one, I recently bought a Burberry trench coat and as a result have suddenly become a little obsessed with Burberry scarves. I think this white one will go beautifully with my navy coloured trench. And finally, there is this ridiculously gorgeous Gucci coat. I don’t think this one is quite in the budget but I threw it in here as a dream purchase!

I also wanted to quickly mention one of my favourite buys from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is back on offer! The Rag & Bone booties are so gorgeous, are back on 30% off and look like they fully stocked. I love these because of the dip in the front – so much more flattering when wearing with dresses and skirts! Well worth the splurge if you’re looking for some quality boots.

And that’s it for my wishlist! I did also have the Prada Double Tote on here but sadly they look like they’ve sold out in the colour I was after. I’m hoping they’ll restock in time for spring!

What’s on your wishlist for the upcoming season?

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Autumn/ Winter Wishlist!

So I started this post about 4 months and rather embarrassingly, it’s taken me this long to actually finish and publish the damn thing. It’s been incredibly hectic at work so just getting my one video a week filmed and uploaded has seemed like a bit of a struggle recently, hence the lack of standalone blog posts. That said, hopefully things will calm down now and I’ll be able to give my blog the love and attention it deserves πŸ™‚ With that in mind, I present to you my Autumn/Winter wishlist! Most of these items still stand so not much has changed in the past two months with exception of one boy-beautiful addition! I decided to leave this in though for the nostalgia – it was kind of fun to read about my reasons for wanting it after the purchase πŸ™‚
So without further ado, here is my wishlist! I’ve gone from left to right on the picture πŸ™‚

1. Isabel Marant Dicker Boots

These have been on my radar for a couple of years now but I think this year might be the one when I finally add them to my still pretty modest boot collection. I’ve tried to find cheaper alternatives, but they never have quite the right look. I love how these have a hint of cowboy about them but are still ridiculously city-chic and cool. They look great in all colours in my opinion but the tan is probably my favorite!

2. Louis Vuitton Scarf
This is just gorgeous right? Yes, it’s logo-tastic but I think the muted colours do go a long way to tone down the garishness. I’ve yet to try this on but it looks super plush from the photos and the price isn’t so crazy ridiculous for Louis Vuitton. I haven’t had the most positive experience with LV scarves as the shawl I currently own doesn’t get much use (it’s more than a little delicate…) but this looks like something different entirely so I’m hoping it lives up to expectations when I finally do try it on!

3. Burberry Prorsum Trench Coat
I flip-flop constantly about whether I want the black or the beige but this piece has been on my wishlist for years now. It’s a hefty investment at Β£1395 which has so far put me off taking the plunge. I did try this on in store earlier this year and the sizing was strangely weird – my usual size in Burberry outerwear was so snug around the torso, I couldn’t even button it up. The size up however was far too roomy in the arm department. This has added to my hesitancy in investing in this piece – my hopes are that these were one off sizing anomalies so I think perhaps another trip to the Burberry store might be in order.

4. Chanel Boy Bag
Is it time yet? I feel like it’s time. After taking my time coming around to this style, I am well and truly obsessed! I see this bag on Instagram all the time and I just can’t get enough. The perfect mix of edgy and chic, this gorgeous little bag seems to go with everything and really epitomises Chanel-cool at its finest. I hope to be able to add this to my collection soon if I can ever track one down! Whilst the caviar is undoubtedly going to be more durable, this bag looks best in the lambskin in my opinion. I feel like the hard caviar leather mixed with the generally tougher look of the bag is just a bit too much – the lambskin however, is the perfect mix of luxe and tough; totally gorgeous!

5. Helmut Lang Leather Trousers
The only thing stopping me from getting these is the price. Well, that and the fact that I’m not entirely sure exactly where I would wear these. I certainly don’t work in the kind of office where you could wear leather trousers and if I go out to dinner, I inevitably reach for a dress. Nevertheless, I can’t help but lust after these – they are definitely ‘cool girl’ material!

6. Christian Louboutin  Anjalina 100 Patent Leather Pumps
I haven’t had the best luck with Louboutins so far – I’ve bought two pairs to date and returned as many. The sizing seems to be all over the place and coupled with the fact that most are notorious for being incredibly uncomfortable, I haven’t found much reason to drop Β£400+ on a pair. I do like the look of their classic styles but to be honest, I have most of my ‘basics’ in terms of pumps covered by the fantastic LK Bennett so find myself less drawn to the Pigalles and Simple pumps. These however, I adore. The shape and colour are totally classic but the studs add just enough edge and drama to keep you interested πŸ™‚

7. The Row Jacket
I saw this on My Theresa and I absolutely love it. The Row does amazing tailoring and this blazer is no exception. Simple, chic and perfectly neutral, this would make a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. Unfortunately at Β£1000, it’s not exactly the most affordable piece of clothing so despite its gorgeousness, this one will probably have to remain on my ‘wish’list!

8. Louis Vuitton Neverfull DE MM
I know I already have a Neverfull but I absolutely adore this style both for its functionality and its look. I’ve really grown to like the damier ebene print after not being too keen on it for years. Whilst there was no doubt I’d get the GM for my first Neverfull purchase, I’m leaning more towards the MM size for my second. I think it looks a little bit more pulled together and professional and I’m also eager to reduce the amount I carry; with the GM, I tend to fill it to the absolute brim leaving my poor shoulder aching. An MM size will hopefully sort out my attachment to carrying everything but the kitchen sink with me!

And that’s everything! Not the longest wishlist ever but most of these pieces are pretty pricey. No doubt I’m not going to get everything but I do hope to be ticking a couple of these items off before the end of the year!

What’s on your wishlist for the upcoming season(s)? I’d love to hear! πŸ™‚

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  1. 9.15.16

    Burberry scarves are beautiful! You have great taste in fashion. I'm loving anything navy or burgundy for fall.

    • 9.16.16

      Me too! I think Autumn colour palettes are the prettiest πŸ™‚

  2. 9.16.16
    janealae said:

    I tried this tote and found it heavy and stiff. Does look pretty though!

    • 9.16.16

      Oh no! That totally sucks haha, I absolutely love the look of it!

  3. 9.16.16

    I got the Perry tote in black after seeing your videos! What do you think about the gucci Dionysys bags?

    • 9.16.16

      I think they're gorgeous! Probably a bit *too* trendy for me but I think they look absolutely gorgeous on other people. And the Perry is still an absolute fav of mine!

  4. 9.16.16

    That cross body bag is adorable! And I lvoe the colours… I always gravitate to black or tan when it comes to bags, but I think navy is really chic!

    • 9.16.16

      Agreed! Navy is such a great alternative to black xx

    • 9.21.16
      Borneolicious said:

      Jcrew have some very cute crossbodies too this season which you can personalise to your heart's content!

  5. 9.16.16

    Hi Amie, I'm a fan of your beautiful style and your lovely videos. I'm so happy to read that you're going to Bali, it really is a wonderful place. I'm Indonesian and go there quite often (in fact, I'm going there next month) and have a few recommendations for you that might be helpful: if you're in the Seminyak area head over to Warung Babi Pak Malen for great Balinese spit roast pork. The sunsets at Potato Head and at Rock Bar are absolutely gorgeous, so if you have the time then you should definitely go. Cuca Restaurant in Jimbaran serves great tapas and for a relaxing massage Sundari Spa is hard to beat. Have a great stay in Bali, it really is a magical place.

    • 9.16.16

      Thank you so much for these recommendations! I honestly have to do more research as to what areas we'll be in (we booked a package holiday) but I will certainly try to check out your suggestions! They sound absolutely delicious πŸ™‚

    • 9.16.16

      I really really love Bali so I get excited when people get to experience it for the first time. Once you've nailed down all the details I will be happy to throw in more suggestions for you! I always find personal recommendations from locals to be very helpful when going to a new place =)

  6. 9.18.16

    Oh i love your wishlist so much! The Burberry scarf is so beautiful! I really want the Proenza Schouler ps11 in black, and after i will save for my dream bag wih is without any surprise the Boy bag πŸ™‚ Otherwise i want for the upcoming season a nice cashemere knit, i love this fabric very much πŸ™‚

  7. 9.19.16
    Unknown said:

    i heard that Stuart Weitzman's highland is a bit uncomfortable. Have you ever consider getting tieland (it just came out this season). i have lowland as well and was thinking about getting highland until i saw tieland! i think im going for tieland πŸ™‚ it looks way more comfy!