The New Season Bags I Am Loving!

The new collections are now arriving in store and there are SO many cute items! I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired by any of the new bag releases towards the end of last year but with the new year has come so many beautiful new pieces. I definitely have my eye on a few new bags that I’ve seen so I thought I would round up my favourite picks that are on my radar at the moment. Most of these are new season but a few are from older lines that have only just grabbed my attention recently!


1. Prada Tote // 2. Fendi Baguette // 3. Fendi Peekaboo // 4. Celine Cabas Tote // 5. Chanel Reissue // 6. Valentino Rockstud Tote

Is it just me or are Fendi killing it at the moment? A new peekaboo has long been on my list and I’m determined this is going to be the year that I finally take the plunge on a new one (I’m still debating between this black one and this gorgeous dove grey one) but their release of their new Baguette line has also got me super intrigued. I’m usually 50/50 on re-releases (I’ve got to admit, I was a little turned off my Dior’s saddle bag relaunch) but I absolutely love the new Fendi Baguette line. I was definitely not in a place to afford a Baguette the first time around but I loved the style. Even though the style has been around a long time now, I think it still looks so fresh! I’m definitely going to try and get to a Fendi boutique asap to try one on.

I also have my eye on two totes – the first is this stunning Valentino studded tote. I’ve never really explored Valentino bags before despite being a huge fan of the shoe line. I love the simplicity of this tote though and I already know that I love light blue tote bags! I’ve not heard much about the quality though so if anyone has one, please let me know how you’re getting on with it! The second tote is the Celine Cabas Tote. I actually stumbled across this by accident – I was looking up another bag that I’d seen on a woman on a train. Whilst I didn’t end up liking that bag so much when I got a better look at it the Cabas instantly caught my eye. My concern is how slouchy it is as I do prefer a more structured tote but I am loving the understated look.

Finally, I have the Prada tote and the Chanel Reissue. I documented on my YT channel that I was debating between the Prada bucket tote and the Mulberry Bayswater Zipped Tote and ultimately decided to go for the Mulberry tote. I had actually decided on the Prada tote but had some unease about how long it looked on me. And then, someone left me a comment saying it reminded them of a watering can and that was it haha. I knew it had to go back. I am super happy with my Mulberry choice though and have been enjoying it so much so far so no regrets there. That said, I still think the Prada is gorgeous even though I knew it wasn’t quite the right shape for me. And then I saw this slightly different style and I love it. It reminds me of the LV Capucines crossed with the original Prada Double Tote. So far I’ve only spotted it in white and black but I am keeping my eyes peeled for more colours!

And then there is the Chanel Reissue. I get asked about this bag all the time and up until a week ago, my answer was always the same, specifically: “I love it on others but it’s just not for me”. Which was totally true – I know others who own the Reissue and wax lyrical about how great it is. For me though, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it was intentionally distressed and cost more than the classic flaps. I just didn’t get it.

Grace and Frankie Chanel Reissue
Image from Grace and Frankie, ‘The Elevator’ on Netflix

And then, I started watching Grace and Frankie. I’m not sure what this says about me but Grace is for real, my new style icon (well her and Brianna). I absolutely adore her classic wardrobe and instantly spotted her Chanel Reissue in episode 4 of season 1. I’ve always known that all it takes for me to fall in love with a bag is to see one person wear it really really well and that’s exactly what’s happened here! Don’t get me wrong though, it is still a major major splurge so I have no intention of committing yet. If I’m still thinking about it six months later though, I may consider taking the plunge!

Have any of the new (or old!) season bags caught your eye? Let me know what you’re lusting after below!

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  1. 2.8.19
    Sofia said:

    Definitely the reissue. I want it, but definitely Will go with the preloved root when the time comes. I also saw that fendi baguette with their classic logo strap and it caught my eye, but the shape throws me off, so I’d have to try it on. Peekaboo is always gorgeous, but for me it’s not a “must have” by any means (not yet anyway).

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      I’ve seen some great deals on reissue! Definitely smart to go down the preloved route on this one! 🙂

  2. 2.8.19
    Stephanie said:

    The Valentino in smooth finish is difficult to maintain. The pebbles leather doesn’t look quite as finished but will handle wear much better. If you are careful to lotion your smooth Valentino you may be ok. I even think it wears worse than Chanel Lambskin for context….loving your blog, insta, and YouTube!

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Oh no! Well at least that’s good to know. Valentino leather always looked so durable to me!

  3. 2.8.19
    Gin said:

    The distressed reissue with the ruthenium hardware is my next bag. I know I will use it way more than my Lambskin Jumbo amd the more casual feeling it invokes is so right for me! I’ve also had the peekaboo on my radar for a few months (the mini) since I love cross bodies, amd as I am petite, the regular would be huge carried this way. Great choices above. I looove your content amd your lovely classic style. Keep up the great work!

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Aw thank you! The reissue definitely seems to be an under-the-radar popular one!

  4. 2.8.19
    J said:

    Hi! I have the Celine Cabas Tote in that exact colour. I’d really recommend it. I don’t find it too floppy. It’s so comfortable to carry and looks great. Understated and classic. I’m so glad I bought it!

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Ahh that’s so great to hear! I love the look of it!

  5. 2.8.19
    SK said:

    Is this the same Prada bag in different colors? I think it is but I could be mistaken.

    I just bought myself a Reissue and I LOVE IT. I wasn’t into it for the longest time but like you, I saw it recently and just changed my mind. I bought mine pre-loved in excellent condition and saved a lot of money on it. No regrets! It’s a gorgeous bag.

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Oh I think it might be! Thank you for linking it!

      Honestly I’ve not heard a single person say they regret the reissue! I’m going to be on the look out for a preloved version too!

  6. 2.8.19
    Christine Maloof said:

    I have been eyeing the same Valentino bag in the poudre or tan color. I have tried it twice at Neiman’s. Quality looks to be really good. The sales associate was impressed with the craftsmanship. I have not yet bit the bullet. Keep me posted if you do

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Will do! xx

  7. 2.8.19
    Jasmine said:

    The Prada bag reminds me of Alexander McQueen’s Heroine 30 bag, which has been on my list. Very beautiful and classic style!

    I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Chanel piece though! Fendi are so trendy at the moment and they are looking great. The peek a boo has been around a little now but I am still waiting to see if it will stand the test of time. I do love Fendi at the moment though… Almost as much as I have been loving Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton (though I am a little uninterested in LV’s latest bags sadly).

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Oh same! I feel like LV has been so lacklustre at the moment! 🙁

  8. 2.9.19
    Roxanna said:

    Agree on the Grace and Frankie! I’m still trying to hunt down Grace’s camel cardigan from Season 1!

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      I want her ENTIRE wardrobe!

  9. 2.9.19

    I adore the Fendi Peekaboo, it is a truly stunning item!

    Danielle xx

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Same! It’s such a gorgeous bag! 🙂

  10. 2.9.19
    Crystal said:

    I like the Fendi with the logo strap. I have the Celine Cabas tote in smooth tan calfskin. I don’t see it on the Celine site anymore. It is more structured than the grained calfskin. It also has really beautiful stitching. Love all your picks!

    • 2.12.19
      amie said:

      Oh so great to hear you like it! I really haven’t seen much about it online

  11. 2.10.19
    Mariem said:

    Hi chase amie
    Vos Sacs sont magnifiques.
    Je suis passionnée de mode et mon rêve serait de pouvoir avoir un sac. Si, à tout hasard, vous recevez un cadeau que vous ne voulez pas, je suis preneuse avec plaisir.

  12. 2.16.20
    PK said:

    I love the Valentino bag? Do you use a liner for the inside? If yes, what liner do you use and what size did you buy the liner?