The Biggest Luxury Sale of the Year!

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The biggest luxury sale of the year is here! The SSense sale has now started and historically, this has always been one of the largest sales during Black Friday/ the entire year! The deal with the Ssense sale is simple: the discounts aren’t particularly huge but unlike other retailers, SSense don’t just discount seasonal items that they couldn’t sell at full price – they discount pretty much everything! Which means that a lot of very classic, very difficult to score with any kind of discount items are included in the sale.

I’ve included my favourite picks above but honestly there is SO much to choose from. I would say though that this sale becomes more and more anticipated every year so if there’s something you have your eye on – grab it now while you can!


1. Saint Laurent Nude Loulou // 2. Givenchy Antigona Mock Croc Small // 3. Saint Laurent White Loulou // 4. Valentino Powder Blue Wristlet // 5. Saint Laurent WOC // 6. Valentino Blush Tote // 7. Saint Laurent Velvet Blue Loulou // 8. Saint Laurent White Camera Bag // 9. Saint Laurent Uptown Clutch // 10. Saint Laurent Tote // 11. Saint Laurent Grey Loulou //Β 12. Saint Laurent Canvas Tote // Β 13. Saint Laurent Mock Croc Wristlet // 14. Saint Laurent Suede Bag // 15. Saint Laurent Navy Loulou //


The SSense sale is now known for it’s vast selection and as per usual, they’re included all of the best and most popular brands and items!

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Fendi Accessories

So many of the bags I own and love are included in the sale, including my Givenchy Antigona in the Mock Croc, my Valentino Tote in the pink, my Saint Laurent camera bag in white,Β and my Saint Laurent wristlet in the mock croc!



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The biggest selection is of Saint Laurent bags where there are literally pages included! Stock is moving quickly so I expect this to dwindle fairly soon but currently there are good stock levels with a lot of the most popular styles. My camera bag is included in both the black and the most stunning shade of red. This suede shoulder bag which I love is also included as is several styles in their beautiful taupe colour, including the WOC and the Toy Loulou. I’ve seen this colour IRL and it is way prettier than how they’ve photographed it! They also have a nude Kate that is just stunning!



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The Valentino selection isn’t quite as big as Saint Laurent but they have some great styles, including the spikey beast(!) in the beautiful powder blue/ grey shade, their gorgeous camera bag in both blue and black and a super cute little rockstud wallet.

Let me know if you manage to score anything good!



I’m getting a lot of questions about UK/ Europe shopping – not all items are available in the sale in Europe and there is a different and much bigger selection in North America (Ssense is based in North America). There will be specific sales going live later in the week for UK and Europe which will work out much cheaper (don’t forget, luxury goods are cheaper in Europe in general!), so stay tuned for those πŸ™‚

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  1. 11.25.19
    Alisha Nicole said:

    Apologies if this was obvious, but it seems this discount is largely only working in the US. I am in Europe (Sweden) and when I add, for example, the first item on your list then check out it changes the currency to Euro and there is no discount. When I switch over to any of the sites in Europe and go to the sale section, it shows a completely different list of items (only 7 bags total for Saint Laurent, for example.) Is anyone else having the same experience?

    • 11.25.19
      Nadia said:

      Yes I’m having the same experience – huge let down for European shoppers like ourselves!

    • 11.25.19
      Kelly said:

      Yes, having the same issue here in Belgium. Guess us Europeans have to wait a little longer to enjoy discounts… Did manage to score a Chloe Tess bag at 30% at Mytheresa last friday… they don’t notify you by e-mail, but make sure to check the website and app every day.

    • 11.25.19
      Lorraine said:

      Yes, I found this too, Alisha. It’s a great sale for those subscribers in the US but unfortunately, Europe and possibly those from elsewhere in the world seem to miss out on a lot of the discounted lines. At least we’re offered some discount but it is a little disappointing to see what we could have had!

    • 11.25.19
      amie said:

      The sale items are different for North America than they are for Europe but I’d also say that as Ssense is based in North America, it likely wouldn’t be cheaper to ship most items over anyway. Luxury goods are much cheaper in Europe than they are in the US so our regular prices are often better than North America’s sale prices!

      Sales in the UK and Europe tend to go live a little later so I’m expecting these sales to be live around Wednesday or Thursday this week πŸ™‚

  2. 11.25.19
    Kim said:

    Dear Ami,

    Thank you so much for the alert! My wishlist was ready But now for Germany only a few items are discounted. When I switch to the US the discount is visible for all items like you mentioned. Could it be that discounts are depending on the country?

    Thank you so much

  3. 11.25.19
    April Williams said:

    Is this just for the US? Every time I click on your links, prices are in dollars. When I change the country to the UK, the discount is removed…?

  4. 11.25.19
    Lorena said:

    I got the SL uptown clutch in mock croc .. so happy to get the early email ☺️

  5. 11.26.19
    Jessi said:

    Same….I am in Australia. Discount disappears as soon as I put in my delivery address. Sad.