Sophia Webster Has Stolen My Heart

I revealed these in a recent clothing haul – they are, to date, my most ‘wacky’ shoes and I’ve got to say – I’m absolutely loving them. I’ve never really been one for statement shoes as more often than not, they just end up gathering dust in my closet. I almost always plan my outfits around my clothes, adding accessories later – so to add a statement shoe to the mix is usually more than my preoccupied brain can handle on any given day!

All sense of reason was abandoned though when I saw these. Bright, in your face and completely unexpected, these are definitely not my usual style but after seeing several stylish ladies on Instagram rocking them, they were firmly on my wishlist. When I stumbled across them on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue a few weeks later, I couldn’t resist.

Upon seeing them in person, I was impressed. The attention
to detail is lovely: little feminine touches like a heart shaped buckle and a stitched
heart on the sole make the shoes extra special and truly a pleasure to look it.

They are also, deceivingly high however. Usually I find anything with a t-bar strap to be a lot easier to walk in – the added support seems to help a lot but for some reason, these shoes still feel extremely high. I can probably live with this though as let’s face it, these are not your everyday shoe. I’m just going to add these to my ‘only for sit down dinner dates’ collection 🙂

As always, thank you so much for reading! 

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