Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks & Giveaway!!

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It’s that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 is upon us! Like many of you, this is a sale I look forward to every year – there really is nothing like it and I’m so excited to bring you my coverage (/shopping diaries lol!). I’ll be doing a series of shopping vlogs, hauls, styling videos and honest reviews over the next week or so to help you make the most of the sale. If you’re not familiar with the Nordstrom Sale, then the reason why it’s so popular is because unlike other sales, it’s not clearance, i.e. end of season merchandise but rather brand new merchandise brought in specially for the sale ahead of autumn/ fall season.


1. Halogen Blue Blazer // 2. Leopard Print Twist Sweater // 3. Lace Insert cami // 4. Polka Dot Cami // 5. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan // 6. Faux Leather Draped Jacket // 7. Blue High Low Cashmere Sweater // 8. Pink Fluffy Sweater // 9. Cashmere V Neck // 10. Chenille Sweater // 11. Polka Dot Skirt //  12. Good American Jeans // 13. Leopard print skirt // 14. AG Farrah Jeans // 15. Black BodySuit

Nordstrom partners with a ton of great brands to do this and the deals range from clothing to beauty to home. I always use the sale to stock up old favourites that might have worn out (hello Barefoot Dreams cardigan that I’ve worn to death!) as well as scouting out cute new pieces for now and beyond.

I’ve listed everything that I’ve picked up/ am picking up from the sale (merchandise is always split between in store availability and online exclusives) covering clothing, beauty and of course, accessories 🙂



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There are always a few things I make a beeline for at the sale – jeans, boots and comfy flats. It’s the best time to pick great quality pieces up for a bargain. Find of the sale for me this year are these fantastic flats which I’ve bought in both the leopard print and blush colour.

I am always on the lookout for comfortable flats and not only are these like slippers to walk in but they’re super cute as well! I also picked up this pair of tall knee boots and this pair of ankle boots – the perfect autumn to winter transition pieces!

Finally, I couldn’t resist the colour of these gorgeous Nike FlyKnits and I fell in love with this Tory Burch crossbody bag when I tried it on.

1. Nike Blue FlyKnits // 2. Tory Burch Crossbody // 3. Sand Coloured Boots // 4. Leopard Print Flats // 5. Vince Ankle Boot



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And finally, the best of the rest! The NSale is also fantastic for beauty, home and other accessories. I picked up two more items from one of my favourite brands, Barefoot Dreams including these cozy socks and a replacement blanket (Dan unfortunately has taken a liking to my old one and now it’s seen better days!).

I also picked up this CT set in my favourite shade – pillow talk (it’s the BEST neutral!), a pair of these ear crawlers and finally, this great value Slip set. I’m a huge fan of silk pillowcases and these are rare to get on sale – they are a game changer for your hair and skin (not to mention making bedtime a whole lot more luxurious!).

  1. Barefoot Dreams Socks // 2. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Kit // 3. Barefoot Dreams Blanket // 4. Slip Pillowcases // 5. Ear Crawlers //



****GIVEAWAY CLOSED!**** Congrats to Elsa P. Barrera Llamas for winning! 🙂

Finally, I have my Nordstrom gift card giveaway! One lucky winner is going to win a $300 Nordstrom gift card! It’s super simple to enter – just leave a comment down below on this blog post, letting me know what your favourite thing to buy from the Nordstrom sale is 🙂

The giveaway is open for 1 week, ending on Friday 19th at 12pm PT (i.e. in time for public access!). The winner will be picked at random and the gift card issued electronically so you can use it immediately 🙂

Good luck to those of you entering the giveaway and don’t forget to check back on both my blog and YT for a ton of great NSale content this week 🙂

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  1. 7.12.19
    Jessica S said:

    I love to get blazers and jackets usually – oh and definitely jeans!

    • 7.12.19
      Morgan Greene said:

      I live for the YSL sets every year!!

      • 7.14.19
        Latashya Truong said:

        I would love to purchase the Vince Booties!

        • 7.15.19
          Sanny Peralta said:

          Hi! I’d love to get my hands on the barefoot dreams cardigan since people say it’s so comfy! ☺️ I love your videos by the way!

          • 7.17.19
            Mary Horan said:

            Agree! Always the barefoot dreams cardigans ☺️☺️

          • 7.18.19
            Erin said:

            Barefoot dreams every year! It’s tradition. 🙂

      • 7.14.19
        LaKisa Ldjfresh91 said:

        Makeup- Tom Ford , Mini Candles set from Diptyque, Swell Bottlesand Beauty Blender Set

        • 7.15.19
          Torvia Young said:

          I would like the boots!

        • 7.18.19
          Fatin said:

          Make up all the way!

      • 7.16.19
        Megan Ung said:

        Love the bp camis! Such a go to staple 🙂

    • 7.12.19
      michelle kerk said:

      Interested to try nuface device…not quite sure though.

      • 7.13.19
        Katharina Völk said:

        Can’t beat a good leopard accessory, so I’d go for the calf leopard flats

        • 7.13.19
          Rongrong Zhao said:

          I love the shoes and YSL bags!

      • 7.14.19
        Hannah Dunstan said:

        Love the Tory Burch bag!

    • 7.12.19
      Leslie said:

      Love the Vince boot

    • 7.12.19
      Selva said:

      I’m dying to get a ysl crossbody bag!
      Loved your picks and your style! Have fun in the U.S. 🙂

    • 7.12.19
      Sravanthi Reddy said:

      I love blogs and vlogs. You are so thorough and you also indicate what you don’t like. I would like to enter the giveaway. Thanks

      • 7.12.19
        Sravanthi Reddy said:

        I love the shoes and jackets that they have on Nordy’s sale

        • 7.14.19
          Vanessa T said:

          Thanks for such a great post Amie! My favourite things to look out for are their jackets and denim! I was eyeing the AG jeans and BlankNYC faux leather jacket, your review secured the deal for me! Lol

          • 7.14.19
            Kimy said:

            Blouses and Jackets ♡ enjoyed the video a lot

          • 7.15.19
            Ema said:

            My favorite things to buy are shirts!

        • 7.15.19
          Kat Knapp said:

          I’m always looking for a good pair of boots during the sale! Thank you for the giveaway and all of your tips and finds!

        • 7.17.19
          Eunice said:

          Would love to finally get the barefoot dreams cardigan that everyone raves about!! Thank you for always being so thorough in your reviews/videos!

          • 7.19.19
            Nguyen Bui said:

            I always stock up on Spanx stuff when they are on sale.

      • 7.16.19
        Lilly Winter said:

        This will be my first year purchasing from the sale so it’s hard to say exactly what I’ll get there is so much!!

    • 7.13.19
      Azalia Calderon said:

      I am looking at the Marc Fisher Yovani pumps!

    • 7.13.19
      Ana Mesa said:

      My favorite things to buy are cardigans!

      • 7.13.19
        Rani said:

        Thank you for your wonderful posts…enjoy your trip. Love the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and Tory Burch crossbody!!!

    • 7.13.19
      Cynthia said:

      My favorite things to buy are sweaters and jeans.

    • 7.13.19
      Martha Argumedo said:

      I have a small budget, I just found out about this sale last year and I got a rails shirt that I love so much. This year I hope I can get the barefoot dreams cardigan

      • 7.13.19
        Joanne said:

        My faves during the anniversary sale is definitely the beauty exclusive sets (such great deals) and the handbags.

    • 7.13.19
      Samantha said:

      My favorite thing to buy is sweaters! Whether cardigans, wrap sweaters, turtlenecks or v necks… I love them all!!

      • 7.15.19

        Hey I hope you are enjoying Cali….I just love the new sweaters and am loving the pjs Always need updates to my wardrobe this time of year.

    • 7.13.19
      Mia said:

      Since you introduced the Barefoot Dream Cardigan it has been a staple item in my wardrobe, especially as part of my travel capsule. I’m also going to try and nab a few BP Camisole to add to my wardrobe Always love your recommendation and I can’t wait to see what your Nordstrom haul will be like.

      • 7.15.19
        Jenny said:

        I’m eyeing those as well in addition to beauty products, some flats, and a new bag.

    • 7.13.19
      Amy said:

      Love kids shoes!

    • 7.13.19
      Heydi P said:

      I definitely like to stock up on basics like white tshirts, and definitely Halogen’s long sleeved shirts (they’re so luxuriously soft and great material at a great discount)!

      • 7.15.19
        Lauren said:

        Tory Burch, barefoot dreams, and shoes!

      • 7.16.19
        LeslieAnn said:

        I was definitely swayed in your video about the BlankNYC faux leather jacket! They also have some Stuart Weitzman OTK black boots that are over 30% off that I had to jump on!

    • 7.13.19
      Anna said:

      Shoes, shoes and shoes!!!

    • 7.13.19
      Kehn said:

      It’s not anything you review. I’m eyeing on the Babyzen yoyo stroller!!

    • 7.13.19
      Joyce Bella said:

      I love the cardigans and the boots !!!!!!
      Thank you for always posting such wonderful videos !!!!!!

    • 7.13.19

      I love BP camisoles

    • 7.13.19
      Huong Nguyen said:

      Hi Amie! My fav pick this year has to be the boots! So comfy and great price! Please enter me in your giveaway!

    • 7.13.19
      Fatimah said:

      I love all the beauty exclusive deals in the Nordstrom sale! I will be shopping for the school year

    • 7.13.19
      Mary M Dyer said:

      I can’t figure out how to leave a comment so I’m replying to this one. I hope you see it Amie as I would like to be entered into the giveaway. My favorite item form the sale is a Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I had never heard of this brand before I started following you. I’m older than most of your followers I think-I’m 56. But I really enjoy your videos and blog. Such a great way to help me decide where to spend my money! I love the YSL card case you are giving away as well. It’s my favorite color so will probably buy one.

      • 7.13.19
        Madhavi Purohit said:

        Love your style! Please include me in the giveaway! Thanks!

    • 7.13.19
      Dayeon Hwang said:

      I would buy camis, leather jacket and BP pumps 🙂

    • 7.13.19
      Catherine Hay said:

      I’m getting the barefoot dreams circle cardigan!

    • 7.13.19 said:

      Everything is so pretty

    • 7.13.19
      Jenny leung said:

      Everything is so pretty

    • 7.13.19
      Jen H said:

      Hi Amie I am looking forward to any crossbody bag. In particular the YSL or Tory Burch crossbody bag

    • 7.13.19
      Tatiana Lazic said:

      So hard to just pick one favorite from this sale! However every year I love the Barefoot Dreams blankets and all of the beauty sets from ysl and charlotte tilbury! I would love to enter the giveaway! such an awesome one!!!

    • 7.13.19
      Kanoe Medina said:

      My favorite things to buy at the NSale are Barefoot Dreams sweaters and blankets, moto jackets, Zella leggings and beauty gift sets!

    • 7.14.19
      Chris Quinn-Thibodeau said:

      I would love to be entered in your give away! I’d like to try a Barefoot Dreams blanket or sweater.

    • 7.14.19
      Luz Stokes said:

      Loving all these items.

    • 7.14.19
      Selva said:

      The cami & the Steven madden flats are sold out

    • 7.14.19
      Gayle Burton said:

      I love how detailed your videos are. My favorite thing to get my hands on during the Nordstrom sale is the lace cami that Dale’s out every year. After viewing your videos I ordered several additional items

    • 7.14.19
      Connie said:

      I would like to try to get my hands on the barefoot dreams cardigans! Always heard they so soft but never pulled the trigger to get them.

    • 7.14.19
      Suzie T said:

      Cole Han shoes, boots, cashmere sweaters & athletic jackets!

    • 7.14.19
      Marissa said:

      Omg, I love everything here!

    • 7.14.19
      Alexa Tai said:

      I ordered the Barefoot Dreams blanket and cardigan. Thank you for your suggestions!

    • 7.14.19
      Connie said:

      I love the Barefoot Dreams cardigans!

    • 7.14.19
      Christine V. said:

      I love to buy bags!!

    • 7.14.19
      Ricci Sohn said:

      I love the Vince camuto boot in the tan!! I saw they had a snake option too Decisions, decisions

    • 7.14.19
      Ellie Wu said:

      I love the Tory Burch blush crossbody ❤

    • 7.14.19
      Audrey Baucom said:

      Barefoot Dreams…

    • 7.14.19
      Aishwary said:

      I would love to enter the giveaway, Thank you for doing this, I love watching your videos- so detailed and honest.

    • 7.14.19
      Marya said:

      That Tory Burch crossbody is amazing

    • 7.14.19
      Rachel Infante said:

      Everything is my favorite from the Nordstrom sale!! But if I had to pick one, it would probably be the jeans. Great deals on awesome designer jeans. I really want to try those Good American ones, they look amazing on you!!!! Awesome picks and thanks for putting together this amazing list for us

    • 7.14.19
      Marilyn said:

      I love the Tory Burch bag!

    • 7.14.19
      Rosalind Jaffe said:

      I would love to enter the give-away! I just bought the J.Crew blazer in navy and hope I love it as much as you do! 🙂 Also love that Rails top in the red!

    • 7.14.19
      Marissa Siasat said:

      So awesome you’re doing this giveaway! I’m currently eyeing this white dress they have, casual and classy, to wear for my wedding elopement! Thankksss a bunch!!! 🙂

    • 7.14.19
      Beth said:

      Thank you for the detailed video!! I would love to try Tom Ford makeup and the handbags!

    • 7.14.19
      Kacie E Wilson said:

      I would love to try the barefoot dreams cardigan! 🙂

    • 7.14.19
      Trixian Nepomuceno said:

      Love the blazers, camis and the 1.State pumps…

    • 7.14.19
      Belinda Cusic said:

      I love everything, but mostly the leopard and gym shoes!

    • 7.14.19
      Karla said:

      I love buying boots and flats during the sale!

    • 7.14.19
      Julia Nguyen said:

      Everything is so pretty but I need new shoes. Shoes shoes, shoes. Exciting

    • 7.14.19
      Angelica said:

      I love the barefoot dreams cardigans!!!

    • 7.14.19
      Stephany Ismodes said:

      I really loved the pink Tory Burch crossbody you posted on your blog and just saw you bought it on your latest YouTube video. I would like to enter the Nordstrom gift card giveaway. Again thank you so much for the opportunity!

    • 7.14.19
      Jade Kessel said:

      I love the Marc Jacobs Double Link 27 Handbag, but I love all Nordstrom handbags and shoes for that matter, lol.

    • 7.14.19
      Tracy said:

      I’d love to buy some rails shirts!!

    • 7.15.19
      SB Lyu said:

      I love AG Farrah Jeans! Is a staple piece of clothing that last for many many years!

    • 7.15.19
      Marcela said:

      Love Sales and Giveaways I have so many things in mind but for sure buying a cardigan want to get the barefoot cardigan, but heard it leaves a lot of lint??

    • 7.15.19
      Jenn said:

      I love to buy booties and boots!

    • 7.15.19
      Marjee said:

      I really like tall boots and shoes as well.

      • 7.15.19

        Hey I hope you are enjoying Cali….I just love the new sweaters and am loving the pjs Always need updates to my wardrobe this time of year. few

    • 7.15.19
      Minh Vy said:

      You’ve really tempted me into trying out the glopro microneedling set!

    • 7.15.19
      Trang Vo said:

      Love to get Tory Burch bags & Vince boots

    • 7.15.19
      Sheryl said:

      I would the boots! Love your vids

    • 7.15.19
      Krystal Vu-Mai said:

      Thx for the Nordstrom gift card Amie. I would love to get the barefoot dreams cardigan. It seems to have the perfect length. Wearing it with the AG jean and the Nike shoe.

    • 7.15.19
      Silvana Rita Melella said:

      I would love the Tory Burch woc

    • 7.15.19
      karen b-t said:

      Hi Amie! Used your last year’s recommendations to plan what I will be buying this year, since the catalog didn’t have much. Those lace camis and BFD cardigans are really life changing! Keep those blogs coming!

    • 7.15.19
      Criss said:

      I love the leopard cardigan!

    • 7.15.19
      Emmy Mendizabal said:

      My favorite thing to buy from the Nordstrom sale is Faux Leather Jacket <3

    • 7.15.19
      Delana said:

      Love the sweaters and t-shirts by Caslon!! great detailed blog

    • 7.15.19
      Delana said:

      Great detailed blog post! Love the t-shirts by Caslon and sweaters

    • 7.16.19
      Sheila Cendana said:

      I would love to get the CT set and the barefoot dreams cardigan! Have never tried any of these before despite their cult following. Would love to win the gift card and get my hands on these ❤️ Thank you for this lovely giveaway ❤️❤️❤️

    • 7.16.19
      Katie Lee said:

      I love your video especially the “ missed “part . I would love to get the bare food dream sweater .

    • 7.16.19
      MIchelle Kang said:

      Jeans and jackets are my addiction. Definitely took your advice and grab those first. Love ya!

    • 7.16.19
      Angelina P said:

      I love the barefoot sweaters.

    • 7.16.19
      Melanie Koceski said:

      I love buying sweaters/cardigans & shoes! I have my eye on the silk camis and that PJ set this year- looks so comfy & adorable! Xo

    • 7.16.19
      Jessi said:

      I’m going to buy basics like the BP camis!

    • 7.17.19
      Theresa said:

      I hope I am the winner

    • 7.17.19
      Chen Z said:

      I love to buy baby clothes! oh and dresses for myself!

    • 7.18.19
      Sk said:

      I’d love to try the cardigan you mentioned and probably some skincare!

    • 7.18.19
      Dalia Lima said:

      Definitely trying to get on that Blazer game!

    • 7.18.19
      Jane Drinkwater said:

      I love to get Sam Edelman flat they look very comfortable and stylish at the same time

    • 7.18.19
      Noelia Astorga said:

      Loved the Blazer and jeans!!

    • 7.20.19
      Claudia Quintanilla said:

      Love the Barefoot dreams cardigan!!!

  2. 7.12.19
    Nicci said:

    My favorite things to buy are sweaters and shoes. 🙂

    • 7.12.19
      Kina Painter said:

      My favorite things to buy at Nordstrom are shoes.

    • 7.12.19
      Olivia A Senior said:

      I would love to enter the giveaway. My favorite things to get from there is basic long sleeved shirts and ankle boots!

      • 7.13.19
        So Ly said:

        I would love to get the Toru Burch crossbody bag! Thank you for your video!

        • 7.14.19
          Nisha said:

          Hi Amie! I would love to enter the giveaway! My favorite thing to purchase are the cardigans!!

  3. 7.12.19
    Natalie said:

    Definitely want the sand color boots for winter! Would love to get some sweaters as well.

  4. 7.12.19
    Amy said:

    I love the Charlotte Tilbury lip kit! Just bought one of the hot lips too and I love her lip products!

  5. 7.12.19
    Helen L said:

    love all the basics

  6. 7.12.19
    Karla Graciano said:

    Loving the cami and the cardigan!

  7. 7.12.19
    Tina Newby said:

    I love their shoes! ❤

    • 7.13.19
      Mich said:

      My favorite things to buy are bags and shoes at Nordstrom

  8. 7.12.19
    Latoya Savage said:

    How exciting. My favorite things to purchase in the Nordstrom anniversary sale our shoes and jewelry! Thank You Amie!

  9. 7.12.19
    Ashley Lee said:

    My favorite thing to buy from the sale are basics (ie. tees, jeans, sweaters) and home products! I love trying out all the fancy high end candles at the amazing sale price! Plus, I can also use some as gifts! Thanks for sharing your picks and this give away!! <3

  10. 7.12.19

    Good morning from San Diego CA : ) … Hard to pick a fav, but I’m thinking probably the great deal on jeans and sweaters.

    • 7.12.19
      Sabrina G. said:

      I’ve never bought anything but it’d definitely be shoes!!

  11. 7.12.19
    Allison said:

    Hi Amie! So glad you uploaded your haul/posted this right before Early Access started. My favorite item is the Halogen Leopard print skirt! As always, your taste is impeccable ❤

  12. 7.12.19
    mati Barish said:

    I love to buy all the YSL lipkits! My favorite every year.
    By the way, you are fantastic!!

  13. 7.12.19
    Melissa said:

    Faves are always the shoes, the jeans, and top fave motto jackets

  14. 7.12.19
    Shelley T said:

    Love shopping for basics during the sale!

  15. 7.12.19
    Brittany T Lee said:

    I usually am excited to buy shoes and sweaters from the Nordstrom sale. Love your blog and video Amie! I was excited to see your video on youtube detailing the sale.

  16. 7.12.19
    Alicia Hernandez said:

    I love your must haves I want to get the cardigan it looks so soft love comfy clothes for the fall 🙂

  17. 7.12.19
    Christine R. said:

    I’m most excited to purchase the barefoot dreams pieces! We’re expecting our 2nd child in Sept. and it will be so perfect for lounging around and snuggling with her!

  18. 7.12.19
    Vibhuti said:

    Hi, I really like how informative your blog posts are, so thank you for them. I actually had no idea about this Nordstrom sale. But I do know I would love to get my hands on some boots, and anything makeup or fragrance related! Thanks, much appreciated!

  19. 7.12.19
    Tina Lee said:

    got the zella leggings last year an will be getting more this year along with the barefoot dream blanket!

  20. 7.12.19
    Pallavi G. said:

    I am excited to buy the Tory Burch bag. Love it so much!

  21. 7.12.19
    Kat said:

    Would love to get those boots and jeans!! love Nordstrom esp when they go on sale! Heaven! Much love

  22. 7.12.19
    Charissa Chung said:

    I loveeeee booties all year round 🙂 but they have to be comfortable. Walking in NYC is brutal with uncomfortable shoes

  23. 7.12.19
    Holly Hardwick said:

    I love to grab the barefoot dreams cardigans and blankets! They have been my favorite!

    • 7.14.19
      Dai said:

      I love getting coats and hangbags 😉

  24. 7.12.19
    Jenny Etienne said:

    Love your vids, they are always tastefully done!!!

  25. 7.12.19
    Jara said:

    My favorite thing to shop for in the sale is shoes, but I also stock up on jeans and cashmere sweaters for winter. Thanks for the heads up that silk pillowcases are on sale! I’ve been considering investing in some and now seems like the perfect time.

  26. 7.12.19
    Alicia Hernandez said:

    My favorite things to buy are the shoes 🙂 great deals

  27. 7.12.19
    Adriann said:

    I love to buy flats, sandals and handbags. This year I’m hoping to score barefoot dreams cardigans and socks. Thanks for the information – it is greatly appreciated!

  28. 7.12.19
    Lynne Zerance said:

    I have several items in my cart right now at Nordstrom’s – just waiting for the sale to start so I can see if any of them go on sale. Hoping to score a camisole or two and maybe a belt.

  29. 7.12.19
    Alicia Hernandez said:

    My favorite things to buy are the shoes great deals

  30. 7.12.19
    Vicky said:

    Sweaters are definitely on my list and now I’ll be adding the Spanx leggings from your video <3 Thanks for sharing!

  31. 7.12.19
    Yvonne said:

    I love getting jeans, booties, and cozy sweaters!

  32. 7.12.19
    Lesley Chiang said:

    I’ve had my eye on the Spanx leggings for a while now! So excited that they’re in the sale!

    • 7.14.19
      Sue said:

      The makeup sets are always a good deal when you can find the brands you already trust 🙂

  33. 7.12.19
    Lisa said:

    Barefoot dreams cardigans!! They are my favorites!!

  34. 7.12.19
    Hila Faber said:

    This year is going to be my first time shopping the NSale… looking forward to buying the barefoot dreams cardigan and TB crossbody.. Tnx for your vids ans blog posts.. Xxx

  35. 7.12.19
    Delia said:

    I love buying barefoot dream cardigans!

  36. 7.12.19
    Chris said:

    Cardigans … cardigans and more cardigans !! ❤️

  37. 7.12.19
    Jill said:

    Sweater and jeans!

  38. 7.12.19
    Tiffany Armstrong said:

    I love the barefoot dreams cardigan and the Vince booties!

  39. 7.12.19
    Yule Lee said:

    I love Nordstrom’s cashmere sweaters!

  40. 7.12.19
    Megan L said:

    I love to get blazers and sweaters during the sale.

  41. 7.12.19
    Kara said:

    Love the Tory Burch crossbody.

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  42. 7.12.19
    Bey said:

    Love Love Love AG jeans! I would love to get another, especially at a discount!

  43. 7.12.19
    Krysten C said:

    I love to buy boots and get started on Christmas gifting!!

  44. 7.12.19
    Vikki said:

    A Barefoot dreams cardigan and boots!

  45. 7.12.19
    Emma said:

    Haha, I’m very interested in those barefoot dreams socks. Not the most exciting purchase, but those socks look so freaking cozy!

  46. 7.12.19
    Patricia Rangel said:

    Hi Amie, my favorite items to purchase from the Nordstrom sale are the Wit and Wisdom Ab-solution high waist jeans.

  47. 7.12.19
    Samantha said:

    Cardis and camis! So many options and variations. Love them all!

  48. 7.12.19
    Mylinh Nguyen said:

    I am always so hesitant to buy the Barefoot Dreams cardigan because it is so pricey but I might go for it this year!!!

  49. 7.12.19
    Carly Brilliant said:

    I love the silk tanks and shoes!

  50. 7.12.19
    Natalie Wiebenson said:

    Shoes and sweaters! And it’s the one time of the year I restock on bras and underwear!

  51. 7.12.19
    Celine said:

    My favorite thing is buy is the barefoot dreams blankets! I get a new one every year!

  52. 7.12.19
    Christine Ko said:

    My favorite things to buy are shoes!!

  53. 7.12.19
    Meg Biederman said:

    I love buying denim in the sale and all things barefoot dreams 🙂

  54. 7.12.19
    Erika Perez said:

    Definitely would love to get a Barefoot Dreams cardigan this year!

  55. 7.12.19
    Jessica S said:

    My fav purchases are the blanknyc moto jackets and a pair of Vince camuto booties! Love watching your vids for style inspiration. I’m hoping to pick up the Tory Burch crossbody this sale!

  56. 7.12.19
    Kelly said:

    I love getting skin care items! I love it when they sell it in travel sizes and as a gift set.

  57. 7.12.19
    Lily said:

    I love to buy cozy cardigans and boots for the upcoming fall season!

  58. 7.12.19
    Karman said:

    I love getting shoes!

  59. 7.12.19
    Michele Enlow said:

    My favorites are Barefoot Dreams and the Nordstrom PJs:)

  60. 7.12.19
    Suzy said:

    I want anything and everything leopard! The cami, cardigan, skirt, dress, etc….. excited to pick everything up!

  61. 7.12.19
    Emily said:

    I love your blog!! Thank you for sharing your best and worst picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — this really helps narrow things down! I am hoping to get cute booties for the fall and winter!

  62. 7.12.19
    caty said:

    Hello, I would like to win the gift card. Everything look good, especially the Pleated Midi Skirt from HALOGEN

  63. 7.12.19
    Lena said:

    My favourite is Tory Burch crossbody bag!

  64. 7.12.19
    Sarah Heo said:

    My favorite is the blanknyc faux leather jacket! Thanks for the giveaway amie!

  65. 7.12.19
    Sophia said:

    Excited to pick up some wrap dresses and shoes!

  66. 7.12.19
    Agnes said:

    I love the Nordstrom Lingerie PJ set. I bought the black color from last year’s sale and am so excited to get the navy blue color this year!

  67. 7.12.19
    Mook said:

    Love their sunglasses!

  68. 7.12.19
    Devyn said:

    I’m going for all the beauty exclusives this year – alterna, supergoop, oribe, etc.!

  69. 7.12.19
    jonalyn barrett said:

    I would love to get the Cole haan flat shoes and the straight cardigan, look so comfy, I love how you describe the items it’s very helpful.

  70. 7.12.19
    Layla said:

    I love shopping the shoes!!!

  71. 7.12.19
    Stephanie Toribio said:

    The Spanx faux leather leggings! Can’t wait to scoop them up during the sale

  72. 7.12.19
    Dawn said:

    I am so excited each year. I already did my initial order… I got some camis, a pair of my favorite AG jeans, a lacy mauve color top with tie waist and a fun off the shoulder sweater. I have some stuff in my cart that I am debating still. I think I might get some boots as well.

  73. 7.12.19
    Paris H said:

    Barefoot dreams sweaters and shoes

  74. 7.12.19
    Juni Lama said:

    Looking forward to get those flats and Barefoot blanket for my mom. Also Jeans as I think it’s one of the best deals for designer ones.

  75. 7.12.19
    Angela said:

    Barefoot dream cardigan!

    • 7.13.19
      Brittany said:

      I Love the barefoot dreams socks!

  76. 7.12.19
    Emily Li said:

    Favorite thing to buy are boots! Ankle or over the knee boots 🙂

  77. 7.12.19
    Josie said:

    Tory Burch purse!

  78. 7.12.19
    Andrea said:

    Lace insert cami

  79. 7.12.19
    Paula said:

    The leopard print flats are adorable! I love love love buying shoes from Nordstrom.

  80. 7.12.19
    Faith C said:

    My favorite thing to buy are jeans and shoes! they always have such a great selection!

  81. 7.12.19
    Theresa N said:

    Love all the basics and dresses

  82. 7.12.19
    HuiMin G said:

    My favorite things to get from the sale are the basics and shoes. Love the Tory Burch crossbody!

  83. 7.12.19
    Joy said:

    Thanks so much for uploading this so quickly! This post and your video has been SO SO helpful. I can’t wait to go shopping now! My favorite thing to get during the sale are booties and sweaters for the fall!

  84. 7.12.19
    Sophie jarvis said:

    My fav thing to buy is definitely jeans in the sale

  85. 7.12.19
    Mimi said:

    I always stock up on bags and shoes!

  86. 7.12.19
    Leanne said:

    My favourite thing to buy from the Nordstrom sale are the BP cardigans, super cozy ! I been wanting the Barefood dream cardigan, but the sizes are always gone every year 🙁

  87. 7.12.19
    Bunny said:

    Great post! Love seeing try-ons with fashion bloggers that are my size, so helpful!! I’m looking forward to BlankNYC suede skirt!! And some wedge sneakers, either Caslon or Blondo! 😀

  88. 7.12.19
    Sarah said:

    I always love buying a great new top for fall-it can be any style, but something that makes me feel excited for the season and refreshes my wardrobe!

  89. 7.12.19
    Glenda Gonzalez said:

    My all time favorite is of course shoes and bags such a girl lol but you have me wanting that leather jacket it’s just beaut

  90. 7.12.19
    Mahrukh Khan said:

    I would love to buy a Tory Burch handbag

  91. 7.12.19
    Joana said:

    my favorite is the Tory Burch side bag. Love it in the blush color

  92. 7.12.19
    Janet said:

    My favorite thing to buy are the beauty items. It’s so funny. My 2 favorite beauty items I bought last year are the nuface toner and the glopro. I also love the silk pilllow cases and bought a few bearfoot dreams blankets for presents.

  93. 7.12.19
    Jenn Lynn Finn said:

    Cardigans and jackets!

  94. 7.12.19
    Catharina said:

    I love sam edelman shoes (despite your video!) but I am hoping to buy some more BP cami’s!

  95. 7.12.19
    Jessica W. said:

    My favorite things from the Nordstrom sale are the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and Blanket as well as the Tory Burch Crossbody!

  96. 7.12.19
    Sandy Supabyotin said:

    Hi Amie! I always get boots and cardigans from the sale…which I set an alarm for this morning and something still sold out! Haha. Thank you for the opportunity to win 🙂

  97. 7.12.19
    Kayley said:

    My favorite thing to buy from this Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw. I have been seeing them everywhere and I am so on board! It looks cozy.

  98. 7.12.19
    Arlene Puliyodil said:

    Boots in prep for the winter! Plus I start my holiday shopping early – their accessories are always a hit with my friends & family!!

  99. 7.12.19
    Irene said:

    I’m looking to buy some work basics for fall!

  100. 7.12.19
    Rachael said:

    Favorite thing to buy are the coats and boots! And I usually have decent luck getting my size shoe 🙂

  101. 7.12.19
    Melisa said:

    I love the cardigan!

  102. 7.12.19
    Kelly said:

    I want to get the blazer and I am a fan of silk tops.

  103. 7.12.19
    Nikki Englund said:

    I love love love a good camisole! Also, the Spanx. I have never tried them but will give it a go since they are on sale. Love your videos ❤️

  104. 7.12.19
    YL said:

    would love to purchase the Cole Haan shoes!

  105. 7.12.19
    Sammi Thorpe said:

    Hi Amie, just finished watching your video!! It’s right on time and LOVE it!! So excited about the Glopro, I am so glad that Nordstrom is including this on sale!!

  106. 7.12.19
    Jenn said:

    I have never bought barefoot products but am very excited to buy them from the sale. ESP the socks!!

  107. 7.12.19
    Elizabeth Scharfe said:

    Hands down, shoes! I love getting Christmas gifts for my friends as well. 🙂

  108. 7.12.19
    Adi said:

    I would love to invest in a pair of boots tnx for your giveaway!!

    • 7.12.19
      Maitri said:

      I love to get shoes and sweaters!! Or anything cozy really

  109. 7.12.19
    Alexis said:

    Cardigans and shoes!!! ☀️

  110. 7.12.19
    Effie Theodoratou said:

    jeans and camis!!

  111. 7.12.19
    Cynthia said:

    Thanks for being so generous Amie it’d be the midi skirts and camisoles for me xx

  112. 7.12.19
    Yarnie Chen said:

    I’ve always picked up a Barefoot Dream cardigan! Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. 7.12.19
    Angel said:

    My favorite items to purchase at the Nordstrom anniversary sale changes every year. Like last year I was all about dresses for every season. This year I’m into flats, lace camisoles, and a good pair of jeans. This is my favorite part of the year because that means autumn is approaching yay!

  114. 7.12.19
    Joy Kao said:

    I love the barefoot dreams items! Thanks for the giveaway, always look forward to your Nordstroms recommendations.

  115. 7.12.19
    Wajnat said:

    love your recommendations, I would love to get one of the lace dresses.

  116. 7.12.19
    Shinjae B said:

    Jeans and boots!!!

  117. 7.12.19
    Lisa Ong said:

    My favorite is definitely the jeans. U always have an eye for the perfect jeans. Can’t wait for the rest for ur Nordstrom post!

  118. 7.12.19
    Jenny Scott said:

    Faux leather leggings!

  119. 7.12.19
    Lien B Ha said:

    I love blazers! 🙂

  120. 7.12.19
    Sup3rXtine said:

    Love you Amie! You are so kind. Thank you for another giveaway. I’ve been eyeing that ASTR label dress for a while now and I love seeing it on you so I’m probably going to get that; but I’m sad that they don’t have a white one :(. The Cole HaAn flats look cute but I don’t really wear flats. I’m excited to try the Barefoot Dreams blankets that you’ve been raving about for years. Amie, my style icon LOL. Love you

  121. 7.12.19
    Adi said:

    My favorite is the cami

  122. 7.12.19
    Jiamin said:

    My favorite thing is shop for is definitely the AG jeans!

  123. 7.12.19
    Sasha Watson said:

    Jeans and a new fall/winter coat is what I usually look for in the sale. This year I’ve got my eye on the pleated floral dress by Leith. Crossing my fingers that my size is still left by the time it opens to the public!!

  124. 7.12.19
    Bailey Burnside said:

    I am hoping to pick up one of the leather jackets!

  125. 7.12.19
    sandra said:

    I like the jeans.

  126. 7.12.19
    Hannah Chan said:

    I’ve never picked up a Barefoot Dreams cardigan but definitely thinking about getting one this year. I also always love the shoe selection that Nordstrom has every year. Eyeing those Cole Haan flats you picked as well.

  127. 7.12.19
    Jenn said:

    Excited to try the barefoot sweater!

  128. 7.12.19
    Alina said:

    Love Tory Burch crossbody bag and lip kit! Also the leather jacket is great!

  129. 7.12.19
    Jackie said:

    I know to get excited for the Nordstrom sale when I see your video on it! 🙂 I’m pretty excited for maybe buying my first trench coat during the sale!

  130. 7.12.19
    Pamela said:

    Love your recommendations as always! I love to buy shoes during the sale

  131. 7.12.19
    Chloe Pang said:

    Hi Amie! I would love to purchase the Marc Jacobs snapshot camera bag

  132. 7.12.19
    zang moua said:

    You always have great recommendations for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I would be interested in some of the tops you recommended and will check them out.

  133. 7.12.19
    Eda said:

    I’ve got my eyes set on some Nike sneakers. There are some very pretty colors.

  134. 7.12.19
    Samantha Yoshino said:

    I love snatching up all the beauty deals during the Nordstrom sale!! I am definitely eyeing the CT Pillowtalk set as well as the GloPRO set this year!!

  135. 7.12.19
    Chloe said:

    Hi Amie! I would love to purchase the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Camera Bag

  136. 7.12.19
    Emily said:

    Love all of the leopard print items! Especially the midi skirt

  137. 7.12.19
    Katherine Shu said:

    Thanks Amie for the YT and Blog! This is one of my most looking forward season of the year. I am aiming to buy Beautybio tool and the lace camie 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. 7.12.19
    Mary Ann Tran said:

    Hi Amie!
    I plan on getting the pink Tory Burch shoulder bag since I missed it last year and probably those cute leopard flats.

  139. 7.12.19
    Chloe said:

    Hi Amie! My favourite thing to purchase from the sale are the basic pieces (tank top, layering pieces)

  140. 7.12.19
    Shelly Chen said:

    I’m looking to get a nice pare of jean and some accessories! Thanks for your recommendation as always.

  141. 7.12.19
    Gail Lee said:

    I Love the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan!

  142. 7.12.19
    Jane said:

    I always start with shoes and bags then move towards beauty, jewelry, and lastly clothing (cardigans are my fave).

  143. 7.12.19
    Lea Emerlyn said:

    I always like to buy a good sweater during sales since a good quality sweater can be difficult to find. Thanks for this giveaway!

  144. 7.12.19
    Sophie Butler said:

    I’ve never shopped at nordstrom as it’s not really in my budget, however I’d love to get a few quality pieces to elevate my wardrobe…or a Rebecca Minkoff handbag!

  145. 7.12.19
    Lisa L said:

    I am looking forward to purchasing the 1.State block heels and a Barefoot Dreams throw blanket!

  146. 7.12.19
    Krista Kontzamanys said:

    Beautiful items! My favorite pick is a yearly barefoot dreams cardigan, jogger or throw!

  147. 7.12.19
    Lucy Nguyen said:

    I would love to buy a new pair of boots, jeans, and camisole…perfect outfit for me ☺️

  148. 7.12.19
    Ateeya said:

    Hi Amie! My favorite thing to buy during the sale is definitely denim, I love stocking up during this time! 🙂

  149. 7.12.19
    Bernice said:

    I stock up on jeans and cardigans for the Fall!

  150. 7.12.19
    Lydia Chang said:

    Favorite things to get are sweaters, and cardigans!!

    This is a great post with good finds, Thank you Amie!

  151. 7.12.19
    CL said:

    My fave thing to buy is handbags!

  152. 7.12.19
    Yna said:

    In the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I love getting at least one pair of booties and one cardigan to get ready for fall! Thanks for doing this roundup post Amie 🙂

  153. 7.12.19
    Melissa said:

    Barefoot Dreams Cardigan and Rails Plaid button down!!! <3

  154. 7.12.19
    Ivy P said:

    I would love to stock up on essentials for my mommy uniform of tshirts (Madewell/B.P, etc.), and comfortable jeans 🙂 Thank you considering me for the giveaway

  155. 7.12.19
    Dinah said:

    I love the votive candle sales. Diptyque. Voluspa. Special promotions on cosmetics. Laura Mercier, Mac and Charlotte Tilbury.

  156. 7.12.19
    Janet said:

    My favourite is the Charlotte Tilbury set. Love their lipsticks.

  157. 7.12.19
    Anne said:

    I love buying beauty bundles and jeans!

  158. 7.12.19
    Natalie said:

    Cardigans are my fav thing to buy! Love a cosy sweater for fall and winter!

  159. 7.12.19
    Miranda said:

    Love to buy jeans and shop all the beauty exclusives!!

  160. 7.12.19
    Johanna Columbie said:

    So many good things, lol, but definitely Barefoot Dreams cardigans and blankets are a MUST!

  161. 7.12.19
    Cate said:

    Hello Amie, you sure got a variety of items there! My favorites are definitely totes and sunglasses. This year I plan to purchase the Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Leather Tote and Tom Ford sunglasses.

  162. 7.12.19
    Roxanna Dela Merced said:

    Hi Amie! i love the to haul on shoes and beauty sets from the Anniversary sale!! Also, the BP line for casual staples 🙂

  163. 7.12.19
    Tsui Yeung said:

    This is one of the most excited time of the year! I’m not a card member yet and so I have to wait till public access starts.

    • 7.12.19
      Tsui Yeung said:

      Forget to write what my favorite item was. My favorite is the Vince bootie, I love the color and style so much!

  164. 7.12.19
    Rose Riley said:

    My fave thing things to buy are blazer, jeans shoes and some beauty products this time I will surely get the Charlotte Tillbury set…Thanks for sharing yours and of course for the awesome giveaway.

  165. 7.12.19
    Teresa said:

    I would love to entire the giveaway! My favorite item to buy from the Nordstrom sale is the Barefoot dreams cardigan.

  166. 7.12.19
    Karren said:

    Love the camis. Seem really useful as well

  167. 7.12.19
    AC said:

    Hi Amie I like the alterna shampoo set they have every year. I also get spanx on sale. I’ve also gotten absolutely scarves. Previously spent way more on beauty items but don’t need anything now.

  168. 7.12.19
    Thilini said:

    I love to get basics like long sleeve shirts and sweaters and skincare sets!

  169. 7.12.19
    Maria Salinas said:

    Getting married in a month so can’t wait to pick up some home stuff from this sale.

  170. 7.12.19
    Jade Verrecchia said:

    I just bought a pair of Vince Camuto booties – the light tan ones! I also really want to get the Barefoot Dreams blanket. I got a BF sweater last year and it’s great for travel/airplanes!

  171. 7.12.19
    Viviana said:

    I have recently become In love with camisoles so I have taken advantage of this sale to order just a few 🙂

  172. 7.12.19
    Celeste said:

    I do adore barefoot dreams cardigans and blankets

  173. 7.12.19

    I have my eyes set on the nuface device you talked about in your video.

  174. 7.12.19
    Domenique Steverink said:

    Would like to give the halogen sweaters / cardigans a try since I have seen them in so many of your hauls. Seems like the perfect sweater but kinda spendy, so this sale is perfect!

  175. 7.12.19
    Anca said:

    I have my eye on the Leopard Print Flats and the Vince Ankle Boot. Thanks, Amie!

  176. 7.12.19
    Jules said:

    Love your Nordstrom posts and videos!
    My favorite thing to purchase from the sale is anything Barefoot Dreams!

  177. 7.12.19
    Marissa Calabro said:

    This is my first sale I’ll shop, and I have my eye on the BP camis-I’ve been searching everywhere for a cami that perfect!

  178. 7.12.19
    Lili said:

    Love your picks Looking to get the Valentino mini and the leopard midi skirt. Thanks.

  179. 7.12.19
    Janice said:

    I;d like the barefoot dreams cardigan

  180. 7.12.19
    Charlene Dang said:

    Love your picks! I want to get the Slip set, boots, Barefoot dreams cardigan & blanket!

  181. 7.12.19
    Tiffany said:

    I love the usefulness and versatility of the Longchamp Le Pliage expandable tote!

  182. 7.12.19
    Emily said:

    I love stocking up on basics! Bras, underwear, t-shirts, leggings, etc. I also almost always get a new pair of fall boots during the N Sale.

  183. 7.12.19
    Samantha said:

    My top favorites are the cardigan, camisoles, spanx leggings, and pjs!

  184. 7.12.19
    Skye Williamson said:

    I stocked up this year. BFD cardigan, tops and pants. Oh and I am trying the Spanx leggings. Super excited for the black booties I ordered.

  185. 7.12.19
    Jenna said:

    I always look at the accessories first! I already ordered the black BP bodysuit and a Blank NYC suede skirt! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  186. 7.12.19
    Kip said:

    I’m definitely picking up some of the lace trim camisoles and hopefully some cute bralettes to pair with them!

    (P.S. some of the links are connecting to the wrong items)

  187. 7.12.19
    Gaolee Yang said:

    My favorites are barefoot cardigans & camisoles.

  188. 7.12.19
    Frankie Martinez said:

    My favorite is the barefoot dream blanket. 🙂 so soft and cozy

  189. 7.12.19
    Michelle Ng said:

    SIMPLEST giveaway ever, I swear! I am so excited for the CT Set Pillow talk! I’ve heard about it and I really want to get my hands on it except I haven’t gotten round to spending more on cosmetics.

  190. 7.12.19
    Wendy said:

    This is my favorite sale every year! I love shopping every department but I’m always scoping out the handbags first, then the shoe department, which is followed by the beauty exclusives. So hard to pick!

  191. 7.12.19
    Anna Willis said:

    I Bought a blanket last year and adore it 🙂
    In 10 days I am relocating from London to Arizona to finally be with my long term fiancé on k1 visa scheme 🙂 after 4.5 years of long distance seeing each other for a week every few months I cannot wait.
    I would love to be able to buy some homeware for the apartment we are renting. I’d also love to get one of the lace dresses you have in many colours.
    Excited to be able to shop the sale in person next year 🙂

  192. 7.12.19
    Emily said:

    I love stocking up on all things barefoot dreams!

  193. 7.12.19
    Frankie Martinez said:

    The barefoot dreams blanket 🙂 so comfy and soft
    I also love halogen 🙂

  194. 7.12.19
    Ruth Shoulders said:

    I tend to have really good luck during the Nordstrom sale finding block heels, flats and booties. These are great pieces to add to my wardrobe each year!

  195. 7.12.19
    Senoli said:

    ahhhhh the shoe range is too good and too large for me to choose from, the vince ankle boots look tho

  196. 7.12.19
    Wenxin Xiao said:

    My favorite things to buy from Nordstrom sale are cashmere sweaters and pajamas! Cant get enough of them =)

  197. 7.12.19
    Maria said:

    I’d love to get a pair of winter boots and barefoot dreams cardigan!

  198. 7.12.19
    Ting-Ting said:

    Looking forward to getting some sweaters from the sale!

  199. 7.12.19
    Ashley M said:

    Hi Aime! My favorite items to purchase from the Nordstrom sale are fall cardigans. I love the beige one you featured. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  200. 7.12.19
    Jane Min said:

    I’m going to get the Dior lip set! I’ll have to look into your picks!

  201. 7.12.19
    Linda said:

    Thanks for opportunity for giveaway. This is actually my first time buying from sale. I have put things in basket before but then end up delaying, they sell out, I end up not buying. This year I’m definitely going try to get some things. I have a sweater, beauty buys and some spanx! in my cart at the moment. Love ur YouTube videos and happy to have found ur blog as well. Take care!

  202. 7.12.19
    Kate Driscoll said:

    I love the barefoot dreams blanket from the sale!

  203. 7.12.19
    Lynn Lynn said:

    I’ve never picked up anything during the Nordstrom sale. I tend to find items I want when it’s not a sale, but I have been wanting one of those Barefoot cardigans that people rave about year after year and a B.P tee and the mules

  204. 7.12.19
    Nagille WB said:

    Love to shop beauty related items and jewelry.

  205. 7.12.19
    Melissa Busscher said:

    All of the Tory Burch, especially the ballet flats!

  206. 7.12.19
    Belinda said:

    For me it’s all about the bags and fragrances. Thank you for the awesome videos you rock.

  207. 7.12.19
    Betsey Arvai said:

    I am getting the Blanc NYC drape front moto. Can decide which color. May get both. Lol. Also the rails flannel and the rails leather jacket. Can wait to try that one.

  208. 7.12.19
    Aimie S. said:

    I love buying Tory Burch sale especially the handbags! Thanks for the opportunity for giveaway!

  209. 7.12.19
    Carol Lee said:

    I’m excited to pick up the Slip silk pillowcases!

  210. 7.12.19
    Cassandra Márquez said:

    I Loved the camis and the animal print shoes! Always love comfort and have not found yet some animal prints flats that were well fitting and confortable! Love all your posts!

  211. 7.12.19
    Phuong Manh said:

    My favorite item to buy is shoes. And handbags too 🙂

  212. 7.12.19
    Tinisha said:

    I love the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan!

  213. 7.12.19
    Bazil S said:

    Hi Amie! Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I like buying their men’s fragrances and the sneakers sale. Thanks again!

  214. 7.12.19
    Marci Querubin said:

    I really love the lace trimmedcami and pleated skirt

  215. 7.12.19
    Marlene garcia said:

    I like the barefoot dream sweaters and beauty exclusives.

  216. 7.12.19
    Ari said:

    I go straight to the shoes and jeans! Also thinking about the Slip silk pillowcases.

  217. 7.12.19
    Desiree Pinto said:

    The Tory Burch tote!

  218. 7.12.19
    Verusca C said:

    Thanks Amie!!! I love the dress sales! and designer sunglasses!!

  219. 7.12.19
    Nari said:

    The booties which are a fall/winter staple!

  220. 7.12.19
    Crystal Lee said:

    Hi Amie! I love to get a nice jacket, jeans, and booties every year!

  221. 7.12.19
    Jessie said:

    I love the designer shoe sales at Nordstrom!!

  222. 7.12.19
    Angie said:

    I usually get a little bit of everything, but my favorite items to get during the sale are jeans! Thank you for the informative videos and the giveaway!

  223. 7.12.19
    Iris said:

    I’m excited about the BB Dakota trench and wrap coats, so cute and chic!

  224. 7.12.19
    Doris F said:

    Dresses and Sweaters! I take the opportunity to stock up on both. It’s been difficult for me to find dresses I like so I use your blog and youtube videos for inspiration!

    Side note, your detailed Chanel video really helped me with my purchase!

  225. 7.12.19
    Esther said:

    I love to get boots and a staple leather jacket!

  226. 7.12.19
    Vonny Chong said:

    I’m looking to get the Good American jeans this year!

  227. 7.12.19
    Yu Yang said:

    I browse the designer bag sale section as they’ve always got a great selection! Thanks for the giveaway

  228. 7.12.19
    Ada said:

    So excited to get the barefoot dreams cardigan!

  229. 7.12.19
    Alyssa said:

    I always stock up on Zella leggings and Barefoot Dreams!

  230. 7.12.19
    Allie said:

    Nike sneakers are on my list! What a good giveaway card that is!

  231. 7.12.19
    Kim-Mai said:

    I love looking for shoes amd work wear-there is such a variety that I can find something that looks amazing and is in my price range

  232. 7.12.19
    Sonia Marie said:

    Probably the Barefoot Dreams throws is my favorite! But this is the first sale I got a little crazy to try everything. Like you, I don’t have a Nordstrom’s close by, so online shopping for me. 🙂

  233. 7.12.19
    Alice said:

    I love to buy cardigan and Cami NYC!

  234. 7.12.19
    Rashmi Rajpal said:

    I would love to buy the cardigan and the bp camis ..and I would also like to buy some makeup and also a pair of Sam Edelman shoes.. omg its so much I would love to buy..I really wish I win..

  235. 7.12.19
    Donna M said:

    My favorite items to buy are the home fragrances (ie Nest diffuser). Great bundle deals!

  236. 7.12.19
    Leeann said:

    Hi Amie
    Being a mother of four kids all under the age of 10. Shopping for basic would be the ideal at the Nordstrom sale this year!!! Definitely cami, cardigans, jeans, sweaters, and of course shoes!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  237. 7.12.19
    Christine Panganiban said:

    My favorite thing to buy from the sale is always boots! Love stocking up for fall and winter! Although this year I might buy more wedding related things since I’m getting married next year 🙂

  238. 7.12.19
    Catherine said:

    I like to purchase bras and anything else that catches my eyes.

  239. 7.12.19
    Andrea Wong said:

    I really want another pair of Nike sneakers!

  240. 7.12.19
    Vandeth said:

    Hi Amie! I would get the TB crossbody. I love crossbody purses and I think the size of that particular crossbody is perfect!

  241. 7.12.19
    Jeanette said:

    This year I’m looking to buy some comfy flats and maybe a pair of knee high boots!

  242. 7.12.19
    Caroline said:

    I love the selection of cute jackets! I also am always on the hunt for a new pair of tennis shoes!

  243. 7.12.19
    Aimee said:

    I really wanted to get Something Navy Leopard cardigan in white and black but my size is already sold out :((
    But I am getting your recommendation cole haan flat in nude color !! :))

  244. 7.12.19
    Lauren Harper said:

    Hi Amie! I’m excited about the jackets and blazers!

  245. 7.12.19
    Bomnara DeGroot said:

    I have been eyeing the vince ankle bootie in suede as well! So cute!! I am mostly excited to get those boots and a Vince cardigan as well

  246. 7.12.19
    lily said:

    I like the BFD cardigan!

  247. 7.12.19
    Barbara Z. said:

    My favorite thing to buy is always the Spanx leggings!

  248. 7.12.19
    Agnes said:

    I am getting the Barefoot Dreams cardigan you recommended – it will be my first one and I’m so excited!!! Love all your videos!

  249. 7.12.19
    Vicki said:

    Hello Amie! I am excited to get my hands on the Spanx faux leather leggings! Can’t believe it is included in this sale!! 🙂

  250. 7.12.19
    Jackie W said:

    Hi Aime,
    I love getting the Jo Malone candle and cologne travel size sets. I stock up on them for Christmas gifts. I also get the cardigans, and addidas running shoes

  251. 7.12.19
    Jamie said:

    I have already bought the silk pillowcases and they are repurchases because I’m obsessed with the one I already own!

  252. 7.12.19
    Jen said:

    I looooove stocking up on kiehl’s shampoo and conditioner. Great time to buy Uggs for winter and my agl shoes!

  253. 7.12.19
    Jane said:

    I wanted the Something Navy leopard cardigan but it already sold out… so maybe some waterproof bootie!

  254. 7.12.19
    Flora Leung said:

    I always wait until the sale to stock up on NeuLash!! Had a really horrible experience with lash extensions a year ago that destroyed my natural lashes and the serum has really done an amazing job in bringing them back fuller and longer. Now I only need to wear one coat of mascara and I’m out the door!

  255. 7.12.19
    Audrey W said:

    Usually, I get a couple of dresses. This year, I also got the cami you recommended and a pair of Nike tr8.

  256. 7.12.19
    Michelle said:

    Sweaters and leggings!! Super excited to try the spanx leggings

  257. 7.12.19
    YS said:

    I always get the Nordstrom beauty gift sets!

  258. 7.12.19
    Alyssa Amante said:

    My favorite thing to buy from the Nordstrom sale are the BP camisole. I love the way it sits and is adjustable. I also love looking at the amazing dresses they have as part of the sale! I bought my bridal shower dress there! So amazing, comfortable and affordable!

    • 7.14.19
      Tanya said:

      Spanx tarel6go on sale. I brought a pair of the spanx leggings and a cami. I really wanted the leopard cardigan but it was sold out!

  259. 7.12.19
    Christine said:

    I’m getting the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette, Slip pillowcases and zella leggings!

    • 7.12.19
      Bianca G. said:

      Love your shoe choices! Excited to snag a pair of comfortable boots this year!

  260. 7.12.19
    Gold said:

    I really just jumped on the Nordstrom wagon and am most excited for the beauty and skincare deals!

  261. 7.12.19
    Britni M said:

    hoping to get some shoes/booties

  262. 7.12.19
    Vanessa Kassab said:

    Thank you so much for this giveaway and I absolutely love your videos! Keep em coming girl!!! My fave thing to get from the sale this year are the tall hunter boots!!!!

    Vanessa Kassab

  263. 7.12.19
    Rachel Lim said:

    I love stocking up on work out gears and kitchen gadgets during NAS. And the barefoot dreams cardigan I bought couple years ago is still one of my favorite purchases to this day!

  264. 7.12.19
    Melissa said:

    Love the cole haan flats and the fuax leather leggings! I would also love to try the nuface toning kit.

  265. 7.12.19
    Dana Chang said:

    I’m so excited for this sale! I’m going to stock up on basics but the camis you featured are so gorgeous. Maybe I’ll finally get a barefoot dreams cardigan. Thank you for your amazing post, as always!!!

  266. 7.12.19
    Kristy Nguyen said:

    I didn’t get any boot until i saw the Vince ankle boot you posted, so that’s what i love to get. Thanks for your video.

  267. 7.12.19
    Mimi Han said:

    I am so excited for bags and sweaters! Thank you for the recommendations!!

  268. 7.12.19
    Lakin Walters said:

    I’m sooo excited for this sale!!! I love picking up shoes and outerwear during the sale!

  269. 7.12.19
    Ting said:

    I’m a Jean girl so the deals on jeans is a must for me.

  270. 7.12.19
    Allison Madrid said:

    As always great picks!! I always bee line for the AG jeans. They are just about the only jeans I wear. BTW, great video coverage. I love that you are so honest with your opinions.

  271. 7.12.19
    Stacie G said:

    I always love their sweaters and jeans!

  272. 7.12.19
    Sunny said:

    I’d love to get the NuFace.
    Please enter me in your giveaway! So sweet of you to offer the gift – and thank you for all your great/helpful posts!

  273. 7.12.19
    Thanh said:

    I love the anniversary sale because I always get another barefoot dream sweater or pj

  274. 7.12.19
    Fiona said:

    Lancer exfoliating polish is a MUST!!! I also picked up some SuperGoop and the spanx faux leather leggings!

  275. 7.12.19
    Jaime said:

    Thanks for another thorough review! Can’t wait to finally get my hands on the barefoot dreams cardigan!

  276. 7.12.19
    krissy wong said:

    thanks for the giveaway. i love the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Kit. fingers crossed!

  277. 7.12.19
    Marina said:

    I love to get all my basics and some new booties!

  278. 7.12.19
    Maria Elaine Nono said:

    I love investing in a good quality outerwear since I live in a cold climate. Your opinions and recommendations are very helpful. Thank you for this blog. 🙂

  279. 7.12.19
    Breanna said:

    Loving your round up of items this year ! My fave thing to buy is definitely shoes but planning to buy a barefoot dreams blanket and possibly some candles this year !

  280. 7.12.19
    Jane C said:

    I’m going for the Cole Haan flats!! So cute 😀 and Cole Haan shoes have been so comfy for me 🙂

  281. 7.12.19
    Helena Liu said:

    I like the BP camis 🙂

  282. 7.12.19
    Rasha Howlader said:

    I love CT Pillow Talk so I will definitely scoop that up. I have never tried the Silk pillow cases so this is the perfect opportunity.

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  283. 7.12.19
    Michelle said:

    I loved the black and white checked blazer. I was on the fence about buying it, but you convinced me it was good quality. BTW, how tall are you? It would help me to figure out the correct size to buy.

  284. 7.12.19
    Jessie said:

    Everything you put in the Best of the Rest section looks amazing and I’ve also really been meaning to try out a few of the camis as they seem like nice layering pieces for work or just a nice blouse for going out. Thank you for the generous giveaway Amie!

  285. 7.12.19
    Cynthia said:

    I get a jacket or coat every year.

  286. 7.12.19
    Montine said:

    I just want to say, I love watching your videos. You have such great taste and I always know your recommendations are reliable! Thank you for making the videos you do!

    As for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I love to stock up on the long-line cardigans for fall and winter (Halogen and Leith are my favorite by far) as well as booties. There are some amazing deals!

    • 7.12.19
      Montine said:

      Oops, and I’m in the market for a moto jacket this year, so I love that you tried so many on. You definitely limited down a couple for me. You are right, too boxy and the collar is way to big on one of them.

  287. 7.12.19
    Mary J said:

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Camis and shoes are the name of the game for me this year!

  288. 7.12.19
    Ann said:

    Always love the shoes in the Nordstrom sale! Just bought the Vince Camuto knee high boots

  289. 7.12.19
    Carol Stripling said:

    Barefoot Dreams of course!! I’m also looking at some new booties! Thank you for the chance!!

  290. 7.12.19
    Carol Stripling said:

    Barefoot Dreams and Vince Booties!!

  291. 7.12.19
    Delshelia Miller said:

    The thing I look forward to are great fall shoes.

  292. 7.12.19
    Kristine Manalili said:

    My favorite is the Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Tote for sale!

  293. 7.12.19
    Joanne said:

    My fav thing to buy at Nordstrom are dresses and shoes! thanks for all the great tips on which shoes are comfy and which are not, since I dont have a Nordstrom close to me, it’s always hard to tell which one I should really get in person! Thanks also for doing this amazing give away!

  294. 7.12.19
    Nadine said:

    Hi Amie,
    My favorite things to purchase at Nordstrom are shoes and beauty.

  295. 7.12.19
    Elena said:

    I love the barefoot dreams blanket

  296. 7.12.19
    tina a consoli said:

    The barefoot dream cardigan & booties!

  297. 7.12.19
    Lina said:

    Favorite thing to buy are definitely shoes!

  298. 7.12.19
    RLissa said:

    Coats are my fave! They always do such amazing ones.

  299. 7.12.19
    Chong said:

    I’m loving all the cardigans. Can’t wait for the fall weather.

  300. 7.12.19
    Maribel said:

    I enjoy buying bags, shoes, denim, workout gear, beauty products…. pretty much everything!

  301. 7.12.19
    Amy Wong said:

    I love to get different kind of shoes especially boots from the Nordstorm Anniversary Sale. Please enter me to the giveaway. Thank you, Amie.

  302. 7.12.19
    Sharmesa Rogers said:

    I love bony levy jewelry and Steven madden boots.

  303. 7.12.19
    Tasha said:

    I love the leopard print cardigan, Spanx leggings, the Cole Haan pumps, and the ASTR dress

  304. 7.12.19
    Shelly Kim said:

    I love the leopard flats and the Nike FlyKnit sneakers!

  305. 7.12.19
    Janice Tan said:

    The Natori bra! I have two so far and they are so comfortable!

  306. 7.12.19
    Debbie Pickering said:

    I will always head to the shoe department first. Would love to invest in some new sandals and flats.

  307. 7.12.19
    darleen aguilar said:

    I love the barefoot dreams items!!

  308. 7.12.19
    Mahin said:

    I’d love to get a pair of winter boots and barefoot dreams cardigan and the silk camis!

  309. 7.12.19
    Catriona McPherson said:

    I love to pick up a new handbag, especially if I can get a pricier one at a discount that means I don’t have to pay import duties

  310. 7.12.19
    Dandi D said:

    Everything looks amazing, but I’d really like to get some AG jeans!

  311. 7.12.19
    SK said:

    My eye is on that leopard print skirt!

  312. 7.12.19
    Erica Montilla said:

    I’m hoping to be able to purchase the leopard print skirt.

  313. 7.12.19
    Joyce said:

    Yay! I was wondering if you were going to shop the sale this year again. I loved your choices and appreciate the ‘misses’ since I’m not really one to try on tons and tons of things in store – so that really narrows down my list. I’m heading into Nordstrom to get my hands on the Madwell
    Ryder Stripe Cardigan Sweater. Can’t wait to see your next video so see your haul!

  314. 7.12.19
    Jenna said:

    I looooove the Good American skinny jeans you featured above, as well as a Good American flare style I have been eying from the sale…but I cannot decide between the two

    P.S. Love your Chanel videos, I could watch them for hours!!

  315. 7.12.19
    Lily Z said:

    The barefoot cardigans and BP camis are a must have! I’m looking forward to trying on the new blondo booties this year!

  316. 7.12.19
    CX said:

    I am thinking to get the BP white cami.

  317. 7.12.19
    Kiki Khan said:

    Those Spanks leggings and the BFD cardigan are on my must have list!! Great blog post and love your YouTube videos, they’re so informative and fun!

  318. 7.12.19
    Jenny said:

    Hands down my favorite thing from the NSALE every year is their MoonLight pajamas. I buy 3 sets every year and rotate them because they are just soooo soft and comfortable! I’ve even gotten them monogrammed and gifted them as gifts before. They’re perfect!

  319. 7.12.19
    Thuy Dang said:

    I adore the Astr the label lace midi dress. The baby pink one looks darling!

  320. 7.12.19
    Marion said:

    Beauty and coats/sweaters. I usually use this time to fill in gaps in my fall wardrobe.

  321. 7.12.19
    Fanny T said:

    I think you’ve got me convinced on those Nordstrom pajamas!

  322. 7.12.19
    Joyce said:

    My must get is the Barefoot cardigan.

  323. 7.12.19
    Sandy said:

    My favorite things to buy are boots and their skin care kits 🙂

  324. 7.12.19
    Swati said:

    I always look out for a good, basic bootie. Also love to get a few cozy sweaters and camisoles! I love your picks for the sale!

  325. 7.12.19
    Amie Willoughby said:

    I’ve never shopped the Nordstrom sale before, but I’m definitely trying for sweaters, shoes & that gorgeous Tory Burch Crossbody!!

  326. 7.12.19
    Wendy Seraph O'Kane said:

    Thank you Amie for sharing your loot with us! I’ve always like to buy barefoot dreams and Natori Bras during the sale. Comfort is everything to me i supposed =)

  327. 7.12.19
    Felicia Tan said:

    Hello! My favorites would be the astr dress and havana boots!

  328. 7.12.19
    Anabelle Hooper said:

    Heya! Thanks for the update on NS, yay! My fave is yeah, checking on handbags and wallets and accessories! And if I win, for sure I’ll get that TB crossbody right away.

    Thanks and more power, Amie. Love your blogs, vlogs.


  329. 7.12.19
    DM said:

    Loving the Rebecca Minkoff Edie belt bag!

  330. 7.12.19
    Navleen said:

    Would like to be a part of the giveaway. Favorite thing is the Tory Burch cross body! Super interested in getting it and the beauty items you mentioned in your YouTube video! 🙂

  331. 7.12.19
    Angela said:

    I love to get a pair of designer jeans on sale every year!

  332. 7.12.19
    Laura Barbarise said:

    I absolutely love buying the boots, cardigans, and outerwear from the Nordstrom anniversary sale!! My favorite season is the fall time so I take advantage of this sale once it arrives every year. Nordstrom always does a fantastic job with the sale and I can’t wait for all my new goodies to arrive!

  333. 7.12.19
    Erica said:

    Id love to be part of the giveaway! Those cardigans you showed look super comfy, would love to give them a try 🙂

  334. 7.12.19
    Kai said:

    Love the lace camy! And anything Barefoot!

  335. 7.12.19
    Tommie said:

    Cardigans! I live in these year round .

  336. 7.12.19
    Lily said:

    My favourite thing to buy from the Nordstrom sale are shoes!

  337. 7.12.19
    Erin said:

    Barefoot Dreams for sure!

  338. 7.12.19
    Yanira Franco said:

    Hey! Super excited thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a gift card …. my favorite items to get in the anniversary sale are the skin care products in particular the Lancer and the Oribe hair spray such a good purchase oh! And the barefoot cardigan with the blankets must have!!! In my opinion … thank you again have a great rest of your day!

  339. 7.12.19
    Halle said:

    I love to buy the barefoot dreams blankets/cardigans and jeans!

  340. 7.12.19
    Yasmin Felimban said:

    My favorite things to get from the sale are jeans and boots.

  341. 7.12.19
    Jennifer Ramirez said:

    Totally crushing on the Sam Edelman boots and so excited to try my first Barefoot Dreams cardigan <3

  342. 7.12.19
    Judy said:

    Hi Amie! I am ordering the indigo Topshop Joni jeans. Topshop is my favorite for jeans because they come in petite length. I am also eyeing the BP camisole!

  343. 7.12.19
    Anna Tran said:

    I would love to buy one of the barefoot dreams cardigans. Or any of their products really, i keep hearing how soft, warm and cosy they are. I know they are pricey but maybe i should pull the trigger lol

  344. 7.12.19
    Shirley said:

    Beauty is always best value during NAS. You can’t beat the selection and exclusives.

  345. 7.12.19
    Hannah said:

    I think the cami tops have my name on them this time, and maybe the spanx leggings.

    • 7.12.19
      Carol said:

      My favorite items to buy during the sale are tops – camis, tees, and sweaters. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  346. 7.12.19
    Michelle said:

    I love buying sweaters, cardigan and shoes during the Nordstrom sale. This year however I am most excited for the Hum Vitamin Gummies that I ordered. Can’t wait to try them and see if it really works..

  347. 7.12.19
    Patricia Nguyen said:

    My favourite things to buy are basic staple wardrobe pieces! I’m going to try the BP Cami this year 🙂

  348. 7.12.19
    Alex said:

    My favorite thing to buy at the sale is jackets!

  349. 7.12.19
    Natalia said:

    Thank you for the wonderful post! I was eyeing your ASTR dress for so long, I think I need it for my birthday in a couple of weeks! And Spanx leggings are sooo tempting!

  350. 7.12.19
    Joana said:

    my favorite was the sand colored boots! ❤️ Will definitely check it out!

  351. 7.12.19
    Audrey Yang said:

    moto jacket from topshop!

  352. 7.12.19
    Elsie said:

    Love the BP camisoles too, going to add more colors into my collection!

  353. 7.12.19
    Anh Nguyen said:

    I’ve been looking for a pair of neutral flats for so long. Thanks to you, I tried on the Cole Haan and LOVED IT!!!

  354. 7.12.19
    Melody said:

    I live for home fragrance finds! Every yr I buy the Diptyque 5pc set and something from Antica Farmanista. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  355. 7.12.19
    KC Melaragni said:

    I dying to purchase some Tory Burch flats and more things from Barefoot Dreams!! Love your picks Amie!!

  356. 7.12.19
    Laila Keshavjee said:

    Definitely the Barefoot Dreams cardigans. I picked up the same 2 in the same color that you mentioned. Still debating about the TB crossbody bag.

  357. 7.12.19
    Kim Henrichs said:

    I always like to snag a good fluffy cardigan for winter!

  358. 7.12.19
    Angelica said:

    Awesome giveaway! I would love to get anything with leopard print

  359. 7.12.19
    France said:

    My favorite thing to buy are the Voluspa candles and a nice coat!

  360. 7.12.19
    K said:

    I love the draped faux leather jacket!

  361. 7.12.19
    Anna Pry said:

    boots and jackets would be my fave

  362. 7.12.19
    J said:

    Love barefoot dreams

  363. 7.12.19
    So Jeong said:

    I’ve been searching for affordable knee high boots that are not too high. I will definitely be checking out the Vince Camuto you’ve picked!

  364. 7.12.19
    April said:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Eyeing the BP camisoles! I missed out on it last year.

  365. 7.12.19
    Coco said:

    Love the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk kit!

  366. 7.12.19
    Alice said:

    Love the AG jeans!

  367. 7.12.19
    Christine said:

    Veronica Beard blazers!

  368. 7.12.19
    Freddy said:

    Love the outerwear selection including jackets and coats

  369. 7.12.19
    Iris Cheng said:

    probably getting nike running shoes

  370. 7.12.19
    Diana said:

    Hi Amie! Thank you for all your honest and informative reviews as always! Please enter me in this giveaway. My favorite items to buy at the Nordstrom sale would be Volupsa candles and diffusers.

  371. 7.12.19
    Chloe said:

    The Charlotte Tilbury Set and the face toner!

  372. 7.12.19
    Claudia M Alarcon said:

    My favorite thing from the Nordstrom sale are those leopard print flats! Definitely getting them!

  373. 7.12.19
    Debbie said:

    I definitely want to get another barefoot cardigan. I Purchased one last year and wear it all winter long. Please enter me in the giveaway. I love the video

  374. 7.12.19
    Tiffany said:

    my favorite thing is (I want) to buy AllSaints suede jackets!

  375. 7.12.19
    Zang said:

    I love stocking up on boots and sweaters for the fall!

  376. 7.12.19
    Zang said:

    I love stocking up on boots, jeans and sweaters for the fall!

  377. 7.12.19
    Will said:

    like the shoes on sale in particular the running shoes

  378. 7.12.19
    Donida said:

    I love their sunglasses and bags! Would love to use the gift card towards a bag! Sending hugs from the USA!

  379. 7.12.19
    Lauren said:

    First time mom here – I’ve been waiting to buy the Nuna Rava convertible car seat!

  380. 7.12.19
    Tara Jobe said:

    I’m skipping the sale this year (unless I win, Lol)! In past years I usually pickup some boots. Thanks!

  381. 7.12.19
    Kim M. said:

    My favorite things to buy are coats, sweaters and boots. All of my favorite things to get me excited for my favorite season, Fall/Autumn. Thanks for your recommendations, I always look forward to them! 🙂

  382. 7.12.19
    Erica said:

    My favs are the basics such as the sweaters boots and t-shirts. Plus I like to buy the Tory Burch flats during the sale for work.

  383. 7.12.19
    Stella said:

    I absolutely love the Vince boots and barefoot dreams cardigan!

  384. 7.12.19
    Saba S said:

    I would go for a comfortable pair of shoes or a bag ….something different can totally change your look and your mood!

  385. 7.12.19
    Jessica said:

    I love checking out the beauty sets!

  386. 7.12.19
    Adele Molica said:

    I always love the blazers, jackets, and sweaters!! So fun!

  387. 7.12.19
    Tiffany Voss said:

    B.P. Cardigans & Steve Madden Booties!

  388. 7.12.19
    Adele said:

    I always love the blazers, jackets, and sweaters!! So fun!

  389. 7.12.19
    Stephanie Ann said:

    I’m hoping to get the T3 Cura Hair Dryer and a pair of Steve Madden Jillian Booties in taupe!

  390. 7.12.19
    Karin Wong said:

    I absolutely love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My favorite item this year was the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk set. I love this color and i was so happy Nordstrom offered this set!Ka

  391. 7.12.19
    nareh said:

    I love buying blondo boots (weatherproof) and love vince boots… and don’t forget the sale on certain beauty items! Lastly, they have good deals on basic long sleeves!

  392. 7.12.19
    Kathy Van said:

    Hey Amie, for the Nordstrom sale, I love boots, jackets and cardigans! My picks are: the BP lace cami in polka dot, the Barefood Dreams cardigan, BB Dakota Wade Drape Front Faux Sued Jacket (sold out in the colors I wanted), BB Dakota Revolution Drapey Bouclé Trench Coat, & the Steve Madden Everly OTK boot!

    Also love your YT channel and have only discovered it this year when I was doing research on a luxury handbag or two…based on your reviews, I ended up buying the Gucci Soho Disco AND the YSL WOC in the new nude/silver hardware combo.

  393. 7.12.19
    Carly Shaw said:

    This is my first Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale and I’m so excited! I have a ton of shoes and sweaters saved to my wishlist waiting for public access to open…can’t wait!

  394. 7.12.19
    Lisa Margolis said:

    You’re so right about the Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I bought one today!

  395. 7.12.19
    Bonnie Yang said:

    I love buying shoes from Nordstrom, especially mules and booties!

  396. 7.12.19
    Eunhae Ki said:

    My favourite thing to buy at Nordstrom are jeans! I would love to try out the Barefoot Dream cardigan this year! 🙂

  397. 7.12.19
    Sharon feng said:

    I love the dresses and shoes from the sale. I can’t wait until the 19th.

  398. 7.12.19
    Alice Jiang said:

    Hi Amie! I love the more “luxury” jeans for this sale 🙂

  399. 7.12.19
    Sherry said:

    Hi Amie!’m! I absolutely love this sale! It’s my favorite sale to stock up for fall staples and everything home! Give me all the candles and blankets! I always get a pair of AG jeans as they are pretty pricey! I splurged on a barefoot dreams blanket this year and I’m SO excited!!!

  400. 7.12.19
    Kusam Ghai said:

    What I would but with $300 bucks at Nordstom you ask ..
    Definitely cardigans and booties and skincare, oh my!!
    Thanks for the giveaway
    A fan I am ‍♀️

  401. 7.12.19
    Ruthney Shaw said:

    My favorite is the leopard print skirt. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  402. 7.12.19
    Sharon said:

    Hi Aime! So glad you posted a video for this sale! I would love to purchase the BP camisole! I never considered buying the silk ones but these are just too chic and affordable. (:

  403. 7.12.19
    Mina said:

    I absolutely love purchasing cardigans on sale as they can be super pricey regular price. I also love purchasing Tory Burch sandals that are on sale as I would prefer to buy TBs on sale than full price!! Thank you for this generous give away!

  404. 7.13.19
    Jessica W. said:

    Definitely buying some spanx leggings but you’ve sold me on the Barefoot dreams blanket! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  405. 7.13.19
    Krislyn said:

    Based on the number of positive reviews on the barefoot dreams cardigan, I think it’s time to pick one up for myself. Loved your youtube video! And thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway <3

  406. 7.13.19
    Camila said:

    I will get some coat and warm sweaters to prepare for winter!

  407. 7.13.19
    Shalini Rajapaksha said:

    Hello Amie!! Loved your new Nordstrom Sale video. I would love to buy the Tory Burch Crossbody and the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk kit! (its sooooo pretty!!). As always, thank you for the generous giveaway!

  408. 7.13.19
    XiaoJ said:

    My favorite thing to buy from the sale this year are petite jeans.

  409. 7.13.19
    Michelle Reyes said:

    Probably cardigan, shoes and jeans. Thanks for the give-away!

  410. 7.13.19
    Lola said:

    I’m obsessed with the Dior mascara set such a good deal!

  411. 7.13.19
    Tuyet said:

    You always have great recommendations that I start buying sweaters and shoes from them ❤️

  412. 7.13.19
    mami2jcn said:

    I’d like some Tory Burch boots.

  413. 7.13.19
    Tina T Nguyen said:

    I love to get simple items that are staples in my wardrobe like sweaters, jeans and shoes because I know the quality is great!

  414. 7.13.19
    Hazel said:

    I’ve been wanting to get a good leather jacket and a nice cozy cardigan. Stay Classy as always

  415. 7.13.19
    Marina Kamel said:

    Love all of these but if I had to pick, definitely the shoes for sure!! Thanks Amie.

  416. 7.13.19
    Yvonne Lam said:

    Thanks for the giveaway and list. I’ve never participated the Nordstrom sale before but I’m totally eyeing the Vince camotu boots you picked this time!

  417. 7.13.19
    Young said:

    Jeans! Shoes for my daughter. Cardigans, of course!

  418. 7.13.19
    Samantha Voss said:

    Oooh a bag from YSL!

  419. 7.13.19
    Amanda Davis said:

    Great blog post! I love the Nordstrom sale! My favorite things to look for are sweaters and new fall shoes and this year I also have those BP camisoles and a Barefoot Dreams cardigan on my list. I may also have to add the socks from your list to my cart as they look extremely snuggly.

  420. 7.13.19
    Jenna said:

    Sweaters!!!!! Love browsing the shoes and bags too.

  421. 7.13.19
    Suzie said:

    Love camis and cardigans!

  422. 7.13.19
    Pang Vang said:

    Love your haul videos! I’d definitely put outerwear, shoes, and blouses at the top of my list. That pleated halogen skirt though… Love your style!

  423. 7.13.19
    Corinne said:

    I love the Barefoot dream cardigans!

  424. 7.13.19
    Nancy said:

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’m going to buy Longchamp again since it’s one of my all time faves!

  425. 7.13.19
    Della Ritchie said:

    Loved absolutely everything!!!

  426. 7.13.19
    Mlette said:

    Had to force myself not buy another Longchamp Expandable tote this year! My absolute fave! Thanks for the giveaway!

  427. 7.13.19
    Johanna said:

    I love the ASTR dress! Been eyeing that dress for a while now!

  428. 7.13.19
    Rosa said:

    I would like to enter the giveaway!! 🙂
    My top 3 favourite things to get at the Nordstrom sale are:

    1. Handbags (specifically Tory Burch or Kate Spade are my favourites).
    2. Shoes
    3. Watches!! Olivia Burton and Michael Kors are at the top for me!

    As always, thank you for sharing!!

  429. 7.13.19
    Olivia said:

    Love the Barefoot cardigan! Wish I could own them in every single color 🙂

  430. 7.13.19
    Myra said:

    Shoes!!!! And makeup and sweaters

  431. 7.13.19
    Fanny said:

    I love the Tory Burch crossbody bag. Thank you for helping navigate and select the best items.

  432. 7.13.19
    Jessica said:

    I love buying shoes during the anniversary sale and I’m looking forward to getting the pjs this year! Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing what’s on your list! 🙂

  433. 7.13.19
    Mariam said:

    My favourite thing to buy is sweaters and blankets, especially barefoot dreams!! Thanks for sharing your pics Amie xx

  434. 7.13.19
    Lucy said:

    My favourite is the ASTR dress!

  435. 7.13.19
    Alea Wealick said:

    Please enter me for the gift card! I love the lepord skirt!

  436. 7.13.19
    Michelle Haddad said:

    I will most definitely be snagging the Jo Malone set, Nike’s, casual tops, and high waisted jeans !! Woo can’t wait for next Friday !!

  437. 7.13.19
    Thea Ambrose said:

    Hi Amie, my favourite item are the AG Farrah Jeans… can’t wait to get them! You always have the best picks! I also have my eye on the Tory Burch clutch ❤️

  438. 7.13.19
    Megan said:

    Love buying anything from barefoot dreams!

  439. 7.13.19
    Brigitte Walter said:

    I’ll definitely be checking out the Cole Haan flats! And I love the makeup sets offered during the Nordy sale as well as the Longchamp bags!

  440. 7.13.19
    Bailey said:

    Those Vince ankle boots are GORGEOUS. I’ve been looking for a good pair and these seem like just the thing!

  441. 7.13.19
    Jen said:

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! I’m hoping to buy a barefoot dreams blanket or blanknyc jacket!

  442. 7.13.19
    Eileen said:

    I have 2 fav things to buy from the sale…a pair for fall booties & cardigans!

  443. 7.13.19
    Brynda said:

    My favourite things to buy from NSale are Coleman Haan shoes, cardigan and jackets. 🙂 hope I get to score them this time.

  444. 7.13.19
    Annie said:

    Love the Cole Haan flats!! Hope I can pick a pair up.

  445. 7.13.19
    Catherine said:

    I’m interested in the bp cami, Nordstrom pj set and hopefully they will have on sale the notori bras. Also look fwd to any beauty sets! Thanks for your wonderful vlog and this blog to keep us abreast of the sale amie.

  446. 7.13.19
    Monica Garza said:

    My favourite sale!!!

    • 7.13.19
      monica Garza said:

      The soft pjs are my favourite

  447. 7.13.19
    sushi said:

    I love to get pumps, jeans and totes for sure

  448. 7.13.19
    Suria said:

    I would like to get the Barefoot Dreams cardigan and the Halogen blazer, they look really lovely! Thanks for the awesome video as always, Amie!

  449. 7.13.19
    YL Chiao said:

    Definitely shoes! I’ll be buying the Cole Haan flats! 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  450. 7.13.19
    Lulu said:

    Anything from Halogen

  451. 7.13.19
    Sandie Pipkin said:

    My favorite sale items are definitely shoes and slg’s. Those pj’s did look really inviting too!

  452. 7.13.19
    Helene Pham said:

    Astr the label dress! Coral shade looks amazing!

  453. 7.13.19
    bea said:

    Great selection, always fun seeing your buys! Cole Haan flats are very appealing, feeling spendy 🙂

  454. 7.13.19
    Jessica Ordonez said:

    YESSSS!!! Thank you for this blog! My absolute favorite, which I am purchasing right now are the Slip silk pillowcases. I was so excited to see them on sale.

  455. 7.13.19
    Mae said:

    Looking forward to finally getting the blazers and camis!

  456. 7.13.19
    Sanaz Rykwalder said:

    I would by the lace camisoles! I have been eyeing them since I have seen them on your channel and would love to try them out 🙂

  457. 7.13.19
    Lorna G said:

    I usually get zella tights but this year I am interested in the camisoles and the wubby pullover

  458. 7.13.19
    Kiley Tchang said:

    Hi Amie!!!! You are so generous to be blessing ys with two giveaways! My favorite things to buy are the BP lace camisole and the barefoot dreams cardigan! You inspired me to buy them last year heh. I am so excited!!! Thanks again you are too sweet to us. ❤️

  459. 7.13.19
    Alice said:

    Shoes and purses <3

  460. 7.13.19
    Roselle Guzman said:

    Loved your suggestions, esp. about the Cole Haan flats and Dream cardigans. Every year I pick-up the Dior lip sets 🙂

  461. 7.13.19
    Janet Meyers said:

    I always go for the value sets in the cosmetics. Some of the deals are incredible, such as with Trish McEvoy, Bobbie Brown and Perricone. ‘‘Tis” the time to stock up!

  462. 7.13.19
    jean said:

    the madewell whisper tees and bp camisoles

  463. 7.13.19
    Libby Grube said:

    I love to stock up on work clothes! Especially a classic wrap dress.

  464. 7.13.19
    Eva X. said:

    The discount on shoes are always my go to – they have an amazing selection and quantity!

    • 7.14.19
      Bonita Wong said:

      I loooove the jeans and the black faux leather jacket. I feel like it’s so hard to find well fitted skinny jeans that are comfortable Nd stretchy ! Also the black jacket is at such a good price !

  465. 7.13.19
    Rosie said:

    I adore the Ramsey Genuine Calf Hair Flat by Cole Haan!!!

  466. 7.13.19
    Surbhi said:

    I live for the bedding and sheets from Nordstrom! and I’d love to win this giveaway!!! XO

  467. 7.13.19
    Liane said:

    Absolutely adoring those silk pillow cases and cole haan flats! Hope you have fun shopping at the sale!

  468. 7.13.19
    Jenny cai said:

    I love the blazer, tank top and flats combo from your favorites list!! That’ll be my picks with the gift card 🙂

  469. 7.13.19
    Debbie said:

    I love shopping for comfy cardigans and sweaters for the fall/winter!

  470. 7.13.19
    Mary Ann B. said:

    I would love to get the camis and the barefoot dream cardigan/robe! Those are on my lists as of right now

  471. 7.13.19
    Lucy said:

    I love getting classic pieces from the Nordstrom sale because they are high quality and last a lifetime! In this case, the Chelsea 28 leather jacket looks super nice. A classic!

  472. 7.13.19
    Julia Tatang said:

    I love shopping for blazer, Cardigan and the camisole.

  473. 7.13.19
    Lisa said:

    I love stocking up on basics

  474. 7.13.19
    Michelle D. said:

    Zella leggings!! I lost some weight and need to size down. Perfect time of the year to get them while they are on sale!

  475. 7.13.19
    Allison said:

    I’m a Nordstrom Sale first timer! So excited! Hope I win the giveaway 🙂 🙂

  476. 7.13.19
    Jina said:

    I would love to get a nice pair of jeans and the barefoot dreams cardigan everyone is raving about!

  477. 7.13.19
    Judy Nguyen said:

    Shoes are my favorite thing to shop for during the sale!

  478. 7.13.19
    Haley said:

    Shoes and dresses! Can’t get enough of them!

  479. 7.13.19
    WP said:

    Love your YT and blog! Thank you for the gift away. I love buying shoes at Nordstrom sale.

  480. 7.13.19
    Vanessa Charette said:

    Love buying the Barefoot Dreams cardigan. They are super comfy and cute.

  481. 7.13.19
    Ren said:

    This is my first real Nordstrom sale and I’ve had my eye on this tweed coat for fall/winter!

  482. 7.13.19
    Jenna Brown said:

    Booties and cardis! I also love stocking up on my favorite beauty products and finally ordered my first Barefoot Dreams blanket!

  483. 7.13.19
    Michelle said:

    Jeans and shoes every time. Can’t pass them up!

  484. 7.13.19
    Jersey Ip said:

    I love their bags and shoes

  485. 7.13.19
    Mariella C said:

    I want to enter the giveaway! I would get the BP cardigan because it looks amazing! And I saw a halogen light pink sweater that I need to have 🙂

  486. 7.13.19
    Maggie said:

    Very curious to try the microcurrent device! Thanks for your recs, I will also be getting the AG jeans! 🙂

  487. 7.13.19
    Rachel Enochs said:

    My favorite thing to score at the sale is a new investment piece that I would otherwise not be able to afford. A new handbag or watch that can get regular use is the best Nordstrom find!

  488. 7.13.19
    Marta Kolar said:

    Barefoot dreams cardigan

  489. 7.13.19
    PRC_boston said:

    I always pick up something from barefoot dreams always. Its no different this time.

  490. 7.13.19
    Erin Manuel said:

    I am so excited to try out the flared Good American jeans!

  491. 7.13.19
    Nicole P said:

    I am in love with the Barefoot Dreams sweaters as well so I’ll definitely be picking up another one of those!

    • 7.13.19
      Imrana Ahmed said:

      I think this is my year to finally pick up some barefoot dream cardigans for me and my mom and my sisters!

  492. 7.13.19
    Alexandrea Feaster said:

    I love the bear foot dreams blanket and cardigans!

  493. 7.13.19
    Janet Ho said:

    Love your pics ! Hopefully some things restock!

  494. 7.13.19
    Ariana said:

    I’m most excited about the barefoot dreams cardigan!

  495. 7.13.19
    Alison Phongsavath said:

    Barefoot dreams cardigan!

  496. 7.13.19
    Amy Li said:

    I really love the Vince booties!!! Trust all your picks love your style xxx

  497. 7.13.19
    Tiffany Soo said:

    I love the upgraded basics and jeans!

  498. 7.13.19
    Elizabeth Perrotta said:

    Denim and boots!

  499. 7.13.19
    Elia said:

    Love the anniversary sale to stock up on jeans & blazers. Love they carry plus size for ladies like moi. Prepping for Fall since I live in a place with 4 seasons!!!!

  500. 7.13.19
    Helen J said:

    Hi! I love shopping for sweaters and shoes during the Nordstrom sale 🙂 love your videos!

  501. 7.13.19
    Jennifer L said:

    My favorite thing to buy is the Nordstrom lingerie sleepwear. They are so comfortable and perfect for the summer weather! I will be buying some to gift as well as for myself.

  502. 7.13.19
    Aqua Marine said:

    i love getting jackets and basics like tshirts

  503. 7.13.19
    bn100 said:


  504. 7.13.19
    Yenny C. said:

    My favorite thing to buy is shoes!!!

  505. 7.13.19
    So-Hee Kim said:

    I love buying shoes and cardigans from Madewell during the Nordstrom sale!

  506. 7.13.19
    Nicole said:

    Living for the ASTR dress!

  507. 7.13.19
    Monique said:

    Love this!! Thank you! I would buy the bear foot dreams cardigan and the Halogen leather jacket.

  508. 7.13.19
    Lisa said:

    I love looking at their shoes and cardigans

  509. 7.13.19
    Kyra said:

    Hi Amie!
    I love looking at the beauty, skincare, haircare and also bags and shoes

  510. 7.13.19
    Sun said:

    I’m excited for the BP Cami, you worn them so well!! Would love to own it too!

  511. 7.13.19
    Karen said:

    Considering how much use I get out of denim my favourite item has got to be the AG jeans!

  512. 7.13.19
    Sarah Bonsall said:

    So excited to get my first barefoot dreams cardigan! Also planning on getting the pajamas you recommended. Enjoy your trip!

  513. 7.13.19
    Janette A. said:

    I love buying boots and makeup from Nordstrom!

  514. 7.13.19
    Emily L said:

    I would really love to get some AG or Levi jeans from the sale. I also love the beauty sets, particularly the Dior lip sets and the La Mer Skincare sets.

  515. 7.13.19
    Kristin said:

    Definitely sweaters. Love them for the fall

  516. 7.13.19
    Bonnie Robinson said:

    Love your picks!! My favorite things to buy are the jeans and barefoot dreams cardigans from the sale!!!

  517. 7.13.19
    Chelsea said:

    Hi Amie, I definitely love getting shoes since I have small feet, Nordstrom is one of the few places where I can find shoes that fit!

  518. 7.13.19

    Really looking for a pair of nice work flats (I bought a pair that hurt and I can’t return them now) and hopefully a nice boyfriend plaid blazer for work and play! Love your coverage and style

  519. 7.13.19
    Young Pak said:

    I’m thinking of getting the pajama set after watching your video and those Cole Haan flats!

  520. 7.13.19
    Chia said:

    I want to get the lace cami but am never able to snag it in time =(

  521. 7.13.19
    Amy W said:

    My favorite this year is that Madewell Polka dot skirt. You’re the only other blogger who mentioned it! I’m hoping I got the size right. I should probably order another in my normal size just in case. Love your picks! And thanks for doing a giveaway!

  522. 7.13.19
    Jessica Todd said:

    I purchased the BlankNYC faux leather draped jacket in black; I am excited for the boots and outerwear at the sale.

  523. 7.13.19
    Stephanie said:

    A quality pair of jeans!

  524. 7.13.19
    Iliana Sanchez said:

    Favorite is the Cole Haan Flats in major need of some good flats that are also stylish for work so I was happy to hear your review on these thank you!

  525. 7.13.19
    Amy W said:

    Oops! I meant Free People polka dot skirt!

  526. 7.13.19
    Anna said:

    I’m eyeing the Spanx leather leggings!

  527. 7.13.19
    CC said:

    My favourite things to pick up are definitely some nice boots or cardigans and jumpers 🙂

  528. 7.13.19
    Laurel said:

    Jeans and boots for fall are a must! But I also like looking for great deals on higher price items like jackets!

  529. 7.13.19
    L Truong said:

    My favourite thing to buy are leggings, my favourite are the Zella ones!

  530. 7.13.19
    Victoria said:

    Just went to Nordstroms today! Got my husband a pair of jeans and I love stocking up on beauty supplies

  531. 7.13.19
    Riza said:

    Everything looks so good on Amie!!! I always purchase Natori bras and Clinique’s Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, and Lips cause it’s the huge bottle.

  532. 7.13.19
    juliana said:

    I love the Zella live in leggings!

  533. 7.13.19
    Iris said:

    My favorite items to buy are makeup: Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, and YSL!

  534. 7.13.19
    Martie Acob said:

    My favorite things to get are cardigans, cardigans, cardigans, and more cardigans!! Ahaha

  535. 7.13.19
    Connie said:

    I’m definitely going to buy multiple colors of the camis. They look great on you! 🙂

  536. 7.13.19
    Sarah Kinsey said:

    barefoot dreams cardigan!

  537. 7.13.19
    Ellie said:

    I would love to get The TB cross body and black leather jacket also the boots

  538. 7.13.19
    Gladys said:

    My favourite things to buy are the Beautybio GloPro and the Nuface toning kit 🙂

  539. 7.13.19
    Dorothy said:

    Loved your vlog! Looking forward to buy the Tory Burch crossbody in pink too!!

  540. 7.13.19
    Sushmitha Jois said:

    Love the COLE HAAN leopard print flats. Definitely looking at buying them.

  541. 7.13.19
    Erica said:

    I love the Cozy n Chic cardigans!

  542. 7.13.19
    Gloria said:

    The barefoot dreams cardigan sold out last year so hoping to get it this year with nice booties!

  543. 7.13.19
    Linda said:

    I would love to get a barefoot dreams cardigan and glopro! ^_^

  544. 7.13.19
    toni kang said:

    I never bought anything from the anniversary sales but im really eyeing the tory burch’s pink purse!!!

  545. 7.13.19
    Annie said:

    AG jeans!

  546. 7.13.19
    Yenny V said:

    I’m a beauty girl, so my favorite things are the beauty sets. I love taking advantage of the sale to try really really expensive brands that I would cringe to pay full price. I also stock up on lip things & skincare.

  547. 7.13.19
    Peter Lew said:

    I ordered my wife the Cole Haan flats and the blazer.

  548. 7.13.19
    YL said:

    Love love the Tory Burch clutch! Beautiful picks.

  549. 7.13.19
    Bawan said:

    My favourite thing to buy at the sale at the shoes. I love their selection of shoes!

  550. 7.13.19
    Liz said:

    I love the Tory Burch crossbody the most out of all of your picks!

  551. 7.13.19
    Mia said:

    Since you introduced the Barefoot Dream Cardigan in one of your hauls it has been a staple item in my wardrobe, especially as part of my travel capsule. I’m also going to try and nab a few BP Camisole to add to my wardrobe Always love your recommendations and I can’t wait to see what your Nordstrom haul will be like. I wonder if the Golden Goose Sneakers will go on sale because I have been lusting after a pair for ages.

  552. 7.13.19
    MENGYI said:

    I REALLY love the vince coute booties , and also the legging from the spanx

  553. 7.13.19
    Jane S said:

    My favorite thing to buy at the sale online are handbags & shoes! If I go into store, I like to buy sweaters.

  554. 7.13.19
    Monique said:

    Shoes and barefoot dream cardigans!

  555. 7.13.19
    Rebecca N said:

    My favourites from Nordstrom are definitely jeans and blazers. Can’t get enough of them!

  556. 7.13.19
    Beatrice Chang said:

    I’m excited to get some booties 🙂

  557. 7.13.19
    Chloe said:

    I’m looking forward to buying a Tory Burch tote bag because my current one is nearly broken can’t wait for the sale!

    Thanks Amie for your shopping guide and for the giveaway ❤️

  558. 7.13.19
    Arlene said:

    I love the Barefoot dreams cardigan and wit and wisdom jeans! Thank you for your recommendations!

  559. 7.13.19
    Kendra said:

    I’m looking forward to the camisoles.

  560. 7.13.19
    Sabrina Pan said:

    I love to get the beauty items, already picked up my beauty bio glo pro and so excited to use it!

  561. 7.13.19
    Ngoc said:

    The BP lace camis, barefoot dream cardigan, AG jeans and diptyque candles are some of my favorite things to pick up from the nordy anniversary sale

  562. 7.13.19
    Koay said:

    I’m on the search for a pair of white jeans and a chic coat. I’ve been eyeing your Claudie Pierlot one, do you happen to know a dupe with a lighter price tag? And if it’s on the Nordstrom sale? Hehe #twobirds

  563. 7.13.19
    Debra Steinbaugh said:

    My absolute faves are the Barefoot Dreams Blankets! I bought two different colors of the leopard. They are yummy!

    • 7.13.19
      Debra Steinbaugh said:

      PS I just put the faux leather Spanx in my cart.

  564. 7.13.19
    Sally said:

    My favourite thing is the ASTR dress; you look lovely in that dress!!

  565. 7.13.19
    Je said:

    I adore the Barefoot Dreams cardigan! Every year you post about them and every year I dream of getting one!

  566. 7.13.19

    Accessories! Bags or earrings are my fave. I tend to stay away from getting clothes as I’m really short and skinny (trying to gain weight constantly) so they never fit me, haha! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  567. 7.13.19

    I love the sweaters and the flats

  568. 7.13.19
    Aliza said:

    Shoes all the way!

  569. 7.13.19
    Christine said:

    BlankNYC jackets and boots because I live in boots and jackets come around Fall/Winter months!

  570. 7.13.19
    Julia said:

    I love shopping for skirts that are a bit above the knee.

  571. 7.13.19
    Monica said:

    I’m always look forward to the Barefoot Dreams cardigan, Zella leggings (getting the maternity version this year!), and the Nordstrom hydrocotton bath towels (so plush!).

  572. 7.13.19
    Dayna said:

    My favorite designers in the sale are always barefoot dreams and Zella. I picked up the barefoot dreams long cardigan you recommended in black – so soft! Thanks for the recommendation and please enter me in your giveaway!

  573. 7.13.19
    Maribel Sarante said:

    Hi Amie..awesome picks!!! I live the BF dreams cardigans!! OMGggg I’m in luv with the Vince booties in that color on your vid, I so want them , but idk they’re pricey, but GORGEOUS & classy just like you Thank you for the recommendations & loved you did gifts & misses on your vid . Please enter me in your giveaway.

  574. 7.13.19
    Stephanie Kelly said:

    My hands down favorite pick is the Nuface. I purchased mine last year in the sale. I also love the Barefoot Dreams cardigans and blankets. ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  575. 7.13.19
    Mahila said:

    My favorite things to buy are skincare items!! I love to pick up some SPF from supergoop.

  576. 7.13.19
    Mariska said:

    I would love to be able to buy some of the lace cami’s.
    Really like your style!

  577. 7.13.19
    Ashley G said:

    So shocked the Slip pillowcases are included in the sale – they’re top of my list!

  578. 7.13.19
    Cynthia said:

    My favorite purchases from the Sale are usually shoes and this year is no exception! I have my eye on the Cole Haan Callista sandal, and think it would be perfect to wear to work (I start my first job in the fall!) or out with friends!

  579. 7.13.19
    Edye said:

    I love buying jeans at this time!

  580. 7.13.19
    Jin Chan said:

    On my wish list to buy are AG jeans, Barbour jacket and Cole haan flats!

  581. 7.13.19
    Natalia Alvarez said:

    Barefoot dreams cardigans

  582. 7.13.19
    Emma said:

    I never shopped Nordstrom before..but I need those Vince ankle boots in my life!

  583. 7.13.19
    Varsha Saketharaman said:

    Loved the Charlotte tilbury line and nadri jewelry!

  584. 7.13.19
    Peggy Johnson said:

    Barefoot Dreams….oh so soft & cuddly…that’s just the start of my list 🙂

  585. 7.13.19
    Karen said:

    I love the Veronica Beard blazers!

  586. 7.13.19
    Tima Green said:

    My favorite things to buy at Nordstrom are shoes and bags.

  587. 7.13.19
    Anne n said:

    I love bare foot dreams. I live for comfort and beauty.

  588. 7.13.19
    Priscilla said:

    This year I’m going to choose the Spanx faux leather leggings or the Commando faux leather leggings. I need to see which ones suit me and which ones I like the look and feel from and keep the best one. I’m also after the J Crew leopard shirt with the red collar that I think everyone wants–it’s already sold out!

  589. 7.13.19
    Jess W said:

    I’m so excited to get a knee high boot for fall. I missed it last year and won’t make the same mistake this time around!

  590. 7.13.19
    JoEllen Richard said:

    Just bought the BF cardigan, PJ’s and Charlotte Tilbury kit!! Love your post :).

  591. 7.13.19
    Cinthya Guzman said:

    Hello I’m a new mommy and what I love about the sale is definitely all the shoes and handbags!! Ohh and all the barefoot dreams items. Love what you do!!

  592. 7.13.19
    Nina T. said:

    I love buying fall cardigans and jeans from Nords!

  593. 7.13.19
    Koh Ying Ying said:

    On top of my list would be the Barefoot Dreams cardigans and designer jeans.

  594. 7.13.19
    chelsea w said:

    Definitely a long cardigan or some loafers! I’ve been dying to get some loafers or a pair of mules.

  595. 7.13.19
    Anna said:

    Shoes I love shoes!!

  596. 7.13.19
    Connie said:

    I have also been keen to try out the Spanx faux leather leggings!

  597. 7.13.19
    Tania Leung said:

    I need that barefoot dreams cardigan!

  598. 7.13.19
    Kathy said:

    I’m eyeing that leopard print skirt. It’ll be perfect for summer and fall! Thank you for sharing!

  599. 7.13.19
    Anita Yii said:

    Hi, I love to buy booties and handbags in Nordstrom. Wish to win n buy buy buy. Thanks for giveaway, Amie!

  600. 7.13.19
    Linda said:

    Love the BlankNYC faux leather jacket that you tried on!

  601. 7.13.19
    Charmaine Chikumbindi said:

    I would love to get my hands on the sand coloured boots ❤️❤️

  602. 7.13.19
    Marina Martinez said:

    My favorite thing to buy from the Nordstrom sale is Natori.

  603. 7.13.19
    Doris said:

    Love the barefoot dream cardigan! Got it also for my mom and sister!!
    Thanks for you post and video! I brought almost everything per your recommendation!!!

  604. 7.13.19
    Chelsea You said:

    I would love to buy the Barefoot Dreams cardigan!

  605. 7.13.19
    Victoria Bryant said:

    I am going for the Barefoot Dreams throw this year. Have purchased several cardigans so now it it time for a throw in my life!

  606. 7.13.19
    Jacqueline Bracero said:

    I like to get the cardigans and the camis!

  607. 7.13.19
    Fran said:

    I love picking up the Diptyque 5 candle set as Christmas gifts for my family 🙂 Thanks for the helpful post, Amie!

  608. 7.13.19
    Regine said:

    Madewell mule and beauty tools!

  609. 7.13.19
    Karen said:

    I like the Barefoot Dreams cardigans so I think I’ll purchase a few for my daughters and myself . Great video and thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  610. 7.13.19
    Dawa said:

    I’ve already got two of the 1.state pumps from your recommendation. Im getting a third one in the mauve color! Excited for the giveaway

  611. 7.13.19
    Celeste said:

    I love the barefoot dream socks, 1 state Saffy Block Heel Pumps in black leather, Halogen hidden button long sleeve blouse in Taupe leopard, and Halogen leopard print long cardigan. I love your recommendations.

  612. 7.13.19
    SACHA said:

    I’m definitely going to be looking at camis this year! With the heat here in New York City, I definitely want more camis to wear.

  613. 7.13.19
    Sarina Wong said:

    That astr the label dress looks GORGEOUS on you — can’t wait to pick it up on the sale!

  614. 7.13.19
    Ven said:

    Favorite is the chic Barefoot cardigan and blanket.

  615. 7.13.19
    Ivy Savage said:

    I always love the beauty items. This year I’m going for the Supergoop setting spray, Living Proof shampoo and conditioner, and definitely some boots.

  616. 7.13.19
    monique said:

    I love love love the barefoot dreams cardigan! I definitely am going to pick some up this sale and I also plan on picking up Spanx leggings!

  617. 7.13.19
    Jane said:

    I love getting a new pair of jeans (so might give AG a try) and as part of my uniform outfit – a nice blazer – the Halogen one in your video looked really nice!

    P.s. thanks for the awesome giveaway! xo

  618. 7.13.19
    Jane said:

    I love getting a new pair of jeans (so might give AG a try) and as part of my uniform outfit – a nice blazer – the Halogen one in your video looked really nice!

    P.s. thanks for the awesome giveaway! xo

  619. 7.13.19
    Katie said:

    Absolutely love to check out the blazers and get one or two! They have great deals.

  620. 7.13.19
    Angelica Tran said:

    I love getting jackets. The Moto jackets this year are so cute and Im also eyeing a quilted Northface jacket!

    Ps. Thank you so much for your videos and honest reviews!

  621. 7.13.19
    Jenny W said:

    My favorite thing to buy are handbags – I love Tory Burch and Kate Spade 🙂

  622. 7.13.19
    Jan said:

    You are amazing! I’ve been following your YouTube channel for years! Thanks for the give away!

  623. 7.13.19
    Jill said:

    I would love to check out the barefoot dreams cardigans because I hear so much about them! So cute!

  624. 7.13.19
    Tiffany Gong said:

    AG Farrah Jeans and the CT set

  625. 7.13.19
    Rita said:

    love the Vince boots!!!

  626. 7.13.19
    Heidi said:

    I’m definitely taking advantage of the sale to pick up some hunter wellies!

  627. 7.13.19
    Manivanh Lasaphoumy said:

    As a mom of 3 with kids, all starting school soon they usually take predominance over my wants but I’ve always tried to get the Zella live in leggings.

  628. 7.13.19
    Stephanie said:

    Aw love your content! I’d love to be entered in your giveaway <3 !! have been watching your videos for over a year now 😛

  629. 7.13.19
    Karen Ferreira said:

    Thank you for doing this!! You’re so sweet . I love everything, but I would pick the Moto jacket and Barefoot Dreams cardigan

  630. 7.13.19
    Sayaka Rupacha said:

    I’d definitely love to get the Vince boots and the blazer!

  631. 7.13.19
    Rochelle said:

    Shoes! But now I have the faux leather leggings also on my list 🙂

  632. 7.13.19
    shannon ponce said:

    I love getting shoes from the Nordstrom sale! Shoes are my weakness

  633. 7.13.19
    Tyara Clayton said:

    I’m very excited to stock up on beauty products. I always stock up on my favorite perfume, makeup, and skincare products this time of the year so that I’m all set until the next sale!

  634. 7.13.19
    Kathleen Lau said:

    I’m loving the barefoot dream cardigan and blankets. I just repurchased 2 of the cardigans (the same one you recommended and love too)!

  635. 7.13.19
    Martina Ledezma said:

    Thank you for doing this giveaway and for the very helpful and detailed video. I’m extremely excited for this sale. I’m excited for the camis, they look beautiful, youthful and fresh. Also for the ag jeans. The fit looks extremely comfortable. Thanks again.

  636. 7.13.19
    Bernadine Battle said:

    I am looking to purchases some new investment pieces. That I can use year round, Mother jeans, Vince booties, bp cami, etc!

  637. 7.13.19
    Palak Jain said:

    Love all your suggestions from the sale. I would buy the AG jeans, NYC faux jacket and the Nike sneakers and the Keith cardigans..

  638. 7.13.19
    Stephanie Burgess said:

    I always look for a great cardigan so the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan with the pockets would be ideal for me. I always pick it up when I get a chance.

  639. 7.13.19
    J Ahn said:

    Hi Amie,

    I watch your recommendation annually so I don’t have to go through everything on
    My top picks are AG jeans, tops,and PJs usually.
    Thank you for your detailed info.

  640. 7.13.19
    Erin Heltne said:

    Love this sale! I usually stock up on jeans and sweaters to prepare for Fall and I’m a sucker for a nice pair of boots.

  641. 7.13.19
    Lori said:

    My must-have every year from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a pair of AGL flats, whether classic or on-trend styles.

  642. 7.13.19
    Dechen said:

    I love YSL, Tom Ford. Clarins, Dior beauty deals during the anniversary sales. This year I am also looking forward to Charlotte Tilbury’s special if any. Thank you Amie for your beautiful Youtuber channel.

  643. 7.13.19
    Xiaoyu said:

    I love the cardis and the camis, and of course the makeup sets!

  644. 7.13.19
    Angie Tran said:

    I really want to try Nuface but is too expensive!

  645. 7.13.19
    Caitlyn said:

    LOVEEE the lace cami. Want them in all the colors!

  646. 7.13.19
    Allisa said:

    So many great wardrobe essentials in this sale! I typically stock up on my Le Mystere bras, but those Cole Haan flats are calling my name.

  647. 7.13.19
    Silvie said:

    I love leopard print on anything
    So adding this Eliza J ‘ can be dress up or down’ dress to my Wishlist and hoping it would still be available when the public access opens since I live in Australia and the Nordstorm Card is not available to us.

  648. 7.13.19
    Beatrice Chang said:

    I’m excited to get the pointed toe booties and Charlotte Tilbury lip set.

  649. 7.13.19
    Nguyet Phan said:

    Thank you for your giveaway! I have my eye on the Cole Haan flats and the BP lace cami.

  650. 7.13.19
    Paramita Putri said:

    My favorite things to buy from the Nordstrom are definitely sweaters, sweaters, and sweaters! I got the Vince boots based on your recommendation, and I’m loving them so far! Super comfy, as always thanks Amie! 🙂

  651. 7.13.19
    XJ said:

    Oh man, I have a much lower budget this year than all the previous years (just moved to a new apartment!), but my top picks are the Oribe travel set, the Diptyque candles set, and the ASTR dress in emerald!

  652. 7.13.19
    Deb said:

    Hi Amie! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I’m looking to pick up the Tory Burch Everly T-strap sandals as well as the Everly flats!

  653. 7.13.19
    Lily said:

    I’d love to shop for some basics in the sale. I just graduated and started my first full time job, so I’m looking into investing in some higher quality clothes – this sale is perfect for it!

  654. 7.13.19
    Kriti said:

    I’m always excited for the beauty items (especially face masks!) and casual jackets/blazers I can throw on top of outfits for a night out.

  655. 7.13.19
    Erin M said:

    My must have is the Barefoot Dreams cardigan, I bought one last year but I need more colors. It’s the most comfortable cardigan ever.

  656. 7.13.19
    Dame Marjorie said:

    Shoes! I stock up on my go-to work pumps (Sam Edelman Hazels) and then some trendy items!

  657. 7.13.19
    Maria Chrystal Pinlac said:

    Supper love the cardigans and boots!!! Nice selection Amie♥️

  658. 7.13.19
    Jenique Yearwood said:

    Definitely the barefoot dreams blanket in soft grey… always wanted to own one of these and quality looks amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  659. 7.13.19
    Jenn said:

    I’m going to try to get the leggings, bp cardigans, and leopard flats. Love the blog and vlog! It was helpful to know the misses too!

  660. 7.13.19
    Jenique Yearwood said:

    A barefoot dreams black because they look so soft and cozy and I wouldn’t be able to get anything like it where I from.

  661. 7.13.19
    Anam said:

    Hi….I’m looking forward in buying the pillow talk lip set..maybe some shooes

  662. 7.13.19
    Hannah H said:

    I love to get the Natori bras in the sale! As well as staple fall sweaters and cardigans. I’m definitely going to snatch up the Charlotte Tillbury set and those leopard print shoes! Thanks for the great content Amie 🙂

  663. 7.13.19
    Marie said:

    I would love to buy the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip kit. the color is just beautiful!

  664. 7.13.19
    Paulina said:

    The cardigans and booties! Loving everything this year ❤️❤️❤️

  665. 7.13.19
    Trang Nguyen said:

    My favorite thing to buy is cosmetics in the Nordstrom sale. I would love to have your giftcard to fund a Tomford eye quad set they normally come up in the sales

  666. 7.13.19
    Eunice Rhee said:

    the cole hann flats in you video super cute! the blush one is cute because it would be great for work!

  667. 7.13.19
    Nadia L. said:

    Thanks for great review. It makes our job easier to buy items during Annual sale. My favorite items will be Tory Burch Crossbody bag in light pink color, and Nike white sneakers. Also I love the sets from Tom Ford beauty department. I never win, but hopefully I will be lucky this time.

  668. 7.13.19
    Melissa said:

    Love the jeans and booties.

  669. 7.13.19
    Tori Holtje said:

    I live, LIVE, for Zella leggings! It’s the first thing in my cart every time. This is the greatest sale of the year and I am always excited to get my fall wardrobe going. 🙂

  670. 7.13.19
    Irina said:

    My favorites from the sale are leather jackets and shoes. I’m always on a hunt for nice work shoes. Just ordered Cole Haan nude flats based on your recommendations!

  671. 7.13.19
    Daniella Bonagura said:

    So many choices! I’m definitely eyeing jeans, jackets and shoes!

  672. 7.13.19
    Kara said:

    I definitely love to splurge on designer denim, tons of cardis and sweaters and at least one piece of outerwear!

  673. 7.13.19
    Sarah Harvey said:

    The jeans and booties are my favorite things to pick up during the sale!

  674. 7.13.19
    Aggie said:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite but if I had to only pick one thing, I would say it’s the barefoot dreams blanket. I have the cardigan but I can’t seem to pull the trigger on the blanket just yet. It’s so expensive .

    I have the Nordstrom Home Bliss Plush throw and it’s so soft and cuddly. I use it in the living room and for my baby and it’s held up so well and stayed super smooth and soft.

    I always look forward to your picks! Saves me so much time! Thank you!

  675. 7.13.19
    Marieke said:

    I would totally buy some good quality basics. Or a nice pair of over the knee boots.

  676. 7.13.19
    Allison said:

    Can’t wait to try the Beauty Bio GloPro!

  677. 7.13.19
    Melody Zhao said:

    I love to buy boots and cardigans from the sale, I really love the Barefoot dreams one I got last year!

  678. 7.13.19
    Amy said:

    My favorite thing to buy from this sale is Tory Burch Shoes.

  679. 7.13.19
    Alyssa said:

    I always have to get at least one Barefoot Dreams cardigan!

  680. 7.13.19
    Stella Moore said:

    I would like to buy some pretty flat shoes. Then I can walk my dogs in style xxx

  681. 7.13.19
    Karen Pham said:

    My favorite things to buy from the sale are Barefoot dreams blanket, and cardigan.

  682. 7.13.19
    Kathryn D said:

    I love buying things that I’ve lusted over for a year but were too expensive to purchase full price. My favourite purchase to date has been a merino cardigan 🙂

  683. 7.13.19
    Jackie Osborne said:

    Nordstrom’s Cole Haan Ramsey flats in blush are exactly what I need for work during the summer months! We have to wear closed toe shoes, and these are very stylish!

  684. 7.13.19
    Theresa J said:

    I love buying shoes

  685. 7.13.19
    Alexus said:

    I absolutely love getting cardigans/ sweaters, jeans as well as fall booties! Thank you so much for such an amazing giveaway! Absolutely love your channel and blog <3

  686. 7.13.19
    Eileen said:

    I have bought mostly beauty this time around and haven’t bought shoes yet lol trying not to go overboard but I’m looking forward to the Charlotte Tilbery lip set as well as Lancôme duo serum set

  687. 7.13.19
    Jessica said:

    Enter me please. I’m most excited about the Vince booties.

  688. 7.13.19
    Jennifer said:

    I’m most excited about the leopard cardigan.

  689. 7.13.19
    Danielle Carter said:

    I love getting shoes and sweaters in the sale.

  690. 7.13.19
    Justina said:

    Looking forward to getting the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan!

  691. 7.13.19
    Eilene Letriz said:

    Loved all your choices, Im a plus size girl and thankfully they’ve got lots of options this year. <3

  692. 7.13.19
    Diana said:

    You have great style! Your side slit skirt with bodysuit below gives me life! Haha.

  693. 7.13.19
    Ellie said:

    I’m starting my first job in September so I can’t wait to buy a whole work wardrobe!

  694. 7.13.19
    Kat said:

    I’m looking at some sneakers and leggings!

  695. 7.13.19
    Mansi said:

    Hi , I have been trying to update my wardrobe . I have had change in style with getting older , will be 34 this fall . Changing wardrobe needs money , so I’d be grateful if I win this gift card and I would use it to buy some basics , especially the good quality jeans and some knits . Please enter me in the giveaway . Totally random I always enter your giveaways – never gotten lucky .

  696. 7.13.19
    LILIBETH YU said:

    I love the charlotte tilbury lip set and the camis! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  697. 7.13.19
    Nina said:

    I would love to buy the faux leather jacket!

  698. 7.13.19
    Amanda said:

    I got the same boots!!! Love this sale, so much fun!

  699. 7.13.19
    Anita said:

    Love your style! Would love to buy designer denim and a blazer

  700. 7.13.19
    Anna pineda said:

    I love your all your content and want to enter the giveaway for the Nordstrom gift card

  701. 7.13.19
    Vicki Satterfield said:

    Love your videos. Top of my wish list is the BLANKNYC faux leather jacket. Thanks for the giveaway!

  702. 7.13.19

    Boots!and Blazers!

  703. 7.13.19
    Tiffany said:

    I always stock up on bras during the sale lol but this year I’m looking for a good pair of brown booties!

  704. 7.13.19
    Tracy N said:

    I love shoes and cardigans.

  705. 7.13.19
    Vasalyn said:

    My favorites thing are the Tory Burch shoes.

  706. 7.13.19
    Maureen said:

    I love the sweaters and cardigans every year!

  707. 7.13.19
    Stephanie Ho said:

    Shoes! Always stock up on shoes during the sale 🙂

  708. 7.13.19
    Mallory Clark said:

    I love the sweaters and cardigans… can’t get enough of them! Oh, and handbags 🙂

  709. 7.13.19
    Amy Hui Wu said:

    Thanks for introducing me to the Rails shirts, so soft and great for Fall. Love all your recs!

  710. 7.13.19
    Kanchalita Ngo said:

    I love love love the Barefoot Dream cardigans!!!!!!! And omg the 1.State pumps are so so comfy for work and play

  711. 7.13.19
    Navneet Kaur said:

    My favorite thing to buy is literally barefoot cardigans, one item that I know I will certainly wear in the winter. But this year I am looking to buy work clothing as I just recently started my internship, hoping to turn it into a job, and I need work clothes.

  712. 7.13.19
    Hélène J said:

    I love the polka dirt skirt. Thanks for the giveaway

  713. 7.13.19
    Rachel Yiu said:

    My favourite thing to buy are good quality basics. I’m thinking of finally investing in a pair of Good American Jeans. I’m also excited to try the AG jeans you linked in your haul! Thanks for the givewaway 🙂

  714. 7.13.19
    Jessica Sam said:

    Love buying some card holders & sweater, I have too many sweaters.

  715. 7.13.19
    Emilia said:

    Thanks Amie! Love your honest reviews and recommendations.

    I would love to grab a Barefoot Dreams cardigan.

  716. 7.13.19
    Melissa P said:

    I love the Tory Burch crossbody and will definitely be purchasing that is I win.

  717. 7.13.19
    Julia Stewart said:

    I always wait for your blog post before purchasing anything. You have amazing style!

  718. 7.13.19
    Amy Anderson said:

    First thing I browse are summer dresses! I don’t wear them very often so I have to make sure they’re a good bargain when I do decide to purchase 🙂

  719. 7.13.19
    San said:

    Thansk for the giveaway and another great video. Love the blazer and cardigan.

  720. 7.13.19
    Nikita Nayudu said:

    I cannot wait to try the BP Heath booties!

  721. 7.13.19
    Mao Lor said:

    Thanks for the review! Definitely want the Tory Burch crossbody! Been eyeing a crossbody for forever! ❤️ You Amie!

  722. 7.13.19
    Luz. V. Ortiz said:

    Love the leopard flats. Great J Crew blazer.

  723. 7.13.19
    Danniane Souriyathay said:

    I’m soo excited for this sale! Thank you for the information!

  724. 7.13.19
    Heidi said:

    I would love to try the slip pillowcases !!!!

  725. 7.13.19
    Dahhee Kim said:

    I love getting work clothes from the sale!! Would also love to grab a pair of nice jeans though 🙂

  726. 7.13.19
    Marisol said:

    Hi Amie! My fav purchase are some fab booties greetings from ☀️ So Cal usa

  727. 7.13.19
    Sophia said:

    I really just need some good fall clothes – sweaters and cardis and maybe booties (although I def don’t need anymore boots in my closet )

  728. 7.13.19
    Wen zhou said:

    I really like your style. I like a lot of things you picked out. Super helpful for the sale.

  729. 7.13.19
    Hanna said:

    I love buying gray cardigans, have way too many already

  730. 7.13.19
    Simina Gabor said:

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! Love watching all your videos! xoxo

  731. 7.13.19
    Sarah Qian said:

    Would love to invest in some of the skincare tools you mentioned! Also recently started getting more into pink…can’t seem to think where that came from

  732. 7.13.19
    Lina said:

    Love your haul!

  733. 7.13.19
    Elsa said:

    My favorite is Barefoot cardigan, I’ve had it in my radar for so long!
    Would like to enter your giveaway, thank you

  734. 7.13.19
    Vivian Chan said:

    My favorite things from the Nordstroms anniversary sale of course would be SHOES!!! I brought 4 pairs already! 😛

  735. 7.13.19
    Tammy said:

    Can’t go wrong with the Nsale. Love getting skincare and staple pieces for the wardrobe.

  736. 7.13.19
    Nicole Zackary said:

    I always look for barefoot dreams anything! Anything leopard as well.

  737. 7.13.19
    Paola said:

    Loving the shoe selection this year…my favorited the loafers

  738. 7.13.19
    Carmen Lin said:

    I definitely agree that the Tory Burch Crossbody Bag is a great go-anywhere bag!

  739. 7.13.19
    Annie said:

    Definitely would love to try the AG Jeans!

  740. 7.13.19
    Elizabeth Workentine said:

    I love to buy booties from the Nordstrom sale–they’re always perfect for fall!

  741. 7.13.19
    Ehna Harp said:

    Love all your selections! My favorite to buy during the anniversary sale is the AG jeans. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  742. 7.13.19
    Rubina Ranjit said:

    Amie, I would love to get the Dior sunglasses that are on sale. I have never owned a designer anything so this would be a great way to get started. I love you and your content!

  743. 7.13.19
    Susan said:

    I would love to get the slip pillowcase!

  744. 7.13.19
    MC Laureano said:

    Funnily enough, my go to item is sugarfina sweets they have at Nordstrom! It’s a must whenever I’m at the store.

  745. 7.13.19
    Kelly said:

    I’m a sucker for all things Barefoot Dreams! Would love some knew knee high boots

  746. 7.13.19
    Kim said:

    Def the Babyzen yoyo stroller!

  747. 7.13.19
    Lady Lee said:

    My favorite thing to buy is the NuFace Facial Toning kit.

  748. 7.13.19
    Elise said:

    Definitely shoes! And some nice new work pieces.

  749. 7.13.19
    Sandra Damadzic said:

    Ahhhhhh this would be nice! As a mom of two it would be nice to be pampered a little lol.
    I love leggings I usually buy leggings during the sale. Thank you for the opportunity!

  750. 7.13.19
    Nidhi said:

    I am mainly focused on beauty and booties this year. I need a new pair of flats, all my old pairs were very beat up. I actually only wore converse during the winter season but I realized I should wear booties haha Beauty, just need the ouai hair set and clinique! I also want the diptique candle set, but still debating haha

  751. 7.13.19
    Aisha said:

    LOVE the beauty exclusives!

  752. 7.13.19
    Heidi said:

    Thank you for sharing. You have a great taste!

  753. 7.13.19
    Ashley Nix said:

    Cardigans I have to get cardigans during the sale!

  754. 7.13.19
    Praggya said:

    I love getting new boots!

  755. 7.13.19
    Zulema Suarez said:

    I love the Blanknyc drape leather jacket! But am also really interested in the cardigans especially the top shop cardigan

  756. 7.13.19
    Michelle H said:

    I’m so happy you were able to experience shopping in store this year! You have so many good finds. I love the sweaters, jeans, shoes, and coats. Great time to jump start the fall/winter wardrobe

  757. 7.13.19
    Angela Z said:

    I like to get the beauty sets during the sale. I don’t find the clothing sale to be that deep of a discount but it’s good to get basic items that aren’t usually on sale.

  758. 7.13.19
    Nicole Roman said:

    What a generous giveaway!! I love purchasing beauty tools during the sale! I have my eye on the GloPRO this year!

  759. 7.13.19
    Grace said:

    I’d love to get some blazers and denim!

  760. 7.13.19
    Mimi Y said:

    I wish I can literally buy everything in the sale!! But I mostly love to scoop up their beauty sales and cardigans for the fall for sure >.<
    Thank you for the opportunity!! Xoxo

  761. 7.13.19
    Tiffany said:

    Thank you so much for doing this blog post!! Makes it so much easier to navigate through the sale items! I really hope I can get the barefoot dreams cardigan this year!

  762. 7.13.19
    Courtney Campbell said:

    I love getting barefoot dreams which is normally way out of my price range. Also, I loved that you did a video including items that are not worth it, it’s so easy to get carried away with this sale!

  763. 7.13.19
    Annette said:

    I love the Anniversary Sale for stocking up on basics at a good price. I always get boots/shoes, pajamas/undies, and any missing pieces for the upcoming Fall season. This year I picked up several dresses/skirts by Halogen, a beautiful Lafayette jacket, and fine jewelery. I’m sure I’ll pick up some additional items in the home department and beauty as well.

  764. 7.13.19
    Natali said:

    LOOOVE the AG Farah jeans. I will definitely look for them. The navy blazer is super cute too.

  765. 7.13.19
    Nithya S said:

    Love this Blogpost! I would love to get the Barefoot dreams cardigan!!

  766. 7.13.19
    Constance said:

    I would like to get some cute dresses from Sandro and maje, and probably a pair of nice heels.

  767. 7.13.19
    Erica Chiang said:

    Barefoot dream cardigan is my favorite from Nordstrom

  768. 7.13.19
    Angelica said:

    Hi Amie! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts are my favorite posts from you every year! I’m living for the Cole Hahn flats they are my favorites so far!

  769. 7.13.19
    Angel said:

    Thanks so much for the always informative and helpful blog posts, Amie! I definitely enjoy picking up great basics and shopping the beauty sales 🙂

  770. 7.13.19
    Sai (Samantha) said:

    Hey Amie! I’ve been watching you for a couple years and always love to watch what you buy and how you style yourself. Being in University im not often able to afford a lot of the items but this year i’m going to get the Leith Cardigan and would love to be able to get The Nike Epic React Flyknit Shoes as well! <3 Thanks for the inspiration

  771. 7.13.19
    Maria said:

    You ate very generous with the giveaway. The leopard flat is so cute.

  772. 7.13.19
    Melanie Soma said:

    I always have to grab a Barefoot Dreams cardigan (or 2)!!!! I also love the basic tees from BP. and Caslon. I wish I could get some of the amazing coats and jackets, but because I come from a warm climate, I would have no use for them in my wardrobe…=(

  773. 7.13.19
    yvonne said:

    hi amie! barefoot dreams all the way! love your recommendations.

  774. 7.13.19
    Maria Riggs said:

    Hi! My favorite item to purchase during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a wardrobe piece that I would normally not consider buying otherwise. This year that item is the Cole Haan Ramsey flats in the jaguar print – my *very* first pair of shoes (EVER!) in a leopard/jaguar print! Thank you for the idea! I’m super excited to branch out with this item and pair it with different outfits.

  775. 7.13.19
    Chrystal Bagasan said:

    Love the picks!

  776. 7.13.19
    Julie said:

    Wonderful #nordstromsale videos. My favorite thing I got this year are the Veronica Beard cutaway blazer and a pair of mother jeans. I always buy new long sleeve t’s too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  777. 7.13.19
    kristine lusung said:

    Your Nordstrom anniversary sale blogs and videos are always my fave to watch every year. so excited to be able to shop it as a card holder this year, unlike every year I waited til public access and by then everything good was gone!
    I walked into Nordstrom bright and early on the 11th or 12th (I forget)… and everything was so good, and I was so overwhelmed, I actually got a headache and only got a few things to my surprise.
    love the cami’s! that’s what I got!
    love the way you style them!

  778. 7.13.19
    Jimi Adelani said:

    Zella live-in tights!

  779. 7.13.19
    Elle said:

    I love finding great shoe sales. I am particularly interested in wedges this year.

  780. 7.13.19
    Della Ritchie said:

    Love your videos and all your outfits!!!

  781. 7.13.19
    Sara said:

    My first time to purchase items from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! I will be 66 years young in August. I love fashion!

  782. 7.13.19
    PebTx said:

    Thank you for the great coverage on the sale items in so many categories. Well done!

    I enjoy Nordstrom’s for shoes, dresses and tops.

  783. 7.13.19
    Stephanie Hubbard said:

    I love to get sunglasses as a discounted price!

  784. 7.13.19
    Lindsay said:

    Booties for sure! I tend to stick up on fall items honestly.

  785. 7.13.19
    Shanna Sloane said:

    Love the shoe sales. The leopard shoes are to die for!

  786. 7.13.19
    Anna said:

    I love the leopard skirt! I’m not usually into animal prints but its so pretty.. Unfortunately, its already sold out:(

  787. 7.13.19
    Renee said:

    I love those cole hanh shoes in blush!

  788. 7.13.19
    T said:

    Barefoot dreams and Uggs!

  789. 7.13.19
    Roselyn Yip said:

    I love shopping for jackets during the nordstrom anniversary sale!

  790. 7.13.19
    Ann Page said:

    I like to get shoes at the sale. Love the Cole Haans.

  791. 7.13.19
    Michelle said:

    I would love to get the Frederic Malle sampler set & candle 🙂

  792. 7.14.19
    Divine Marcelo said:

    Hi Amie! It was my first time doing the sale. So many goodies. My favorite item has to be the spanx leggings!

  793. 7.14.19
    Lisa Brooks said:

    Boots, cardigans, and jeans are my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale buys. I always refresh my stock of Zella no show socks, as well. They’re the best!!

  794. 7.14.19
    Cecelia Tran said:

    I love picking up some good quality basics whenever the sale comes.

  795. 7.14.19
    Felice said:

    I love the spanx and zella leggings. Also bought the wayf cami but they went on sale before the anniversary sale and I got more for cheaper.

  796. 7.14.19
    Arleen said:

    I love getting jewelry and beauty products. I bought the nuface. I wasn’t planning on it. ☺️

  797. 7.14.19
    Hope Wearing said:

    Hi. I would love to purchase the BFD cardigan or the TB wallet on chain.

  798. 7.14.19
    Jessica Lynn said:

    I’m hoping to get a Barefoot Dreams blanket this year! I hear such good things about it!

  799. 7.14.19
    Nasro Mohamud said:

    I just got my Nordstrom card and I’m so excited. The Lace Inset Camisole in honey pot is my favorite.

  800. 7.14.19
    Janna said:

    Cardigans!!! I love the feeling of wrapping up in a cozy cardigan on chilly nights!!

  801. 7.14.19
    Allyson said:

    I would love to get some boots.

  802. 7.14.19
    Kristen Gallivan said:

    I love getting fall pieces, cardigans and sweaters mostly!

  803. 7.14.19
    Tiffany said:

    Hi! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I’m also interested in purchasing the cole haan flats!

    • 7.14.19
      Sumaiya said:

      I would love to win the gift card to be able to buy something from here, I’ve never shopped with them before so a shopping spree gift would be great!

  804. 7.14.19
    Jennifer said:

    This will be my first time shopping the Nordstrom sale and I would love to get some Good American jeans and Charlotte Tilbury items 🙂

  805. 7.14.19
    Cynthia said:

    The first thing that I check out during the sale is the designer shoe section at my nearest Nordstrom! I’ve been able to find great quality shoes at 60-70% off for the past several years already.

  806. 7.14.19
    Sue Heinzlreiter said:

    My favourite piece from the Nordstrom sale would definitely be the barefoot dreams cardigan. Love both designs that you got. The shawl collar one is my favourite.

  807. 7.14.19
    sally said:

    i love their handbags!

  808. 7.14.19
    Elaine Christie said:

    This time I decided on shoes, purse and sweaters. I may go back for beauty items or may wait for the upcoming beauty event. Love love your selections!

  809. 7.14.19
    Ria said:

    I would love to buy some Steve Madden and Vince Camuto shoes!

  810. 7.14.19
    Tanya J said:

    I love how thorough your blog posts are. I am totally buying some crawler earrings and and shoes if I win the gift card!

  811. 7.14.19
    Joanna said:

    Definitely the cardigan and the blazer! Love your videos and posts x

  812. 7.14.19
    Daniela said:

    I love the good american jeans

  813. 7.14.19
    vanessa said:

    I purchased the barefoot dreams cardigan during last years sale after watching your video. This year I want to get the spanx leggings!

  814. 7.14.19
    Jane said:

    I love the earrings and leopard flats!

  815. 7.14.19
    Kimberly said:

    I always find myself drawn to the beauty section during the sale!

  816. 7.14.19
    Rita Armstrong said:

    I already did some damage. I finally bit the bullet on the nuface.

  817. 7.14.19
    Stephanie Ann said:

    I’m hoping to get the T3 Cura Hair Dryer, Oribe Full Size Styling Set, Nars Naked Paradise Satin Lip Pencil Set, MAC Eye & Face Kit, and a pair of Steve Madden Jillian Booties in taupe!

  818. 7.14.19
    Rebecca Lau said:

    I would have to say AG Farah jeans. It goes with everything ! Omg

  819. 7.14.19
    Jeanette Tam said:

    Love your picks!

  820. 7.14.19

    Thank you for YT Video on Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My favorite items in this sale are Tory Burch leather wallet purse and your recommended faux leather jacket, long sweater and J Crews jackets.

  821. 7.14.19
    Anne said:

    I would love to get the cardigan and the J.Crew Blazer.

  822. 7.14.19

    Hi dear! The lace cami!! And all the YSL and Dior beauty sets. Wishing good luck to everybody

  823. 7.14.19
    Yoshi said:

    I would love to get the Sorel Waterproof booties and the J Crew Blazer.

  824. 7.14.19
    Deborah White said:

    Thank you for sharing all your picks from the Nordstrom sale! I love almost everything you chose. You have great taste!❤️

  825. 7.14.19
    Roxanne said:

    Definitely gonna copy you & get those camis!! They look simple yet so sexy and chic! Love love love!

  826. 7.14.19
    Jennifer said:

    My fav from Nordstrom anniversary sales has always been cardigans as they are so comfy and practical for casual and office wear!

  827. 7.14.19
    Shanti Akers said:

    I love buying a coat or beauty item during the sales. This year it’ll be AG jeans though I think

  828. 7.14.19
    Tammie Ojogho said:

    This year I purchased the Troy Burch Everly Leather Flap Saddle bag (blk) and the Tory Burch Everly T-Strap Sandals. I also purchased tons beauty products. Very happy with all my purchases.

  829. 7.14.19
    Jennifer S said:

    Snagged the barefoot dream cardigan!!

  830. 7.14.19
    Sarah said:

    I love the Estee Lauder skin sets and the Rails plaids.

  831. 7.14.19
    Natalle said:

    My favourite part of the sale is always Halogen products. Especially the cardigans. They’re definitely the holy grail brand for me

  832. 7.14.19
    Kristina Pezet said:

    I ordered the Cole Haan leopard flats as per your recommendations! xx

  833. 7.14.19
    Qin said:

    My favorite has to be the shoe selection! I think I buy a pair of boots every year for the winter. Love your picks!

  834. 7.14.19
    Laarni Sotelo said:

    I love getting Barefoot Dreams anything. I’m really interested in getting another cardigan, I believe it’s called the island wrap and it’s a drapey style. I have one that I alway dress up because it looks so effortless and elegant!

  835. 7.14.19
    Caren said:

    My favorite thing to stock up on are the BP lace camisoles! They sell out so fast it’s hard to get all the colors I want

  836. 7.14.19
    Shevy said:

    I love buying the barefoot dreams cardigans. Those are my favorite to buy every year.

  837. 7.14.19
    Noel C said:

    Great picks!!

  838. 7.14.19
    Paula Sanchez said:

    Such great picks!!

  839. 7.14.19
    Christy said:

    Love all the items you got. Thank you always for your honest commentary.

  840. 7.14.19
    Kat said:

    I’ve nvr heard of but silk pillow cases ?! What a luxurious dream to lie on during my beauty sleep ! I love silk very much & will love to get my hands on these babies at Nordstrom loving your vlogs & different outfit pairing with your shoe hauls

  841. 7.14.19
    Laura said:

    I am looking forward to the Drybar Get Brushin’ and Crusin’ set.

  842. 7.14.19
    Lara said:

    I love the barefoot dreams sweaters. I get one very year!

  843. 7.14.19
    Rachel said:

    The BP Lace Trim Satin Cami is a must in my book. Thanks for all your useful tips!

  844. 7.14.19
    Veronica said:

    Always shoes. Can never have too many.

  845. 7.14.19
    Diru said:

    Great haul and style i love to pick up jeans in the sale. Especially ag!

  846. 7.14.19
    Dorothy said:

    My favourites are the Zella leggings and Barefood Dreams cardis!

  847. 7.14.19
    Bermet Zumabaeva said:

    My favorites are Zella Leggins

  848. 7.14.19
    Elaine said:

    I love the barefoot dreams cardigan; a versatile piece for the fall and winter. I also like Nordstrom’s spanx faux leather legging. Super comfy and slimming! Thanks for sharing your picks Amie!

  849. 7.14.19
    Trina said:

    I am excited with anything leopard at the moment and very excited to buy the Colehaan leopard flats!

  850. 7.14.19
    Xinia Sinacola said:

    I loved your shoes and boot choices. I will be buying the barefoot dreams sweater and the BP cami

  851. 7.14.19
    Angela H said:

    I always look forward to purchasing your recommendations for jeans <3 always the best 🙂 but this year I'm looking for a pair of stuart weitzman boots!

  852. 7.14.19
    Ana said:

    I always look for nice boots! I saw some faux leather jackets which are soooo soft, I love the one you got with the drape front

  853. 7.14.19
    Mandie said:

    The Good American jeans are what I’m hoping to buy this year!

  854. 7.14.19
    Suyen said:

    I love shoes ❤️ Can’t have enough

  855. 7.14.19
    Jennifer said:

    I love the tory burch crossbody bag you showed in your nordstrom haul! it’s so pretty and great for everday use!

  856. 7.14.19
    Gayle said:

    I love to purchase the lace cami that sells out every year. After your utube videos I picked up several items. Thanks for such informative videos.

  857. 7.14.19
    Susan Na said:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My fav are the AG jeans!

  858. 7.14.19
    Jane Zhang said:

    Just wanted to let you know I love your hair color in the new video! Been following you for years. You always have wonderful picks! I love the Barefoot Dreams Cardigans and those lace cami.

  859. 7.14.19
    claud said:

    My favorite piece from the sale is the Vince booties. Great picks.

  860. 7.14.19
    Christine Fong said:

    I love the Vince Camuto sand color boots!! Very nice haul

  861. 7.14.19
    Ruby said:

    I love the Tory Burch wallet on chain ❤️

  862. 7.14.19
    Li Ping He said:

    Hey Amie, thanks for this generous giveaway. My fav thing to buy from the sale is shoes. I’m starting my new job in a week and scored 2 pairs shoes ( one of them was the Cole han Ramsey flat in nude).

  863. 7.14.19
    Lauri R said:

    I always love getting a pair of Tory Burch sandals and a few Barefoot Dreams pieces. I was unsure about the Tory Burch crossbody but I love how you styled it. May have to grab that as well!

  864. 7.14.19
    Phung Ngo said:

    Hello Amie! I can’t believe a year has passed. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here again. I also love staple pieces like their BP shirts and cardigans. I love your vblogs. You have a very elegant style.

  865. 7.14.19
    Gabby said:

    My favorite items are the leather jackets, shoes and cardigans

  866. 7.14.19
    Vicky said:

    My favorite things are staple pieces and shoes!

  867. 7.14.19
    wendy chen said:

    I stock up on the jumbo beauty products…..Clinique 72 hour moisture surge is amazing!! So is the Clinique take the day off makeup remover!! Last year I got some accessories this year I got a few outterwear!!!

  868. 7.14.19
    Elleinn said:

    I’d get a pair of comfortable flats or work outfit!

  869. 7.14.19
    Aimee Young said:

    Oh my goodness! Just finished watching your YouTube video. I’ve added the JCrew blazer and Good American jeans to my list based off your review!

  870. 7.14.19
    Yitong Wang said:

    My favorite thing to buy from Nordstrom is their exclusives beauty sets, such as glopro, shiseido, alterna caviar shampoo set, etc. Love your picks!

  871. 7.14.19
    Christina Tsang said:

    I love your fashion 😀 I bought a dress you’ve worn during your trip in Seoul !!

  872. 7.14.19
    Diem said:

    I love shopping for shoes during the sale,especially Tory Burch !

  873. 7.14.19
    Kristen said:

    My favorite thing to buy are shoes, shoes shoes!!

  874. 7.14.19
    Lisa Clark said:

    I have never gotten anything from the Nordstrom sale but I am loving all the leopard this year.

  875. 7.14.19
    Kim Nguyen said:

    After watching your video, I think I will definitely invest in my 1st pair of Good American jean and those Cole Haan slip ons are absolutely to die for. Also another Barefoot Dreams piece couldn’t hurt!

  876. 7.14.19
    Melissa said:

    I love to pick up fall shoes for my kiddos, booties for fall, and one pair of quality demon jeans.

  877. 7.14.19
    Grace said:

    I love Nordstrom! I am excited about the blazer and flats the most but I still bought more than I should 🙂

  878. 7.14.19
    Karina said:

    I love getting Nike shoes during the Anniversary Sale!

  879. 7.14.19
    Miss Phee said:

    Tbh I think the blog posts and videos are my favorite thing about this sale. I have a strict budget so I watch the videos like crazy and usually get a pair of shoes, a couple tees and maybe a sweater/cardigan. The camis, blazers and jeans are always on the wishlist but not so budget friendly but I’m starting a new job soon so I think I’ll splurge for the cami and blazer. Those AG jeans are MINE next year

  880. 7.14.19
    Tess Bueno said:

    I wanted the burgundy barefoot dreams cardigan but it sold out within 30 minutes . Love your posts, picks, and videos

  881. 7.14.19
    yinli chow said:

    Simply love all the Nordstrom haul. There is no opportunity for me to try in store as there isn’t one in my COUNTRY.

    Am loving your AG jeans

  882. 7.14.19
    Thu Tran said:

    Hi Amie,
    So last year from your suggestions for the Nordstrom sale, I purchased a pair of AG jeans and I have been wearing them constantly ever since. They are definitely my favorite purchase so far!

  883. 7.14.19
    Beatrice said:

    I am super excited about the J. Crew blazer and the Cole Haan flats as well as their beauty exclusive kit. Thank you for sharing.

  884. 7.14.19
    Mary said:

    My top picks are the Vince Camuto knee high boots and Charlotte Tilbury lip set!

  885. 7.14.19
    Lily said:

    I’m looking for some new jewelry! There’s a small pair of hoop earrings I have my eye on.

  886. 7.14.19
    Jenny said:

    I love the AG jeans. And also some crossbody bags.

  887. 7.14.19
    T Havener said:

    My favorite Nordy Anniversary items are definitely the BO camis and any type Tom Ford beauty set.

    • 7.14.19
      T Havener said:

      Oh goodness *BP* camis :0)

  888. 7.14.19
    Rachael said:

    Cardigans & sweaters are my very favorite thing to buy!

  889. 7.14.19
    Susan Christy said:

    Love the Cole Haan Ramsey Genuine Calf Hair Flat! Definitely on my Nordy wish list!!

  890. 7.14.19

    Amie, love your choice of leopard flats! You can never have too much leopard!!! Great choice

  891. 7.14.19
    Malaly Amani said:

    I love your style! My top picks would be jeans and shoes 🙂

  892. 7.14.19
    Amanda said:

    Hey hey! I love buying jeans in the sale. I’ve been on a weight loss journey since the last sale so I rewarded myself with a premium pair this year for losing 40 lbs. I actually ordered 4 pairs to try on at home and choose. If I win the gift card, maybe I’ll keep two pairs 🙂

  893. 7.14.19
    Yin Thompson said:

    I got a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses from this year Nordstrom sales and absolutely love it. They are selling out fast and so popular, very comfortable to wear too. Highly recommend it!

  894. 7.14.19
    Grace said:

    Beauty products! Will be getting CT pillowtalk lipstick for sure at this years anniv. sale! Love your vids Amie!!!

  895. 7.14.19
    Natalie said:

    I would go for the designer items like Tory Burch!

  896. 7.14.19
    Raquel Monreal said:

    I really loved the cardigan!! Oh and the jacket too…. oh and the jeans!!!
    I love your style! ❤

  897. 7.14.19
    Yanique said:

    Hi Amie! I’ve never shopped the NSale but since the start of this year I’m focused on updating my wardrobe with more quality, timeless and classic pieces. I’ve been really into the NSale videos so far and love the selections made. I’m really getting into animal print so my too picks are the leopard print cut-out flats and the midi skirt. Love your videos and style!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  898. 7.14.19
    Emalee Banks said:

    My favorite is always a sweater from Vince.


  899. 7.14.19
    Carmen Huang said:

    I would definitely go for the Vince Camuto boots. I don’t have anything like that so I think it will be a good addition to my wardrobe ! 😀

  900. 7.14.19
    Jenny N. said:

    My favorite things are new boots and cardigans for the fall! 🙂

  901. 7.14.19
    shara said:

    My favorite thing to buy in the sale is Barefoot Dreams – I like the circle cardigan too! I did get one of the fuzzy style that you referenced last year and every time I wore it I worried that it came off like a robe so I didn’t get another. I ordered a pair of the faux leather Spanx leggings for your blog link. Hoping I picked the right size!

  902. 7.14.19
    Dawn Alvarez said:

    I’m so excited to pick up my Barefoot Dreams Blanket & I love the J Crew Blazer you featured. Oh!!! and the Tom Ford Perfume sets too!

  903. 7.14.19
    Ellen Beach said:

    Great suggestions about what to purchase at the Anniversary Sale. I splurged on the Sisley eye care set earlier today …. I always go for skincare/makeup at the anniversary sale.
    By the way, the video that you shared with your husband was the “bomb”. I love that he appreciates luxury handbags.

  904. 7.14.19
    Tracie Tran said:

    I love the barefoot dream cardigan the most. This is my first one and I am glad I can get it in my size. I also love the slip silk pillow, I was hesitate to get it because it is too expensive.

  905. 7.14.19
    Jessica Lazarev said:

    This is so exciting. I’ve always wanted to shop the sale but I have a son and another on the way and I need to save as much money as possible. I would love to buy the sam edelman leather boots or maybe a few nice sweaters. Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  906. 7.14.19
    Caroline said:

    I like to look for jeans, blazers, shoes, and of course, purses! I love your YT videos!

  907. 7.14.19
    PJ said:

    I like to get classics from the sale-sweaters, tops, shoes. This was a really helpful post on the sale.

  908. 7.14.19
    Jennifer said:

    Not usually a fan of leopard flats, but I love those! Definitely want to pick them up!

  909. 7.14.19
    Isabella said:

    Love your picks! I’m hoping to pick up the madewell cardigan! It’s been cancelled twice, so I’m hoping for a restock!!

  910. 7.14.19
    Ali said:

    Love your videos! This sale season I’m looking for closet staple blazers and leather / faux leather jackets.

  911. 7.14.19
    Elizabeth Ly said:

    I would love to get the pink tory burch bag that you featured in your anniversary sale! It looked so good on you, I def want to get one for myself now haha.

  912. 7.14.19
    JoAnn Schwimmer said:

    Basics are always my favorite!

  913. 7.14.19
    Ayami said:

    I love what you got!!
    I am planning to get a boot. Maybe Vince.
    Love your channel.

  914. 7.14.19
    Jin Yoon said:

    I love the Halogen blazer!

  915. 7.14.19
    Kimy said:

    I love shoes and jackets so that’s that loved the video!

  916. 7.14.19
    Tracey Hamilton said:

    I love the Tory Burch cross body purse, and the leopard spotted flats

  917. 7.14.19
    Crystal said:

    I’d love a cardigan in grey or beige from BFD. Thanks!

  918. 7.14.19
    Virginia Rodriguez said:

    I love si many things but TB bags are my favorite.

  919. 7.14.19
    Ariela Thomas said:

    I am crazy about denim…so for sure the denim pants!!!

  920. 7.14.19
    Lily said:

    I am interested in barefoot dreams! I have been looking at their items for years but I have yet to purchase something. Thank you for the giveaway!

  921. 7.14.19
    Cathy said:

    Hi Amie,
    My favorite thing would be the Natori bras!
    Check it out 🙂

  922. 7.14.19
    Nina Parker said:

    I always look out for bags especially Tory Burch and boots!!

  923. 7.14.19
    Jenny Ham said:

    My favorite thing to buy is shoes. Always great choices.

  924. 7.14.19
    Joy said:

    My favourite things to get are definitely the cami tops! I wearing cami tops in Summer because it’s so versatile and looks good with everything.

    • 7.14.19
      Joy said:

      I love wearing* hahah oops 🙂

  925. 7.14.19
    Diane said:

    Some of my favorite things to buy from the sale are Madewell tees, Jbrand jeans & bedsheet sets. Thanks for doing the giveway Amie!

  926. 7.14.19
    Rachel Stenersen said:

    My favorite items to get at the sale is shoes, cardigans and of course the barefoot dreams items!❤️

  927. 7.14.19
    Keiko said:

    I am hoping to get the barefoot cardigan. Looks so nice. May get the blazer and boots depending on availability. 🙂

  928. 7.14.19
    Nkaujhli said:

    My favorite item is the Tory Burch wallet on chain.

  929. 7.14.19
    Jessica McDaniel said:

    I love to get the cardigans! Even though I live in the South of the US my office building is always cold! Cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe year round.

  930. 7.14.19
    Priya R said:

    My fav item is the barefoot dream socks

  931. 7.14.19
    Yarden said:

    I’m hoping to find some nice tops for work, since I just can’t seem to find short-sleeved tops that are work-appropriate. Always love your NS content!

  932. 7.14.19
    Janifer said:

    Love the Barefoot Dreams cardigan!

  933. 7.14.19
    Joy said:

    Yay! I was wondering if you were going to shop the sale this year again. I loved your choices and appreciate the ‘misses’ since I’m not really one to try on tons and tons of things in store – so that really narrows down my list. I’m heading into Nordstrom to get my hands on the Madwell
    Ryder Stripe Cardigan Sweater. Can’t wait to see your next video so see your haul!

  934. 7.14.19
    Joy said:

    Love the barefoot dreams cardigan!!