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If you haven’t had enough designer sale action this week, another amazing one just went live. This sale is only live for three days, so I would say to jump on it if there is something you have your eye on! This is a blanket discount code where you can get either $100/ £100/ €100 or $200/ £200/ €200  off your purchase at My Theresa! You do need a code to shop the sale which varies according to what country you’re in and so I’ve listed all the codes below and discount amounts down below.

There are a few brand exclusions, most notably Gucci, Valentino and Christian Louboutin but happily a ton of great brands are included with no specific item exclusions. My favourite brands/ items to check out are:

• Saint Laurent Bags
• Prada Bags
• Burberry Coats
Gianvito Rossi Heels (huge selection!)
Jimmy Choo Heels
• Moncler Coats (big selection and sizes full stocked!)
Woolrich Coats (I own one myself and love it to bits)
• AG Jeans

This sale is amazing because if you spend close to upper tier amount (i.e. £1200 in the UK), then it amounts to almost 17% off. Which when you talking about new season Saint Laurent and Prada bags, isn’t too shabby! Usually there are specific items exclusions but there are none that I can see which means you can get the discount code of super popular styles like the Prada Cahier and the Saint Laurent LouLou bags!


1. Burberry Coat // 2. Mulberry Micro Bayswater // 3. Saint Laurent Sunset Bag // 4. Prada Cahier Bag // 5. Mulberry Pink Bayswater //  6. Gianvito Rossi Pink Suede Pumps //  7. Nicholas Kirkwood Beya Flats // 8. AG Black Jeans // 9. Saint Laurent Toy Velvet LouLou // 10. Moncler Short Jacket //  11. Saint Laurent Velvet LouLou //


Don’t forget that codes are case sensitive so you need to enter the code in exactly as it appears here at checkout 🙂

United States:

· USD 100 off with MOV USD 700 with code FORYOU7
· USD 200 off with MOV USD 1300 with code FORYOU8

United Kingdom:

· POUND 100 off with MOV POUND 600 with code FORYOU3
· POUND 200 off with MOV POUND 1200 with code FORYOU4

Europe (as well as China and Taiwan):

· 100€ off with MOV 600€ with code FORYOU1
· 200€ off with MOV 1.200€ with code FORYOU2


· SGD 150 off with MOV SGD 900 with code FORYOU9
· SGD 300 off with MOV SGD 1800 with code FORYOU10

Hong Kong:

· HKD 1000 off with MOV HKD 6000 with code FORYOU11
· HKD 2000 off with MOV SGD 12000 with code FORYOU12


· AUD 150 off with MOV AUD 900 with code FORYOU13
· AUD 300 off with MOV AUD 1800 with code FORYOU14


· JPY 12500 off with MOV JPY 75000 with code FORYOU15
· JPY 25000 off with MOV JPY 150000 with code FORYOU16

The sale is valid for three days and ends on 30th September (23:59 CET). Now you’ll have to excuse me, while I go fill up my cart (expect a YT haul coming soon!).

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  1. 9.28.18
    BuhayManingning said:

    I can have my sis use the SG codes, thank you!

  2. 9.28.18
    Sara said:

    Live in Holland and FORYOU2 doesnt work.


    • 9.28.18
      amie1 said:

      How strange! I just checked it for the Netherlands and it worked fine. Did you use capital letters and was it definitely over €1200? Otherwise Valentino, Gucci and Louboutins are excluded so maybe that was it?

  3. 9.28.18
    Latoya Savage said:

    Amazing! Thank you so much!

  4. 9.28.18
    CM said:


  5. 9.28.18
    Niina said:

    I live in Switzerland and the FORYOU2 also doesn’t work 🙁

    • 9.29.18
      amie1 said:

      Ah I think the code only works in the EUROS! They are specific to that currency

    • 9.29.18
      amie1 said:

      So I’ve just been told that someone in Switzerland found that FORYOU6 worked (presumably on the high spend amount, so maybe try FORYOU5 for the lower spend amount). HTH! 🙂

  6. 9.28.18
    Anny said:

    Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know the code for your neighbour country, Canada?

    • 9.29.18
      amie1 said:

      I’m afraid I don’t, sorry! I only saw the code for the US 🙁

  7. 9.28.18
    Amiee said:

    Is there a code for Canada ?

    • 9.29.18
      amie1 said:

      Not that I know, of sorry! If I find one out, I will list it!

  8. 9.29.18
    Patsy said:

    Hi Amie,
    Thank you for all the info!
    Do you know the code for Canada?

    • 9.29.18
      amie1 said:

      I’m sorry, I don’t! All the ones I know of are listed 🙁

  9. 9.29.18
    Andra Jainea said:

    The code doesn’t work for denmark either with the products you listed!

    • 9.29.18
      amie1 said:

      I tested using Denmark and euro currency and I can see the discount deducted at checkout. Remember the code is case sensitive and the minimum amounts/ exclusions! But everything in the image and the brands listed should work 🙂

  10. 9.30.18
    Neelam said:

    Heyyy hun, unfortunately the code isn’t working on the Gucci Marmot Bag. Im in the UK

  11. 9.30.18
    Kimberly said:

    Thank you for the sale info and the codes by country! I’m from taiwan and feel so included to be remembered haha. I’m eyeing a trench coat and this code works on it! So exciting!!

  12. 10.1.18
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Ahhh so exciting!

    x Lisa |

  13. 10.28.18
    Angela said:

    Hi Amie, question in the burgundy velvet YSL bag. How do you find the velvet coping with use?

    I also have it and have found that the strap touching the bag has left line marks.

    Not had a velvet bag before. Any idea if these can be bugged out?