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I haven’t done a designer bag wishlist post in a very long time on here so now that I don’t have a big ol’ wedding to pay for, I thought it was about time I’d indulge in some wishlist planning! This time around, I thought I’d do a little pro vs. con for each bag as realistically, this is how I weigh up my purchases. I think most people that have followed me for a while know I like to think about my purchases for a decent amount of time (which is a nice way of saying I obsess over them in a totally healthy way…) so I thought it only fair to give a glimpse into my crazy thought process here too πŸ™‚

  1. Gucci Marmont Velvet Clutch // 2. Gucci Marmont Red Mini // 3. Chanel Beige Clair Jumbo // 4. Prada Cahier Bag // 5. Louis Vuitton Speedy B Empriente // 6. Fendi Peekaboo

Prada Cahier Bag

The Prada Cahier bag has been around for a couple of seasons now and it’s grown on me the more I’ve seen it. Totally different from other Prada styles, I just love how chic and different it is to their usual aesthetic not to mention the huge variety of colours and materials available.

Pros:Β The style and… well, look how pretty! Somehow it seems both feminine and edgy and I’ve seen it worn a bunch of different ways – all equally as cool as the next. I’d almost certainly go for a more neutral colour if I was to buy one but the colourful ones are very fun to try on!

Cons: It reminds me a bit of the Chanel Boy bag and I don’t get a ton of use out of the ones I have. Probably the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger yet as I wonder if they’re too similar? That said, the pull is strong with this one…


Gucci Marmont Velvet Clutch

Perhaps the least practical on this list but I can’t help but love this Gucci Marmont Velvet Clutch. I saw this new release on the Gucci site about a month ago and have been periodically ‘checking’ on it ever since (anyone else do this? No? Just me?).

Pros: I love a bit of velvet and this looks like the perfect statement clutch for A/W outfits. Plus the colourways are just beautifully rich.

Cons: Durability and usability. Velvet isn’t exactly known for its low maintenance qualities and clutches tend to be put on tables a lot which concerns me.


Gucci Marmont Red Mini

Despite my better judgement, I’ve been craving a red bag. I put the no-more-red-bags rule in place after I sold my red Chanel Jumbo that I got approximately zero use out of. That said, it’s been a few years, my style has changed a bit and I can’t help but want this adorable pop of colour in my wardrobe!

Pros: I know I love the Gucci Marmont line for both its look and functionality so it’s tried and tested for me. I just don’t seem to tire of these bags and the red Gucci Marmont mini is utterly gorgeous.

Cons: I don’t have the best track record with red bags (or any pops of colour for that matter) and I wonder if a 4th Marmont bag is too much, even though I do really love them.


Louis Vuitton Speedy B Empriente

I tried the Louis Vuitton Speedy B on in store a little while ago and surprised myself with how much I loved it. I was initially looking at a coloured version but the black was so chic that I was immediately converted.

Pros: Classic and timeless. The Speedy is iconic and I absolutely adore empriente leather.

Cons:Β I have firmly been in the Neverfull camp until now and I’m concerned I just won’t get that much use out of a speedy. Totes are still my grab-and-go bag of choice so I want to still maintain that balance of styles.


Fendi Peekaboo

Ahh the Fendi Peekaboo. I always think of Fendi as the true bag-lovers brand. It’s both super iconic whilst being a bit under the radar and Fendi consistently nail it with ridiculously gorgeous colours and details.

Pros: I already know I love the style and have wanted a more neutral colour for ages now.

Cons: The price! Eek! This is firmly Chanel territory and the fact is that Fendi just doesn’t hold its value in the same way as Chanel. Whilst I don’t ever buy with the intention of reselling, I always like to have the option if I don’t love a bag as much as I think I will so bad resale value always makes me pause.


Chanel Jumbo Beige ClairΒ 

Photo credit: Southern Curls and Pearls

This has been at the back of my mind for a while now. The Chanel jumbo is still my absolute favourite bag of all time so it is crazy to me that I would have multiples of other bag styles but only one jumbo (albeit that could have something to do with the slightly hefty price tag!).

Pros: You can’t get much more classic and as mentioned, this is my all-time favourite bag style. 7 years later with my current jumbo and I still can’t get enough.

Cons: The price! I’d have to pay almost double what I spent on my black one which is a bit hard to get my head around (especially as it wasn’t exactly cheap to begin with!).


Phew! And that’s it for the bags that are currently swirling around in my head! What’s currently on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. 7.11.18
    Nelly said:

    Hi Amy,

    I’ve also been dreaming of a red Gucci Marmont mini but in Red Velvet! I know you have a black velvet one, do you find that the velvet wears well or is the leather the better option in your opinion?

  2. 7.11.18

    I’m selling the Speedy B25 with receipt- it’s like new Β£1200 if you were interested.

    I paid €1780
    Kind regards

  3. 7.11.18
    Riza Ereno said:

    I’m not into red but when i saw Chanel Red Caviar Mini 17B Rectangular Bag, i want to have one!

  4. 7.11.18
    April said:

    Hi Amie, have u ever gone for a Dior? I really like the diorama and have you worn more of your boy bags x

  5. 7.12.18
    Roxanna said:

    Hi Amie! I also owned the regular peekaboo in mud brown, which was a very pretty neutral color. i saw your fuschia bag and fell in love with the bag! you are correct, it is indeed in chanel price territory. Sadly i did sell mine and lost more than half of what i paid for it. While it is a very beautiful and classic piece, there are 2 things i did not like about it. One is the hardware on the lock gets rusty and stained. I just think for the price I paid, it really should not look like that. the second one is the way i have to rearrange the things inside the bag so it will stand upright and not flip to one side. I’m the type to constantly admire my bag and it just irks me when it wouldn’t sit up straight on its own without me rearranging my things inside.

  6. 7.12.18
    K2loves2travel said:

    I’m firmly in the Chanel jumbo and Speedy camps. Both are classics and if you find they don’t work for you, you can resell them for a good price. I’m firmly in the pre-loved buyer category with the sites that offer authentication (TheRealReal, eBayAuthenticate, Fashionphile) and I’ve recently purchased a black caviar jumbo for about half of retail. It had a crease, and thanks to your video, I was able to steam it out and it looks fantastic. Thank you! And you will rock whatever you select!

  7. 7.13.18
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Ahhh you can never have to much Chanel!

    x Lisa |

  8. 7.16.18
    Mish said:

    Get the Speedy B in Black! The leather really is impeccable and it will grow on you and you surely can get a lot of use out of it. It’s not as huge but can also hold a lot.. Carry the never full less often – it’s probably bad for your shoulder (posture wise)

    Sounding a little like an old parent but you gotta look after yourself girl. Haha.

  9. 7.20.18
    Marjan said:

    Hi Amie, on your wishlist, you should definitely consider the Prada bag. It is pricy and does not fit much bu it has a unique look Xoxo Marjan

    • 8.3.18
      Marjan said:

      Dear Amie,
      I would like to buy a Gucci Soho Disco bag for a while. They have 4 colors on the Vestiaire Website. Red, metalic blue, off-white, and a beige with black strap (i am not sure about the beige one). Which color would you choose, Red, metalic blue, or off-white?

  10. 7.30.18
    K.Y.M. said:

    Hi Amie!

    I just watched your video on the Croisette . If you had to buy a bag today, would you choose that bag or the nude small Marmont that you love? The reason I ask is that I worry the Marmont has been dropping in value on the resale market and I wonder if it’s a trend that is over. Having both is not an option for me so I’m very torn!

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

  11. 8.3.18
    Marjan Yazdanniaz said:

    Dear Amie,
    I have been wanting to buy a Gucci Soho disco bag for a while. There are several colors listed on the Vestiiaire Collective. all in very good condition. Which color would you choose, Red, white, or metalic blue (looks good in the picture). They are all in the same price range. I always appreciate your feedback in deciding what to get.

  12. 8.13.18
    Katy said:

    Hi Amie,

    I think I just posted comment on the other post but I definitely need your advise. I want to get a Marmont bag (small flap), thinking about black (which is safe and free from color stain) however I seems to get lots of black bags already. So I am attracted to the new light pink color. What do you think? Is it hard to maintain a light color Marmont? Do you think I should get it?
    (can’t see nude color anymore)
    Also I got the Gucci Soho Disco bag (black) for daily use, also thinking if I shall get the red/camelia color for alternative. What do you think?

    Thank you!!

  13. 9.8.18
    Charmaine said:

    Hi Amie

    I have sold a year 2012 black classic jumbo in GHW recently. Am thinking to get a mini or small m/l flap soon. Which would you recommend? Is small difficult to come by in London?

  14. 10.24.18
    Scarlett said:


    Why don’t you get rid off all the Marmont bags and get the jumbo Chanel Beige Classic Flap? I always think Marmont is a knock-off of Chanel. And I think Chanel bags would last you longer.

  15. 11.8.18
    Destinee said:

    The bags on my wishlist are Gucci Marmont, Givenchy Antigona, and the best of them all Chanel double flap! I am trying to save really hard for these beauties everyday!

  16. 3.25.19
    Jessica Jones said:

    I am torn between a Chanel Coco Flap (black grained calfskin), LV Alma BB (probably red or light pink), or Prada new Double (nude or waiting until the fall for Gray). Any feedback on making a decision?

  17. 10.3.19
    Chhavi sethi said:

    Hey.. I am thinking to buy the prada cahier too? Did you buy it? Do you think it’s too Trendy and won’t be as appealing 7-8 yrs down the line?