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Let’s just say I’ve done some damage over the past couple of days…. I posted some of my favourite sales that are happening at the moment yesterday and with the arrival of Black Friday comes a few more that actually launched today (as opposed to y’know, Wednesday….). I’ve shopped all of the sales I mention below and needless to say, after this week, I will not be shopping again for a very, very long time! Expect multiple haul videos coming soon!

NARS: A very rare sale from the cult favourite makeup brand, they are offering 20% off your entire order. I used the opportunity to stock up on old favourites as well as trying out a few new things. They also offer 10% cashback through quidco making this the cheapest you’ll probably find NARS makeup anywhere! Use code TAKE20 at checkout.

Lululemon: Not strictly speaking a ‘Black Friday sale’, but a sale nonetheless. Hidden away on their site is their ‘We Made Too Much’ section. Hardcore Lulu fans know all about this of course but if you’re new to the brand, then this is a great way to pick up some slightly more reasonably priced gear. Lululemon is expensive in the US but even more so in the UK so anytime there’s a discount, I jump! Usually the section isn’t that well stocked but it is FULL of goodies at the moment! I just placed a huge order and can’t wait for everything to arrive πŸ™‚

Kate Spade: Kate Spade is another pricey one over this side of the pond so any discount is very welcome. They’re offering 20% off sitewide which I absolutely took advantage of! Use code GIFT20 at checkout.

LK Bennett: LK Bennett are my all time favourites for heels. I wear them religiously at work and have more pairs than I care to count. They are fantastic quality, always chic and are super comfortable to wear. They’re fairly reasonably priced for the quality I think but they tend to do great sales so I try and hold out until I can nab a discount. I bought another colour in the Floret style – one of my favourites. I have the black already and have worn them to death since I bought them. Use code SB25 at checkout. They also offer Quidco cashback!

Happy Shopping!

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