A new luxury sale has gone live and this is an amazing one! It is at and they are celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day with an incredible sitewide offer that is available internationally (except for France and South Korea which are excluded).

This one is a tiered discount so the more you spend, the more you save. The lowest tier is just $150/ £150 – where you can take 15% off your purchase, going up to 25% off! The tiered spend details are listed below along with the discount codes you’ll need to use for the discount to apply at checkout.

15% off €/£/$150 – use code CVD15

20% off €/£/$300 – use code CVD20

25% off €/£/$500 – use code CVD25


1. Valentino Roman Stud Bag // 2. Chloe Lauren Flats // 3. Valentino Roman Stud White Bag // 4. Chloe Mini Marcie // 5. Chloe Grey Crossbody // 6. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt // 7. Chloe Blush Crossbody // 8. Chloe Blush Wallet // 9. Veja Sneakers // 10. Chloe Periwinkle Blue Wallet // 11. Marc Jacobs Tote Bag // 12. Prada Tote Bag // 13. Tom Ford Tote // 14. Polka Dot Dress // 15. Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag // 16. Stella McCartney Bag // 17. Max Mara Skirt // 18. Chloe Tan Mini Marcie // 19. Chloe Small Wallet

The offer runs from today until August 17th – and don’t forget to check the new arrivals for new items arriving every day that are also included in this amazing offer!

Full list of currencies here:

150$/£/€/150 CHF/ 250 AUD/ 250 CAD / 1200 CNY / 1400 HKD / 200000 KRW

300$/£/€/ 300 CHF/ 400 AUD/ 400 CAD / 2000 CNY / 2300 HKD / 350000 KRW

500$/£/€/ 500 CHF/ 800 AUD/ 800 CAD / 4100 CNY / 4500 HKD / 700000 KRW

A couple of favourite pieces to call out: My much-asked about bias cut skirt is featured in the sale – and from what I can tell, it looks to be the exact same colour that I own! I paid full price for mine (and I do think it was worth it!) but obviously with the discount, it’s so much better value for money! A couple of bag favourites are also included – my Valentino Roman Stud bag in my exact colour is featured – and with the tiered discount, you can get a whopping 25% off! My Chloe Mini Marcie in tan is also included as is this stunning shade – very similar to the tan, just with a hint of dusky pink…. swoon!

And finally, my Tom Ford tote is included! I’ve used this bag a ton this week and am just loving it – so perfect if you’re after an oversized tote!


1. Chloe Weave Shoulder Bag // 2. Stella McCartney Shoulder Bag // 3. Stella McCartney Grey Bag // 4. Marc Jacobs Mini Tote // 5. Tom Ford Nude Shoulder Bag // 6. Valentino Roman Stud Bag // 7. Valentino Black Fabric Roman Stud Bag // 8. Tom Ford Tote // 9. Marc Jacobs Tote Bag // 10. Tom Ford Black Shoulder Bag // 11. Marc Jacobs Quilted Bag

There are so many amazing bag picks, I struggled to get my edit down – from the Marc Jacobs tote line (seriously, so underrated! Mine is such a workhorse) to super luxe Tom Ford options, there are so many great styles and many of them will hit the highest tier level automatically so you can take 25% off.



1. Grey Tank // 2. Anine Bing Tote // 3. Black Bodysuit // 4. Anine Bing Sweatshirt // 5. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt // 6. Tom Ford Belt // 7. Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit // 8. Camel Wrap Coat // 9. Max Mara Bias Cut Skirt // 10. Padded Shoulder T-Shirt

There are also so many fantastic wardrobe pieces to shop – from beautiful, timeless camel coats to classic Salvatore Ferragamo belts to wonderful on point Anine Bing pieces. I have been searching for the perfect padded shoulder tee for a while so when I saw this one, I quickly ordered it – I’ll try and do a try on shot on my YT channel when it arrives!



I’ve spoken about shopping from many times before but if you’re not familiar with them, they are owned by LVMH (so about as legit as you can get!) and are based in Paris. They do ship internationally and they calculate all taxes and customs for you at checkout – so no surprises upon delivery! I myself have ordered from them; their packaging is beautiful and happily, returns were also so simple for me.

There are some brand exclusions (the usual suspects such a Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, Gucci etc.) however everything I have included in the collages are included in the discount code offer! I suspect stock will move quickly though so if there is anything you have your eye on, I would definitely recommend nabbing it sooner rather than later.

Happy shopping!

Thank you to for partnering with me on this blog post!

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