Louis Vuitton Wallet Review and Comparison: Insolite and ZCP

This week’s video is a review on my ‘wallet collection’ – in quote marks because I’m not sure three wallets actually makes a collection but these are the only ones I own… πŸ™‚ As explained, I’m a LV SLG girl through and through – I never got the whole matchy matchy thing and actually probably prefer it when my bag and wallet don’t match… it avoids me looking like a brand slave (we’re ignoring how many Chanel flaps I have)!

Three is definitely too many and I can see myself downsizing to just two wallets (one large, one small) as soon as I can decide which I prefer out of my empriente and Evasion versions. I review the two styles – Insolite and Zippy Coin Purse (ZCP) in my video, going through the wear and tear, practicality as well as comparing the two if you are only in the market for one wallet.

I think I did luck out with these two styles – they are the perfect choices for me and my lifestyle and I actively enjoy using them; which for something so functional, is impressive. If you are looking at Louis Vuitton wallets (or just wallets in general!), I highly recommend both of these and the empriente leather in particular – it is gloriously soft, wonderful quality and I think will stay in great shape for years to come.

Thank you so much for reading and watching! 

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