Louis Vuitton Alma BB Reveal

**Warning: this is going to be a VERY photo heavy post!** Following on from my ‘Battle of the BBs‘ post a couple of weeks ago, I present to you my new Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damier Ebene (DE)! After filming my reveal video on Saturday, I took her out for a spin on Sunday for a belated birthday lunch for my mum (we went for the Dim Sum Sunday menu at Hakkasan – highly recommended!) and I absolutely loved using it. With some bags, I find it takes a while to know whether they’re going to be a good fit… with others, you know right away.

I not only love the look of this little bag (way more than I ever thought I would!) but I love the practicality. I sling it on my shoulder and go – if I need to be completely hands/care-free, I’ll wear it crossbody or if I need to grab it quickly, I’ll reach for it by the handle. The strap is neither too long nor too short, and when I do grab it by the handles, the strap is sturdy enough not to flop down and get in the way. Such a perfectly formed, perfectly practical little bag!

After having used it for a day, I’m convinced I made the right decision with regards to the colour/ pattern. I rush-picked my outfit on Sunday after having gotten carried away with some editing in the morning. My outfit was simple enough – a quilted white skirt with a black cashmere sweater and black tights teamed with ankle boots and a camel coat. Had I have bought the rose nacre epi, I know it wouldn’t have looked right – despite the apparent neutrality of my outfit. The damier ebene however, was perfect – practical enough to be seen as a winter-weather bag whilst being luxe enough with all those gorgeous gold accents to look appropriate at a fancy lunch.

Below are the full set of pics I took at the LV boutique 🙂

And here’s the one that wasn’t meant to be 🙂 (can you spot the incredibly bored looking SA in the background?!!).

And finally my reveal video 🙂

It might be a little too early to declare this one a winner, but I am most definitely in the honeymoon phase right now 🙂

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  1. 1.16.16
    Am said:

    Hi Amie! Dropping by to say how much I enjoy your informative posts on these bags (thinking of getting the Alma BB myself!) and I've followed you on Bloglovin' for an extra entry! <3

  2. 9.6.17
    caroline lin said:

    Hello Amie,
    May I know the stape lengh for
    LV Alma BB?

    Thank you


  3. 1.2.19
    Belinda said:

    Do you know what the name of the bag charm is, not finding it online.

  4. 4.8.20
    Grace said:

    Hey Amie,

    just wanted to say hello. Keep up the good work. I have been enjoying ur bags reviews on YT and they’re all very informative and help a lot. 🙂