How and Where To Buy Pre-Loved Chanel Bags

This must be my most requested video to date: how and where to buy pre-loved Chanel bags. I took this video pretty seriously (as you can see from the lengthy notes I prepared haha!) because buying bags at this price point is serious business and I would hate to think I was giving out reckless advice. I’ve been buying and selling bags for about 10 years and have had my fair share of war stories. I filmed this video to hopefully guide some of you who are nervous about taking the plunge – I tried to be as comprehensive as possible but I inevitably left something out so apologies in advance if I did!

You can watch the video for the full low down but as promised, here are some of the links and names which I hope will make for a useful reference guide.

Third Party Authenticators

Etinceler Authentications:
Great service but limited to slightly older Chanel bags. They decline to authenticate newer bags online on the basis that it is too hard to authenticate them from photos in an era of ‘superfakes’. If you are based in the US, then authentication by physical inspection is possible.

Generally good service although you do occasionally have to chase via email. More expensive than other options but they helpfully give you tiered pricing options according to how fast you want the turnaround.

I’ve had both good and bad experiences here – unfortunately, as of late, they seem to be less responsive and reliable (they ignored my last request for authentication).

Authenticate First:
I haven’t had first hand experience here but I do know people who have used the service who seem happy. Similarly to Etinceler Authentications, they decline to authenticate newer bags.

The Purse Forum:
You can go on the ‘Shopping’ threads of any of branded sub-forums and you will find an authentication thread. Generally, the women here are both knowledgeable and helpful but they are just volunteers so ‘service’ isn’t always constant. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you do find out you have a fake, then you may need a third party statement saying as much – in which case, the Purse Forum wouldn’t count. You would need to visit one of the above for this service.

There are more out there but these are the ones that I have direct experience/ knowledge with/about.

Chanel Price Guides

These sites are populated with user-generated information so do keep in mind that when a price increase happens, it may take a while for the pricing to be updated accurately. 

Chanel Prices:
Brag My Bag:
The Purse Forum:

Online Stores for Pre-loved Chanel Bags

I mentioned a few of the most well known sites as well as the ones I specifically use in the video but in the table below, I have a much more comprehensive list as well as some details about the sites. I haven’t shopped with all of them so the notes below are simply what I know of them. It’s always best to do your research into any new website before making a big purchase 🙂

Name Country (Based In) Details
eBay Worldwide The obvious and most well known. Made a lot safer recently but scams do still occur. Not particularly seller friendly. User generated listings.
Vestiaire Collective France Good stock of wide range of luxury brands as well as an in built authentication service. However extremely expensive commission (up to 35%!) means higher prices.  User generated listings.
VideDressing France The search functionality is poor meaning you can’t keyword search which make browsing frustrating. User generated listings are monitored and there is an optional authentication service.
FashionPhile USA Consignment store – excellent stock but high prices. 
Yoogi’s Closet USA Consignment store – good stock but again, prices can be on the high side.
TheRealReal USA Consignment store – lots of stock but generally light on the classics. 
Ann’s Fabulous Finds USA Consignment store – less choice/selection than some of the others but generally more reasonably priced.
Boutique Patina USA Consignment store – large selection of vintage bags. Specialise in Chanel and Hermès.
SnobSwap USA Similar concept to FarFetch, it is an aggregate of many different online consignment stores. Features Boutique Patina amongst others.
Vaunte USA Online store where you can shop people’s closets – including socialites, fashion editors etc. Fun concept but the bags on offer aren’t always the most popular models with many seasonal pieces.
Tradesy USA Not specifically luxury focused although does carry luxury brands. No strict authentication process. User generated listings. I’ve heard mixed reviews on their customer service and customer protection policies.
ShopHers USA Also has the idea of shopping other people’s ‘closets’. In built authenticity service to ensure all items are real. Slightly smaller selection of bags compared to other sites. 
Poshmark USA Not luxury focused but does carry luxury brands. No authentication process, fakes do occasionally feature so be careful. User generated listings.
Lollipuff USA Luxury focused with only a few brands featured. Strict authentication process which pre-screens (rather than post-purchase authentication). Mix of auction and static listings.
Buy My Wardrobe UK Small online seller community with presale authenticity checks. Very limited stock.
Rewind UK Online store that stocks preloved and vintage bags sourced from various places – very limited stock.

As I said, I haven’t had experience with all of the above (otherwise my collection would be a lot bigger than it is!) but these are the ones that I know of. I’m not in love with any of them and as mentioned in my video, I don’t think there is any perfect option yet but these are the most well known and widely used. 

Important to note that if you are buying outside of the country that the store is based, then you will likely incur import fees. For the UK, an easy way to calculate these fees is to visit this website.

Phew! A bit of a mammoth post but I hope you found this useful. Let me know if you think that I’ve missed anything out!

Thank you for reading and stopping by!

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    So appreciate this post. I'm all about pre-loved items. Perhaps you'll be able to update this topic yearly? Love your videos. The budgeting one was so well said. All the best!

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      Great idea! Will try and do this!

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      Hello iam looking for a pre loved channel bags small size and I am in spain at present but should return to england how can I require a bag and reasonably priced thank you mary

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    Elle Lux said:

    I love this post and your blog! I have been thinking about buying a classic double flap medium (caviar leather) for a while but until now I'd only thought about buying it at the boutique.

    You as an experienced pre loved shopper, what is the maximum value you would pay for a bag like this, let's say in a very good condition? Thanks for the help :))

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    Unknown said:

    Hi Chase! Have you looked into for Chanel purses? They claim to guarantee authentic purses.

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    Hi Amie ! Love watching your videos 🙂 I sent etinceler an email on Thursday and today Monday I still haven't heard back 🙁 I'm not sure how to contact them or if I sent the email right, would appreciate any advice thanks 🙂

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    Hi Amie! Thank You for this. I am just starting to get into designer wear. Can you suggest some 'above H and M"/ mass market clothing lines, but not as luxe as gucci or prada (just yet), that have nice, quality, luxurious feeling clothing, but represent a step in the luxe direction. Thank You

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    How about buying ar Rebelle?

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    What do you know about 1stdibs?