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A big new sale just went live – and it’s a seriously great one. This one is only up for 48 hours though so best to move quickly if you have your eye on something! It’s at Saks and it’s a tiered discount – but, the good news is that there is no minimum spend. If you buy one item, you get 15% off, 2 items – 20% off and 3 items – 25% off! You’ll need the below code to shop it:


Not everything is included but so much good stuff is – you can view the full selection of bags here and everything else is here. I’ve included all of my picks above and below. It’s worth noting that it may be worthwhile adding a couple of extra cheap things to your basket if you wanted to reach the maximum discount – you’ll have to check item by item but it may work out cheaper than just buying the one item at 15%!


1. Saint Laurent Nude Loulou // 2. Saint Laurent Blush Shoulder Bag // 3. Saint Laurent White Shoulder Bag // 4. Saint Laurent White Small Loulou // 5. Saint Laurent White Circle Bag // 6. Saint Laurent Grey Loulou // 7. Saint Laurent White Puffer // 8. Saint Laurent Metallic WOC // 9. Saint Laurent White Uptown Crossbody // 10. Saint Laurent Red WOC // 11. Saint Laurent Pink Camera Bag // 12. Saint Laurent Raspberry Crossbody // 13. Saint Laurent Tote Bag // 14. Saint Laurent Tote Bag // 15. Saint Laurent Uptown Tote

There are so many gorgeous Saint Laurent picks to choose from, I had to dedicate the whole collage to them! My Saint Laurent Small Loulou in white is included as are a whole bunch of other colours in the medium size. My Circle bag is included as is the white version of my beloved Loulou puffer. The super classic WOCs are also featured – notable because this style in particular is often excluded in the larger size.

More Styles

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1. Saint Laurent Black Shoulder Bag // 2. Saint Laurent Small Loulou // 3. Saint Laurent Tote // 4. Givenchy Mock Croc Antigona // 5. Saint Laurent WOC

My Givenchy Antigona Mock Croc in both the small (which is the size that I have) and the mini is included as several super classic Saint Laurent styles – included their gorgeous WOC in the black with GHW, their minimal shopper tote and the black version of my small Loulou.

SLGs Picks

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1. Givenchy Pink Cardholder // 2. Saint Laurent White Cardholder // 3. Givenchy Pouch // 4. Saint Laurent Fold Cardholder // 5. Saint Laurent Fold Cardholder // 6. Givenchy Cardholder // 7. Saint Laurent Black Cardholder // 8. Saint Laurent Nude Cardholder

There are so many beautiful SLG options as well – ideal if you wanted to reach the top tier of discount (25%) but didn’t want to buy three handbags to do so! My favourite Saint Laurent card holder is included in a bunch of colours as is this stunning Givenchy pouch which is just the prettiest thing!

Phew! So many great styles – let me know if you pick up anything below!

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  1. 4.17.20
    Neha said:

    I ordered the toy Loulou with black hardware!! I have had my eye on it for ages! Thanks for letting us know about this one!

    • 4.17.20
      Meri said:

      Great choice, I own that same bag (purchased from Net-a-Porter) and it is one of my favorites. I just checked Saks and it seems they arenโ€™t offering the discount for these bags anymore? I apologize if I missed something.

  2. 4.17.20
    Rita said:

    Just FYI US peeps – they took all the Saint Laurent items off this promo overnight. ๐Ÿ™

    I’m just glad I bought my Tribute sandals and matching card holder last night before they removed Saint Laurent items.

  3. 4.18.20
    Grace said:

    I thought we get 48hrs. It is no longer is valid on YSL.

    • 4.18.20
      amie said:

      They took all Saint Laurent items out after the first day ๐Ÿ™ No idea why!