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For any UK readers who are looking for some deals, an incredible offer has just gone live at Flannels. You can get 20% off their entire store with the code FF20.

I’ve tried the code on a whole bunch of styles and everything that I’m featuring in this blog post works with the 20% off code. The only items I found where it didn’t work are the Gucci Soho Disco and the plain Gucci Dionysus. All other Gucci styles are included and working with the discount code as are all the Prada, Saint Laurent, Valentino etc styles that I tried. The code even works on already reduced styles. You can see all bags available here.


1. Saint Laurent Grey Loulou // 2. Gucci Dionysus Blooms // 3. Saint Laurent White Camera Bag // 4. Valentino Blue Grey Bag // 5. Valentino Crossbody // 6. Gucci Marmont Nude // 7. Prada Tote // 8. Saint Laurent Circle Bag // 9. Saint Laurent Tote Bag // 10. Saint Laurent Loulou // 11. Gucci Marmont Black // 12. Saint Laurent Uptown Tote // 13. Valentino Nude Tote // 14. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote // 15. Valentino Nude Camera Bag // 16. Prada White Basket Bag // 17. Prada Black Wicker Bag // 18. Prada White Bucket Bag // 19. Prada White Wicker Bag // 20. Prada Tan Wicker Crossbody // 21. Saint Laurent Black Tote Bag // 22. Saint Laurent Shoulder Bag // 23. Fendi Crossbody // 24. Prada Totes (2 x set)

The stock selection that’s available in the discount code is truly insane – they have a ton of popular Saint Laurent styles as well as the Gucci Marmont line, Gucci Dionysus Blooms as well as a lot of new season Prada and some gorgeous Valentino styles.


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1. Valentino Small Poudre Crossbody // 2. Valentino Nude Pouch // 3. Valentino Metallic Crossbody // 4. Valentino Crossbody Bag // 5. Valentino Small Crossbody // 6. Saint Laurent Pouch // 7. Valentino Camera Bag // 8. Gucci Coin Purse // 9. Gucci Card Holder // 10. Valentino Black Pouch

There is a huge stock of Valentino pouches and smaller crossbodies and there is also a few Gucci SLGs included too. I don’t believe there’s any minimum spend so you’ll be able to get the 20% off everything.


All images are clickable!

1. Prada Grey Mini // 2. Chloe C Bag // 3. Prada Pink Mini // 4. Jimmy Choo Clutch // 5. Sophia Webster Clutch

There are also too many cute mini bags to count! From adorable mini Prada styles, to my Sophia Webster pearl clutch that I used for my bridal shower (it’s already on sale but you can take an extra 20% off with the code!), there are so many great styles.

For those of you unfamiliar with Flannels; they are completely legit and have a couple of in person stores – presumably why they’re offering such a generous discount, with the temporary store closures :(.

I bought my first Fendi Peekaboo from them and I got it for a great price – BUT I would say that the packaging left something to be desired. You aren’t getting a Net-a-Porter level of shopping experience with the packaging here so just keep that in mind. That said, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a discount this generous off this much good stuff in the UK so swings and roundabouts.

Did you pick up anything?


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    Mary said:

    I like your page

  2. 3.22.20
    Lisa Autumn said:

    Oh so many great pieces!

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  3. 3.28.20
    Janet Fox said:

    Thanks for this, I got a medium college bag I wanted for 20% off. Agree regarding the packaging, itโ€™s a scruffy paper invoice but hey who cares, I saved a few hundred quid x