MyTheresa Daily Candy is here!

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MyTheresa have begun their annual Daily Candy offer! I’ve been shopping this sale since before I started doing YouTube – it’s a super fun one because they change their selection every day. The ‘Daily Candy’ page gets updated every day and a selection of items gets added (and the previous day’s selection gets taken off) – all with discounts between 20-30% off. Going to admit, I totally used this as a distraction during times that I was bored in the office but it’s obviously equally great now that we’re all stuck at home 🙂

The daily change element makes it a fun one to revisit to see if any wishlist items you’ve been wanting have made the cut! It’s always at the same URL, you can just bookmark the below page and refresh it to see the new stuff:

Daily Candy Page

I’ve included my favourite picks of today above – but keep in mind, they only last 24 hours at the reduced price!


1. Ralph Lauren Tea Dress // 2. Paco Rabanne Dress // 3. Ulla Johnson Dress // 4. Self-Portrait Dress // 5. Aquazurra Flats // 6. Ancient Greek Sandals // 7. Chloe Lauren Flats // 8. Cream Cardigan // 9. Balmain Blazer // 10. Pearl Detail headband // 11. Chloe C Bag // 10. Boy Bag // 11. Chloe Marcie Bag


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