A Major Designer Sale!

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And we’re off! Saks Fifth Avenue launched their seasonal sale today and oh my goodness, it is a good one. There is everything from Saint Laurent Blogger bags to Stuart Weitzman boots to Gucci Soho Disco bags and the Gucci Dionysus (here in the medium and in the small!).

I’ve already placed one order as I’d been eyeing up this Sentaler coat ever since I saw Kate Middleton in it so I jumped when I saw they were 30% off! I also ordered these beautiful Manolo Blahnik lace pumps that I couldn’t resist – I’ve wanted a pair of lace pumps since the SATC days and the style is rarely stocked with sizes if it goes on sale.


1. Manolo Blahnik Lace Pumps // 2. Saint Laurent College Pink Bag // 3. Aquazzura Tassel Pumps //4.Gucci Dionysus Medium Bag // 5. Stuart Weitzman Thighland Boots // 6. Stuart Weitzman Over The Knee Boots // 7. Prada Crossbody // 8. Saint Laurent Blogger Bag //9. Gucci Soho Disco // 10. Chloe Mini Drew // 11. Jimmy Choo Glitter Sandals // 12. Burberry ID Case

This is seriously one of the best designer sales I’ve come across this year so is well worth checking out for bags, shoes and clothing. It’s also a good one for men if you’re doing any gift shopping – I already have a few things in my basket for Dan!

Quick tip: if you’re having any trouble accessing the product pages (I’ve been experiencing browser issues), try copy and pasting this blog page into Safari or Firefox and then going from there 🙂

Happy shopping!

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  1. 11.21.17
    Tracy said:

    Hi Amie, when purchasing these items internationally, can you maybe clarify or explain about the import tax you would have to end up paying please? Thank you. T

  2. 11.21.17
    Dawn said:

    Hi Amie,
    I got the email from Saks and thought of you! Just saw your post. Do you know when Gucci will have their private sale? Or if they will have one? Reg: video – Burberry classic check scarf…will the classic camel color be on sale as well or just the pink? Just thought you might have access to the presale. Thank you so much!!

    • 11.21.17
      Hana said:

      Just wanted to know how you get invited to a private sale?

      • 11.21.17
        Dawn said:

        Hi Hana,
        I assume a regular customer of the brand may be a way to get invited. Hoping Amie knows:) xx

  3. 11.21.17
    Ro said:

    Amie! This sale looks amazing! I’ve had my eye on the Gucci soho for a while now and it’s nearly £300 off! Saks has a message below the price saying they don’t ship to the uk though

    • 11.22.17
      Belinda said:

      Same! Im wanting it too but it says cant ship to Australia A lot of Saks Fifth Avenue luxury items are US shipping only. So the rest misses out

  4. 11.21.17
    SYAN said:

    Hi, was wondering if you know of any place that still sells gucci soho disco bag in nude? (the one that you own) Was trying my best to hunt them but couldnt really find them anymore.

  5. 11.21.17
    Kristal said:

    Hi Amie! Thanks for the reminder 😉 I had been eyeing an entry level ysl bag and the blogger bag looked perfect! Loved the red but got the coal instead as it’s more part of my everyday style.

    As always, great style picks above!

  6. 11.21.17
    Alex said:

    Oh it is amazing ! Thank you so much for sharing !

  7. 11.22.17
    Mandy said:

    Thank u again for sharing… the sale is amazing but im still try to hunt down the disco bag

  8. 11.22.17
    Mandy said:

    Im sad all the Gucci bag sold out

  9. 11.22.17
    Pheenah said:

    Hi Amie and other readers,

    Just came across this and thought you could add it into the designer list or maybe someone reading the comments would be interested.

    J.W. Anderson Mini Crossbody Bag for $888, such a steal!!


  10. 11.22.17
    Mizna said:

    What was the Sale price of Gucci bags- does anyone know? I can’t believe I missed them

  11. 11.22.17
    Christine said:

    Hi I love your videos. Where do I sign up for your giveaway please? My IG name is justalittleluxe_

    Thank you