Best New Bag Arrivals

1. Gucci Marmont // 2. Chloe Faye // 3. Chanel Quilted Tote // 

4. Street Level Reversible Tote // 5. Tory Burch Perry // 6. Givenchy Small Antigona

I am feeling pretty bag-content at the moment (although I do have a bag reveal coming very soon!) but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying some serious new eye-candy as the A/W collections begin to make their way into stores. I thought I would share my picks for the upcoming season – there was plenty to choose from but these are my favourites!

Gucci Marmont

Gucci is having quite the moment right now and following on from the Dionysus, is the Marmont. Controversially, it is apparently replacing the Soho Disco and while I cannot fathom why they would want to get rid of such a classic bag, the Marmont is certainly cute. If you want to be super on-trend then velvet is the way to go. For longer wearability, beyond the colder seasons, I would go leather πŸ™‚

Chloe Faye

You know those ‘influencers’ who have such a sway over you, you’ll buy anything they recommend? Well, that’s me with Makeup by Tiffany D. I didn’t even know this bag existed until she showed it and then as soon as she did, I was in love! I know this is one of those that would get little use from me so I have resisted so far, but if you are someone that uses small cross-bodies, this would be one to consider. I love the hardware and bohemian vibe and can see this being equally fabulous with dresses as it is with jeans.

Chanel Quilted Tote

I’m not a big believer in buying Chanel seasonal bags as often they are at Chanel-extortionate prices without the stellar Chanel-resale value/ classicness (not a word, I know). I do wonder if I should ever venture into the world of Chanel totes (combining my two great loves, ha!) – I then usually look at the price and that instantly puts me off . This one is a bargain at a mere Β£3180… but if money isn’t an object, then this is a beautiful choice!

Street Level Reversible Tote

On the other side of the price spectrum, is this vegan-friendly tote. I often get asked about non-leather options and usually I only have the rather unoriginal ‘Stella McCartney’ answer. I stumbled across this on the Nordstrom website though and I thought it was a fabulous choice at an extremely affordable price point. I love the little pouch that comes with it and the colour combinations are gorgeous!

Tory Burch Perry Tote

Is everyone looking forward to the time when I stop banging on about this bag yet? Whilst not really new, they have issued new colours for the upcoming season and I love this neutral shade which I think would look great all year long. I’m doing a comparison between the Perry, the LV Neverful MM and the Saint Laurent tote when I get back from holiday but I will already say that I think the Perry tote is pretty unrivalled for value for money.

Givenchy Small Antigona

I love the style of the antigona and it is the perfect Autumn/ Winter bag in this gorgeous rich burgundy colour. I adore wine/ berry shades for autumn and they are a great pop-of-colour neutral (if that makes any sense haha!). I’ve heard great things about the small, even though I think medium is probably the more practical size for me personally.

And that’s it for my picks! What are your favourite styles for Fall?

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  1. 9.21.16

    Hi Amie, love your posts and your vlogs. I have two Chanel bags which I'm too scared to use as they're both lambskin. I want to sell them to buy another but find the pre-loved sites so expensive. Could I ask you to possibly sell them on yours? Thanks, Nasreen.

    • 9.23.16

      Hi Nasreen! Thanks so much for your message. Unfortunately, I can't accept bags for sale from people that I don't know personally at the moment. At some point in the future, I would love to do something like this but I don't have the time and capacity for managing this currently. Between my job and youtube/ blog, it keeps me pretty busy! If things change, I will certainly let you know though πŸ™‚

    • 10.24.16
      Maya said:

      Hi Nasreen… You need to enjoy your lambskin bags. My first bag was WOC in caviar as because its hard wearing even though my heart wanted lambskin. So I sold it and I bought a Chanel Classic Flap in lambskin and am loving it. It is not that sensitive as people think and wears so beautiful. In terms of sales you can sell thorough your IG if you have one or ebay. I have been selling successfully through both methods and stayed friends with my buyers.

  2. 9.21.16

    Nice choices! I have the medium Faye, and it's a pure babe haha i love it, even though, it's a fragile one, but i also like the Marmont one, but to be honest i prefer the Dionysus

  3. 9.22.16
    Jenn said:

    Nice selections and I personally really like the Gucci bag. πŸ™‚

  4. 9.22.16
    Unknown said:

    Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up that the first Tory Burch Perry link up top is broken. πŸ™‚ Lovely choices, and I'm definitely picking up that Street Level option for a vegan friend.

  5. 9.23.16
    aimiahmad said:

    You make me fall in love the Perry tote. But the colours for Saint Laurent tote are so lovely especially the nude pink ones. So, I cannot wait for the comparison video between the 3 totes you mentioned. Good work, Amie!

  6. 9.24.16
    Neha said:

    Wonderful posts! I love all the ones you picked. I only JUST got my Soho Disco and I'm so sad to hear it's going away?! Quite surprising, it's so popular and has been for a while I think.

  7. 9.28.16

    Oh, that small Antigona is so beautiful! I'm looking for a burgundy bag so…

  8. 3.21.17
    Anonymous said:

    Hi Amie, what do you think of the givenchy antigona mini in pearl grey? I wonder if you have any trouble with the zip on your medium givenchy antigona because it seems that the bag can be quite hard to open up to reach for things inside (due to how small the opening is, and how structured and rigid the bag is). I'm not sure if the problem will be even more pronounced in the smaller sized antigonas. Do you think the givenchy antigona mini is a good buy?