Best Bags Under $300!

You may have seen my post recently on new bags that I’ve been loving, and while I’m still deciding on which one to invest in, I’m also keeping an eye on any high street styles that aren’t quite such a commitment! I get asked all the time about bags under a certain price point so I thought I would round up all of my new season high street favourites – all of these are under $300 and are right up my street! 🙂

Totes are one category where I think you can find beautiful options at every single price point. I usually lean towards more structured ones for a neater look and Everlane totes seem to be perfect for that. I love the polished smooth look of the leather, and I’ve heard only great things about the quality. I’ve had one on my wishlist for the longest time but I just can’t decide on the colour! The cognac, blush and navy are all calling my name.

Kate Spade have also released their first newly designed collection under their new creative director and there are so many cute options. Unsurprisingly, I love their tote with the adorable tiny spade logo. It comes in so many different colours so it’s really hard to chose my favourite but I love the thought of the ‘light pistachio’ colour for spring. It is nearly spring right?!

Another Kate Spade option that caught my eye is this adorable bucket bag – and the pink and black version of this bag is currently on sale here! And speaking of adorable blue crossbody bags, this All Saints camera bag is another beautiful light coloured option for spring. Camera bags seem to be eternally popular and the braiding detail on this one just gives it a little bit more edge.

For a cheap and cheerful pick, I wanted to include this pink suede shoulder bag from H&M’s premium quality line – it is a total bargain and is the kind of simple design that will go anywhere. Finally, I wanted to mention a brand called Thacker which I’ve stumbled across. Their designs are wonderfully simple but striking. This white clutch is so cool – it feels classic whilst also being a bit unusual and this satchel is so gorgeous; perfect to team with easy breezy dresses.

In fact all this is really making me want to start wearing more dresses and lighter colours for spring, I really can’t wait!

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  1. 2.23.19

    So many stunning picks, I feel like out style is so similar!

    Danielle xx

    • 3.1.19
      amie said:

      Aw thank you so much Danielle!

  2. 2.23.19
    Marie said:

    Thank you for this Amie, I love falling in love with your instagrams posts and admire the bags you get with your impeccable taste ❤️ but it is definitely more inspirational than anything because my budget can’t accommodate most of them lol so thank you a million for giving us such a nice selection of beautiful budget friendly options ❤️❤️ I definitely just bought one of these after reading this post ❤️❤️❤️

    • 3.1.19
      amie said:

      Aw thank you Marie! I have so more budget-friendly bag videos coming up on my channel soon! 🙂

      • 3.2.19
        Marie said:

        I can’t wait ❤️

  3. 2.28.19
    Danielle Ericsen said:

    Hi Amy,
    I was just wondering if you have sold your Boy bag yet? If not and you are still planning on selling, will you do this via Instagram or your blog by any chance?
    Many thanks

    • 3.1.19
      amie said:

      Hi Danielle! Not yet, no. I just haven’t had the chance yet 🙂 Definitely planning on doing a bag sale before the end of March though. If you like my FB page, – I announce the sale there an hour before everywhere else 🙂

  4. 5.12.20
    Donna said:

    Just wanted to add that I agree Marie, some of us can’t afford the high end priced bags and I thank Amie for realizing that fact. This just shows that there are many nice bags are out there with an affordable price. Thanks Amie!

  5. 5.12.20
    Donna said:

    I just wanted to say that I agree with Marie. Many of us can’t afford the high end price bags so I want to thank Amie for showing that there are plenty of choices out there if we just look.