The 9 Best New Season Bags

It’s officially the start of a new season and what better way to celebrate than with some gorgeous new bag inspiration? Spring is my favourite season – even though we’re already well into the new year, it feels like it’s another whole new start with warmer weather, prettier colours and thankfully fewer layers!

This season for bags does not look like it’s going to disappoint – so many pretty pastels and fun details, I’m dreaming of pretty cherry blossom-filled walks already!

1. Fendi Kan I Scalloped Bag // 2. Mansur Gavriel Mini Circle Bag // 3. Chloe Saddle Bag // 4. Fendi Peekaboo Essential // 5. Wicker Pom Pom Bag // 6. Prada Basket Bag // 7. Mulberry Bayswater // 8. Prada Pink Tote // 9. Gucci Embroidered Flap

I’ve rounded up my favourites for the season including this one which I couldn’t resist buying already. I can’t wait to wear it with a little sundress and shades!

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  1. 3.11.18
    Su said:

    Hey Amie,

    How do you like the Mansur Gavriel bags?? I am interested in their vege tanned mini mini sun bag. Any suggestions??

  2. 3.11.18
    Alex said:

    I am dreaming of a Mulberry bag for years now !
    I just posted a post on my blog about the Guess Digital bag, which is a great bag for spring with a cheaper price point !
    Nice selection

  3. 3.11.18
    Advika said:

    Hi Amie! I’m looking at purchasing a tote—do you have any thoughts on the Céline Cabas Phantom, the Tom Ford T Tote, or the LV Neverfull in DE. I love the understated look of the Céline but wasn’t sure about durability. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!!

  4. 3.12.18
    Pauline said:

    Hi Amie, lovely post as usual! Would love your input as I’ve been searching for ages for the perfect mid-sized crossbody beige/taupe spring-summer bag XD.
    I want a bag that can serve both casual and formal setting so no Chanel. I am eyeing the Pochette Métis in color Papyrus, have you seen it? Would you have other suggestions I can look into?


  5. 3.21.18
    Catherine said:

    Hi Amie
    Was thinking of purchasing a preloved Chanel classic flap. Do you have any knowledge or experience with for preloved purchases in particular authenticity?
    Catherine x

  6. 5.6.18
    Yukie said:

    Hi Amie,

    I was hopping I could get your 2 cents regarding the LV Iena PM in Damier Ebane. I’ve been looking for a everyday spring summer bag but I’m a bit unsure how this will hold up since the leather seemed a bit thinner? Not quite sure if i’m putting this right… I’m a novice to luxury bags so your feed back would be highly appreciated!
    Thank you in advance,