A Barely There Steal

Introducing my new loves: strappy ankle heels from New Look. I have a bit of a love affair with New Look shoes. Now, I know what you’re thinking… New Look isn’t very luxurious and aren’t I all about the luxury on this blog? Well, above all and especially when it comes to shoes, I’m about comfort. Comfortable shoes are difficult to find, regardless of price point.

I’ve been wanting a pair of barely-there ankle strap heels for a long time. I’ve eyed up Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist heels and actually ordered Schutz’s Cadey-Lee version… before promptly returning them after I could barely stand up, let alone walk. Because there is so little to this style of shoe, it’s pretty important that it’s well balanced and as supportive as can be. The Schutz was neither of these things.

Unbelievably, where others have failed, New Look has triumphed. These shoes are great. Like, really really great. Comfortable, not-so-high-that-you-can’t-walk and best of all, super chic; these are everything that I wanted the Schutz sandals to be – oh, and did I mention they cost Β£17.99 each?

Obviously, I bought two pairs. They also do them in a range of colours from military olive green to the prettiest pale pink. I highly recommend that you snap a pair up instantly! I’ve seen them with patchy stock in store but they seem to be fully stocked online at the moment. You can find them here (link!).

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  1. 8.19.15
    Sofie said:

    Oooh the black ones are gorgeous! Will definitely check them out! Are they real leather?

    • 8.19.15

      You know, I don't actually know! I don't think they can be… the price is too cheap but they definitely look like leather! πŸ˜€

  2. 8.21.15
    Lara said:

    thanks for this – care guide says: man made, so they are not leather. I wish I could wear such open shoes – do you recommend their shoes in general? Never crossed my mind to look in New Look

    • 8.21.15

      Ah good to know! I figured they couldn't be – way too cheap! Their shoes are fantastic. I find them to be the same quality as TopShop (and often the exact same style) but at a fraction of the price!