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Saks have gone live with another great offer – this time $50 off every $200 spend, up to a maximum value of $500 off. There is a ton of Saint Laurent bags included – I’ve included my picks above!

Last week they went live with a different deal that also featured a lot of Saint Laurent – only for them to pull most Saint Laurent items after the first day. I have no idea why and hopefully that won’t happen this time but if there is something you wanted, I’d recommend buying sooner rather later.

You’ll need the following code to shop the sale:


And it is only off the items marked ‘GET $50 OFF EVERY $200 WITH CODE HAPPYSF’

It obviously depends on what you buy, but if for example you bought the classic WOC, then you’d get $400 off, which is approximately 25% off – so product selection dependant, this is actually a better deal than last week. If you went for some of the higher priced items, i.e. Saint Laurent Medium Loulou, then you’d qualify for the full $500 off. Definitely a great deal off some super classic items!


1. Saint Laurent Nude Shoulder Bag // 2. Saint Laurent White Cardholder // 3. Saint Laurent Black WOC // 4. Saint Laurent Pink Camera Bag // 5. Saint Laurent Red WOC // 6. Saint Laurent Light Grey Camera Bag // 7. Saint Laurent Tote Bag // 8. Saint Laurent Circle Bag // 9. Saint Laurent Black Tote Bag // 10. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Flats //  11. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Mid Heels // 12. Saint Laurent Loulou Puffer // 13. Manolo Blahnik Glitter Tweed Hangisi Pumps // 14. Saint Laurent Black Tote // 15. Saint Laurent Nude Loulou // 16. Saint Laurent Cream Tote

I did get some questions about international shipping. Saks does ship internationally and they calculate everything at checkout (including customs if you’re outside of the US). I’ve shopped with them many times before and it’s always seamless BUT I would say, you’d need to check that it’s actually cheaper to ship from the US. Especially for Europe (including the UK), luxury goods tend to be a lot cheaper over here anyway so even though the US gets better discounts, it still rarely works out cheaper to ship from the US. There are always exceptions, so it’s worth checking if there was something particular you had your eye on but it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.

Let me know if you manage to snag anything!

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  1. 4.23.20
    Neha said:

    Hi Amie,
    I love your site and videos – your style is so similar to mine! Just wanted to ask a question I have always wondered, why you always post discounts from US websites when you are based in the UK? These are in dollars and as you say not necessarily the cheapest option for EU/UK, just seems a bit strange for you to post for your followers? Aware you of course may have a large US following it’s just usually bloggers advertise things accessible in their based country? Thank you! N x

    • 4.25.20
      amie said:

      Hi Neha! The vast majority of my audience is based in the US, so I try to cater to that. I cover UK sales too – but they’re just aren’t as many for the UK as there are the US. That said, luxury goods are generally in Europe so we usually end up getting a better deal anyway 🙂

  2. 4.24.20
    Katerina said:

    So 25/ discount from Saks. The dollar is sky high and you have VAT and import duty to pay. When you advertise Nordstrom and other USA sites is this for your American viewers or is there a way around import tax? How do you do it?

    • 4.25.20
      amie said:

      I shop from Nordstrom all the time because they stock items that you can’t get here but for luxury goods, I mainly post these deals for my US audience. Luxury goods are usually always cheaper in Europe so it doesn’t make sense for UK residents to import them (usually!) 🙂

  3. 4.26.20
    shireen silva said:

    hi amie
    i recently watched your video on how to look after your luxury goods.
    i have purchased the spray that you used on your valentino rockstud shoes to stop colour transfer .
    just wondering if the spray discolours the studs ? should i cover them when i spray ?
    thank you

    • 4.27.20
      amie said:

      Hi Shireen! So I don’t cover the studs but right after spraying the shoe, I wipe down the studs so they don’t discolour 🙂

  4. 10.12.20
    Analita Coffey said:

    I’m ur follower- I watched you all the time in YouTube- I’m curious – I’m pplanning to buy a envelope chain wallet and u mention I guess 5 month ago that have a 25% if u buy a ysl- I’m currently live in US , and I’m planning to buy a ysl in the store – so any idea how can I get the 25%? So that I can save some – thanks and Good luck